Megyn Kelly Unites Trump Accusers

A Congressional Investigation is going to be summoned during a press conference held by the women who are incessantly accusing President Trump of sexual harassment.

The three women will be guests on Megyn Kelly Today before the press conference.

During his Presidential run, Donald Trump denied all of their accusations and the White House is standing by his side.

Megyn Kelly will interview Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey and Rachel Cooks, the accusers.

One of the women who competed in the beauty pageant said that Trump “personally inspected each woman” before the pageant began.

  • Ah nutz

    slyme giving slyme time….YOU LEFTIES ARE SO FAR OUTCLASSED …. you’re actually becoming funny…this transparent ‘get TRUMP’ stuff =AIN’T GONNA’ WORK EITHER . haaaaa haaaa.

    • SandraJ

      So true. She’ll do anything to get into the spotlight that she thinks will make her relevant. Impossible!!

  • Edna Bowden

    Liberals are crazy! Plus, why is Megan Kelly interviewing these so-called ladies?

    • Donald Johnston

      To salvage her failing ratings.
      Or to be more blunt: to save her ass

      • cccarr

        you got it donald johnson

  • Jmanjo

    Megyn Kelly is the sexual predator here and she just will not cease her pestering of the president. She has been a failure in all her endeavors and NBC is the media stooge responsible for that wench still having a platform. She is a liberal troll willing to sell herself for the highest dollar! No smart person would bid for her!

  • Donald Johnston

    Personally checking the contestants before the pageant is not sexual harassment. It’s called good business since he sponsors it and has a lot invested. Something liberals wouldn’t understand. Why are these women just coming forward now? Can you say “payday” and TV exposure?

  • Joseph M Jiampetti

    Beauty Contest?

  • cccarr

    enough already of the trump haters….this week it’s the sexual harrassment after they tried russia, racism, scoops of ice cream, diet coke etc..whats next unshined/shined shoes, wrong tie? such manufactured junk we have to be subjected to. the ninnies that whined on megan kelley’s show were amazing…..what weak sisters. i am sick of it all……men who 30 -40 year ago did something unappropriate….well i would say we all did something inappropriate in our younger years. yes, if someone harassed today, yesterday, last month this month..yes, let’s deal with it. but not years ago…not only is their claim questionable it smacks of delusion. who can really remember exactly what happened 30 – 40 years ago without embellishing or think it happened. no sympayhy for these women here.

  • Jorg37

    Finally, something is being done with this sleazy sexual assaulter, who has put the whole country to shame and embarrassed us all, – not to mention what he has done to destroy President Obama’s legacy. But that’s too typical, – if you don’t have what it takes to compete, losers like Trumpsky instead try to destroy their competition.

    • phil62

      Well – let’s see where we should start since you insist on telling everyone how sleazy and immoral Pres. Trump is. Maybe we can begin with Barney Frank who has his own little friends that meet in the bathrooms each day. Maybe we should begin with Pelosi that has spent MILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars on her drunken forays around the world with all the other trash in D.C. Maybe we could begin with the Clinton/Rodham families and their ownership of the Cocaine Express in Mena, AK, or the sexual escapes of Slick Willy and his blow job queens in the Oval Office. Yea buddy — you are so right. Pres. Trump is a demon and the rest of your worthless liberal junkies in elected positions are PURE SAINTS. What a line of BS. Maybe we could start with you personally. I would be willing to be that you are a perfect walking saint. I bet you have NEVER sinned or done ANYTHING immoral – have you??? You two-faced jerks make me sick.

      • Jorg37

        Your unprovoked attack on me explains a lot about yourself. But, since you did, I was inspired to look back at my long and very interesting, not to mention rewarding life, and ask myself if I had actually ever wronged anybody, or taken anything that didn’t belong to me, or deliberately hurt anyone? I came up pretty blank, – yet, I have a pretty good memory. How about you?

        • Ernie2nd

          Your poor memory above, denying Obama abuses and lying, make it difficult to believe you would have a good memory on any relevant issue.

          • Jorg37

            According to a recent study by NY Times, Obama averaged a little more than two blatant, distinct falsehoods per year during his presidency. Trump is on pace for 124 a year.

          • Ernie2nd

            Seriously doubt even the NY Times would promote such a fake study with such results (date and time, please). But then we should also consider the # of times they have been sited for outright lies about Pres Trump (thank god not Pres Hillary).

    • Patriot1

      Good try….President Trump has done nothing to destroy Obama’s legacy. Obama worked very hard at lying to the people and signing several illegal / unconstitutional executive orders. Don’t try to deny it everyone knows it, just that you libs won’t stand up and face the truth!!!!!!!

      • Jorg37

        That President Obama should have signed “several illegal/unconstitutional executive orders” is news to me. Do you have any examples to support your claim? And, “worked very hard at lying to the people” also requires examples.

        • DotDot

          One very good example is DACA! Obama told us 22 times that he could NOT sign the executive order because it was unconstitutional, but yet the IDIOT did it anyway!! Obama didn’t know that he wasn’t the one WHO made law and that it was Congress! He bypassed Congress MANY times! Obama always thought he was ABOVE the law! LYING to the people was Obama and the Democrats on their Obamacare! HOW many times did they tell us that you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan and still save $2500 a year on premiums! MANY people lost their doctor, their plan and NO one ever saved $2500 a year on premiums! They were all LIES!!

          • Patriot1

            DotDot….Great response to Jorg37. Keep up the good work!

        • Patriot1

          Jorg37 — My answer would have been the same as the answer from DotDot. Seems like you don’t listen to or know what is going on with the president you so admire. He says one thing and does just the opposite as pointed out by DotDot. As for the health care thing called Obamacare, I am one of those that did not save$2500.00 a year, my health care actually went up $500.00 a year. Just another lie from OBUMMER and his cronies like over the hill PELOSI!!!

    • notalib

      Obama and his so called legacy is one of failure and incompetence. Trump is just undoing everything Obama touched. Part of Trumps legacy will be that he put the ship of the United States back on course. Nice try Jorge37. You are just doing your part to be a good little liberal and you are succeeding.

  • LittleMoose

    What Megyn Kelly didn’t tell her viewers is that the accusers are being prepared for the press and their interviews by the far left organization Brave New Films who receive major funding from the far left Open Society Foundations who is funded by George Soros.

  • SteveO

    Kelly’s such a witch, who’s totally complicit in this leftist hit job with a bunch of gold-diggin attention seekers. The hit job on the President by the demonologists of the left, like that orchestrated against Roy Moore, is so blatant that it’s astonishing that anyone not suffering from acute leftist psychosis is foolish enough to fall for it!

  • Walt Creasy

    Kelly is like so many other Americans who just do not understand how much they are being abused by political parties. Trump is the only guy who can stop that abuse and folks like Megyn are fighting him tooth and nail – to their own detriment, and ours.

  • phil62

    Megyn Kelly is a washed up has-been reporter that will do or say anything to get ratings.

  • Frank la Vacca

    It seems because the Russa investigation is going no where,now the libs are trying sexual harassment,will it ever end with these get Trumpers.Megan needs to go away

  • Coriolanus

    Let’s just go back to finding out whether Barack Obama was born in the United States. If not, all of his actions as President are void.

  • fbair1

    Give it up Hillary, you lost. It’s over, you’re done, adios, bye, get lost.

    • Patriot1

      If you check around the web you will also find some pretty sexy pictures that Megyn posed for in earlier years.

  • Philomena

    Who is Megyn Kelly to accuse Donald Trump of anything. Remember when Megyn Kelly went on the Howard Stern show and talked about her breasts and the size of her husbands penis.
    Megy certainly is no example for young girls. Megyn Kelly is a hypocrite.


    I have this to say. First of all, why would PUTIN want TRUMP to be President when trump is for AMERICA FIRST, STRONG BOARDERS, STRONGER MILITARY, BETTER TRADE DEALS FOR US, LOWER TAXES, ANTI- OBAMA CARE and BRINGING BACK JOBS AND BUSINESES TO AMERICA. Oh, and the list goes on. WHY would Putin want this country to be stronger?? The RUSSIA thing is total BULLSHIT just on common sense alone. Second of all, WHY would a man who is FILTHY RICH, POWERFUL, HANDSOM AND COULD GET ALMOST ANY WOMAN HE WANTS, HAS A FANTASTIC LOOKING WIFE and A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Why would a man like that find it necessary to HARASS ANY WOMAN?? I’m positive that DONALD TRUMP’S needs in that regard were fulfilled WITH NO PROBLEM for his entire life. AGAIN, it makes no sense for him to be what they are trying to make him out to be. These woman are ALL being paid to LIE. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT.

  • notalib

    One of the reasons she has been in hot water everywhere she goes is that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. While at Fox she went after Trump and it bit her in the behind. Apparently she is still doing the same thing. I used to like her on Fox until the Trump ambush. Never watch her anyone and have no intention of doing so in the future.