Megyn Kelly Might Have RUINED Her Career By Doing THIS To Trump!!

After a long feud with Trump that began in the first debate, Megyn Kelly was thought to have the opportunity to really advance her career with an exclusive interview with the Donald.

But things didn’t work out the way she wanted.

Here’s an explanation of what happened from New York Magazine:

Megyn Kelly’s much-publicized broadcast special with Donald Trump was supposed to launch the Fox News star into the stratosphere of television anchordom. Instead, the widely panned show seems to have achieved the opposite result: It exposed the extent of her limited mainstream appeal. Kelly drew just 4.8 million viewers on Tuesday night, a number television executives say is a disappointment by any measure. Three senior executives I spoke with say an audience of 9 million would have been a success. “Not good for her at all,” was how one insider put it.

In the days since, Kelly has been working to contain the fallout. She took aim at critics on her cable show Wednesday night by deploying an age-old Fox News tactic: claiming the backlash was a result of liberal media bias. But behind the scenes, she is said to be worried about the response. “She’s very upset with the show reaction, and in hindsight with how it was produced,” one Fox veteran told me.

The stakes for Kelly are high. As the Times recently reported, she’s in the final year of her contract and has been on a media blitz campaigning for a bigger job at Fox or another network. In recent interviews, she’s said her ambition is to be a combination of Oprah, Charlie Rose, and Barbara Walters. The special was essentially a public interview for her next job. But Kelly’s chummy treatment of Trump may have damaged her brand as tough and fair-minded (this being Fox, the bar was pretty low). Worse, she cozied up to Trump at the very moment Rupert Murdoch decided Fox News will support the GOP front-runner. By lobbing softballs — or, as Times TV critic James Poniewozik described her questions, “airballs” — at Trump, Kelly came across like any other GOP cheerleader at the right-wing network.

It looks like Megyn Kelly actually wrecked her career by going too soft on the Donald, and ruining her brand.

Up until that interview people really defended her and admired her tenacity. And now that’s all gone away.

Here’s a good summary of how easy her questions were for the Trumpinator:


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  • armydadtexas

    OH Well!

  • 4young

    Everyone gives Trump the easy questions, not just Megyn. I don’t care for her much, I am not big on the media in general. Although, I do believe that some of America didn’t watch it because Trumps political views change, he is wishy washy in his answers. He is a reality TV persona, nit a political candidate. He just is not that interesting anymore. I won’t give up my time to listen to him anymore nor will I vote for him…He is a joke…

    • Della Furlow Wicks

      He doesn’t get easy questions, he gets alot of stupid questions because they don’t like the answers that he gives! 😄

      • 4young

        That is because he changes them all the time or answers them ignorantly

        • The Redman


  • bobby1122

    Dirty little Megyn had orders from FOX bosses to get the NON politician out- Here’s Megyn the night before the debate saying someone might be gone by 11 PM tomorrow.

    • slidenglide

      She and the FOX executives had thought they could start early and get rid of Trump.It’s amazing how your best of intentions can come back to bite ya! Now good OLD Mitch is having to cow-tow down and admit Trump is a keeper. There isn’t usually anything woth watching on MSM TV to watch, but if it is it’s at 9:00 by chance that’s the same time she’s on.

  • bobwire1960

    Kelly for penthouse center fold

  • Sandy devine

    She’s going to have a hard time/years to repaire what damage she created.!it just won’t come easy.. She’s a news media personality and she should have been smart enough
    Back when she showed her face. I for one was very disapointed in her behavior! Saw that viper approach she kept using over and over! Women are capable of seeing right thru all this.!

  • gdhdcx

    Megan is an assasin who will step on anyone to get what she thinks she deserves. I hope she ruins Fox news, and frankly its starting to look that way. She is more msnbc, Rachel Madox or whatever her name is. She is a jezebel!

    • Bob

      and you are an ASSHOLE!!!

      • doctorbob

        Trust me, gdhdcx, when we want the pre-puberty opinion, we’ll give you a call. Meanwhile, sit down and shut up, little kid.

      • Linda Bond

        So much intelligence!

        • MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

          How would you know?

      • Front Sight

        A man of your obvious intellect. We expected a more cranial comment, not one that would be mouthed by the “p’ssants.”

    • KenyaB

      Rachel is not. Jezebel and she belongs no- where else butbFox. so phony

      • Ken says

        Your’e Right!! Rachel is King Rafael.

        • KenyaB

          It is Megan who belongs on Fox. she fits no- where else. What gall to think she can be Optah or Barbara Walters? I am sure she is not stupid but she comes off as a dumb blonde..

    • Ken says

      Kelly married into the Establishment to boost her career. Her first husband said “She needs a wife”. Coming from a Doctor that say a lot.

  • Rosemary

    Stopped watching her loooooonnnnnggggg ago!

  • Charlotte Deneice Windham

    I like her,and her work. I’d love to be friends with her. Maybe good girlfriends that we could go out,and shop,and eat out,and go to some clubs together.

    • Janine


  • VirgoVince

    Bye, kelly, you WON’T be missed!!

  • Ronald Homan

    She will be okay. She has the special drive that got her into the media upper level and one troublesome show isn’t that serious.

  • conc11111

    I stopped watching old megyn long time ago,this just in forces what I think of her.

  • James A. DeHart

    Guess Donald Trump is more forgiving than me; I’d told her to pack her bags and leave. It was apparent from the first day, she had her opinion, and nothing was going to change it. Fine, for the average American, but if you express to be a journalist, fair and balanced, you should walk the walk. She did not, and the sooner she leaves the Fox Network, and trots over to CNN, the better. Also, she essentially said she does not mind men in her bathroom; wonder if she’d feel that way if her children were eyeball to their penises?

    • jobird

      This reminds me of Allison Camarota(sp) that use to be on Fox.She turned out to be a flaming liberal.Is she now on MSMBC or CNN? Very disappointed that there are so few conservatives on air.

      • James A. DeHart

        Amen, Jobird; may your day be all it can be; keep spreading the word, for conservative thought is not dead, and is the only salvation of our dissolving society.

    • doctorbob

      She belongs on the Cartoon Channel.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Yeah – yeah – yeah she seems to have trouble with dimensions. Shes young yet. As long as she keeps sticking it to Obie 2 Tone, and the wicked witch of the west!! Donald & Megyn made up months ago this isnt new. FOX & the British News is the only thing Obama hasnt persuaded to smother the truth.

  • Bweez Brooks

    I like Megyn, But from her “first” question to Trump at the first debate, it was that snarky look on her face (it haunts me) and it continued throughout the debate…well, you know the rest. This last interview? Gag me! It sounded like she was talking to Dorothy’s family after the girl and her little doggy blew away in the tornado. Too soft, too sweet… well, you know the rest. If Megyn could find her “self” again, I wouldn’t mind seeing her back on Fox. I always enjoyed her hard hitting toughness and factual reporting. Come back Megyn… or was that you that blew away in the tornado? PS Beside Megyn’s obvious attempt to “not” hurt the Donald’s feelers… I can barely tolerate watching him anyhow. It was a two-fer that sent me to another channel.

    • Marie Saqueton

      Shows how fake she is. When reporters or TV personalities put their own preference on issues and not an unbiased opinion, they have lost me. One more show I cannot stand is the VIEW. That Joy Behar must be taken out of that show, she is just too biased. I quit watching that show when Barbara retired. At least she controlled the big mouth women who attacks people and who never not give any credible information to the audience. This very BIASED show must be taken off the air.

    • jobird

      That is just too funny about Dorothy and ToTo blowing away.Didn’t watch the 2nd.
      interview.First one was enough.Thanks for the laugh.

  • mallen11

    Just like questions to Hellory are not hard enough from the left. I haven’t tuned her in for more than a year.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    No one is treating her right. She’s done a good job and just because she hits Trump with tough questions as she does everyone those who have fallen for Trump want to drop a rock on her. It’s as bad as being a mirror image of Beck.

    Liberal media laughs in people’s faces as Obama farts in theirs

    Bare naked Democrats – Democrats terrified of Trump – Bernie debate

    Beck believes Trump is a Democrat in Republican’s clothing

    Pope Francis likens Jesus to ISIS and says Europeans should breed with Moslems

    The Left is never right –

    License to teach – the authority of

    Follow the money of the global warming scam

    • Della Furlow Wicks

      There was NO tough was “im gonna try to up ratings & boost my image by trying to make Trump look like a fool on stage” statements..unfortunately for her,people arent as stupid as she had hoped.. then she tried plan B,to get everyone to feel sorry for poor little megan,bc that mean ole TRUMP bullied hoo😢

  • Timothy

    Merdock sent her to assassinate Trump ..but shot herself. Goodbye Megan…

  • Patrick

    Kelly you goooooof up perrrrioood! BYE

  • Freeman

    All of these cheap shots from Megan only increase the stars which Greta VS deserves. Increase Greta to a two hour program and tell the phony one good-bye!

    • a_goodtarheel1

      Capital idea Watson!

  • Marie Saqueton

    People are forgetting that Donald Trump was only rebutting what was thrown at him and people that do not like him exploited that and made it into his cruel original creation, they forget the initial cause of it. They forgot who started the smoke and when they got the fire from Donald, they did not like it. Insults after insults have been thrown at him, up to now (see the View) and if he did not respond with some punching rebut, he would have been perceived as WEAK. Voters are looking for a gutsy, brave and strong President who is not afraid to be politically incorrect, and it worked very well for Donald. The truth is painful and most folks in politics, media and the entertainment industry hates it. They are the phony, Trump is real and honest, and we the people has seen that.

  • Della Furlow Wicks

    I don’t think she cozied up to him at all or that people are disappointed in her for how she did the interview..its really because of WHY she did it! she’s not authentic..She’s a FAKE! Everyone already knew the only reason she wanted the Trump interview was to boost her career,get back the audience she lost by screwing with Trump in the first place! If you look at how many people support Trump you’ll get an idea of how many dislike Megan Kelly now! I think she’s done! Jmo

    • 4young

      Trump lacks the support to win..Megyn is losing her status..loose loose situation…

  • Ms. Kelly is a has been at FOX.
    She will end up doing a morning show at MSNBC.

    • KenyaB

      Hope she goes home. We do not need her to mess up MSNBC. She should stay at FOX.

      • bud green

        Seriously? MSNBC is and has been a train wreck for years now, it couldn’t get any more disastrous.

    • Front Sight

      She belongs to the View!

  • a_goodtarheel1

    I’m just sick of her, and I used to be a cheerleader for her. I tire very quickly of people who laugh at their own cleverness. Besides the fact that she had grown so intent of being “straight down the middle,” that she was being rude to her guests.

  • toothii

    Well, at least she didn’t purposefully put 8 secs of silence between her question and Trump’s response as did K. Couric with some Virginia Gun advocates. Couric has stated, after the fact that as far as journalism goes, insisting that fabricated delay remain in the movie was a huge mistake. But so typical of the left media. Purposefully misrepresent the facts, but later after the damage is done, admit it was in error….

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

  • McFerguson

    That’s one loser’s take on what happened at the Trump/Kelly interview. I’m unimpressed with his analysis. Just sayin’.

  • doctorbob

    Megyn lost ALL her credibility as a “fair and balanced” new commentator last August when she tried to inseert herself as a player in the election. Rosie O’Donnell? I can’t think of a more offensive woman in America than Rosie. Who cares about Rosie? We’re dealing with REAL problems in the world. ISIS, the Muslim invasion of Europe, the soon-to-explode Muslim invasion of Ameerica, the financial collapse of America, enemployment, the disappearing Middle Class, health care which has been destroyed by Obamacare…. and I’m supposed to give 2 seconds of thought about Rosie? Give me a BREAK! Megyn asked the most useless, irrelevant in the world, and I’m supposed to be offended by Trump? Megyn, you committed suicide on-screen, and that’s YOUR problem, not Trump’s.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Bimbo, return to pole dancing although you were not very good.

  • Navigator7

    Megyn’s last interview with Trump was simply another unfair hit piece.
    There is no deny the woman’s beauty but her ugliness goes clear to the bone.

  • KenyaB

    Anyone who says Santa Claus is white will never be a mix of Oprah, Barbara W and Charlie R. She is just a conservative blond woman telling conservative lies. Republicans may be fooled but no- one else is.

  • rowleya

    This all was just a Fox Boost for Trump
    Fox turned out to be just like all MSM, A propaganda media for their anti American Ideology like NPR, CNN MSNBC &All the Alphabet Soup Media
    Kelly was just a throw away to advance their agenda.
    Don’t be a FoxDupe
    DoNOT fall for the fraud

  • ALHL

    Kelly was terrible to Trump tonight, bad mouthing him to the end.

  • epauls

    Easy questions – Hard questions are not the point, you have again been misled by the sophistic ideas being sold by promoters. This is about whose name will appear in the Headlines.

  • Eliot Schickler

    Megyn Kelly ruined her career by cutting her hair! She looked much better with long hair!

    • Bweez Brooks

      True story… I broke up with my first boyfriend in 4th grade because he “buzzed” his hair. Then, the next day, with a lurch of jealousy in my stomach, I realized what a mistake I’d made when he was holding hands with his new girlfriend! haha! I think you should give her another chance. Hair grows back! 😉

  • boats1567

    Megyn Kelly and some of the other so-called “Debate Moderators” need to become educated as to what qualifies one as a Debate Moderator. It is not about “Personal” vetting. A debate is about issues not the individual. The personal attack or inquisition is investigative reporting. It has no place in a debate. Ask any competent school speech class. Megyn’s not an honest journalist and obviously knows nothing about being a debate moderator. Of course, few of the so-called journalists on these panels know how to be a debate moderator. It remains to be seen if any of the candidates know what a true debate should entail.
    As for journalism, I refere to John Swinton. 1953 Chief of Staff-New York Times
    JohnSwinton, the former Chief of Staff for the New York Times, was one of
    America’s best loved newspapermen. Called by his peers “The Dean
    of his Profession”, John was asked in 1953 to give a toast
    before the New York Press Club, and in so doing made a monumentally
    important and revealing statement. He is quoted as follows:
    “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America as
    an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of
    you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know
    beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for
    keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with.
    Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any
    of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be
    out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest
    opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours
    my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to
    destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at
    the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his
    daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this
    toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich
    men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings
    and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all
    the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”
    That was 1953 and it has been going downhill every since.


    If we stop and look fox news hires its female heads on looks not talent. The exception is Gretta for she can put anyone in their place and makes no excuses. she however studies he facts before she leaps. I have seen her make errors but she corrects herself as soon as she knows. compare the women of fox to the other networks and it will confirm my claim.

  • PPTA

    I use t5o watch her. Now , no ay, she is just another sleazy liar of a reporter. Why waste my time. She does not report any facts, she is controlled by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. both are Bilderberg Members and hate Trump. They at first Backed Rubio, then switched over to Cruz. They want the establishment traitors in. Doesn’t matter what party. Look up the Bilderberg group with your search engine.

  • John Edward Blake

    I still like her and think she will still come back..

  • Rusty Wray

    Bye bye wench!