Meghan McCain LOSES IT, Opens FIRE On “The View” After THIS

She sure shut them up…

In a recent airing of “The View,” Meghan McCain warned her chatty co-hosts against calling for the confiscation of “assault rifles,” insisting that there will be “a lot of violence” the United States decided to take them away.

“I’m not living without my guns,” McCain said after co-host Joy Behar said “you’re going to get nothing done” about “assault weapons” if left to Republicans.

“The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America — by far,” McCain stated. “I was just in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming; if you’re talking about going and taking people’s guns from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

“I’m not living without guns. It’s just that simple,” McCain said.

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“How about living without the assault weapons that are killing our children?” co-host Sonny Hostin said. “I love being virtue-signaled at 20 minutes into the show,” shot back McCain.

Co-host Abby Huntsman added, “How about we live in a place where we can actually walk in a mall and not look around and be nervous that someone is gonna pull out a shotgun?”

“I’m sorry but, none of you feel safe? I feel safe that I can protect myself,” McCain replied. “And I have guns in my house.”