Michelle Obama Uses Commencement Speech to Racebait America And The Media Loves Her For It

When this video of Michelle Obama “speaking frankly” about race at a commencement speech she was giving at Tuskegee University, you would have thought news anchors were going to marry it, they played it so often. It was on every news channel (except Fox), and they just loved showing the clips of her describing how racist America is.

Watch below:

It must be noted that she mentions the New Yorker magazine cover as evidence of racism used against her because she’s depicted with a big afro. What she doesn’t mention is that the cover was intended to parody her critics, not her. Further, while she obsesses over comments made about her by her political opponents she fails to mention that she’s actually very popular among Americans and always has been. And still she whines about the few people who criticize her – it’s almost as if absolutely no dissent is allowed, because it’s all evidence of racism.

Don’t you feel sorry for her?


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • CCblogging

    “The American Race Card” mooch and barry never leave home without it.

    • Linda Lee

      They’ve filled up their race card. It’s time for them to pay up.

  • Linda Lee

    Feel sorry for her? NO, I loathe her and her racist mentality.

  • jmac67

    She and her husband have hurt race relations in this country more than even Al Sharpton. He was always nothing more than a street hustler but the Obama’s are Ivy League educated, successful Americans who happen to be black. Well she’s black, he is only half black but he never seems to remember that when throwing out incendiary remarks. I have come to believe that the two of them are truly the Manchurian Couple.

    • k.b . mcdan

      He is less than half black. That was used to get the blacks behind him
      in the election. He and his democrat
      buddies perpeuated one of the biggest lies to the American people to get his sorry ass in the Whitehouse! If our country makes it through this I hope we can force
      n investigation on who knew his background and his it from us. I think Polesi, reid, Fienstien and others helped cover up for him.
      We have a serious problem,in Washington and if we don’t,remove AND PROSECUTE those who did this
      we can never trust,our government again.

      • Mavis Wilson

        All the billionaires can not exist without the middle class WHO PAY INCOME TAXES.. They are providing nearly ALL the money the government has. You can’t eat money.

  • Frick

    i can’t stand either one of them and it AIN’T because they are black!!!!!

    • Rx7pj


      • CHARLES S

        Rx7pj: take your meds Rx, the only one full of bull shit is YOU!

        • Rx7pj

          If you have an Intelligent reply try it other wise FO.

          • jrogersp

            It looks like you are the one with NO intelligence! So take your own advice, Nimrod!

          • Americanwithattitude

            That’s really showing how intelligent you are. Why don’t you get yourself educated on the fax instead of the media crap. It might do you a little good and wake you up. We can only hope!

          • Rx7pj

            If you morons actually believe this total crap about Michelle Obama then you are beyond help.
            If you have ANY intelligent comments about her why not try those instead of this crap?? Just what has she done that is so offensive to you. that you make low life asinine comments?

          • Mavis Wilson

            We paid for her to get a law degree, and she committed a crime and lost it. Same for him, only he committed perjury on the bar exam & promised to never become a lawyer to avoid presecution. That was enough wasted taxpayer money spent. Neither of them like our country so they should have left. They decided to destroy it instead!!

          • Rx7pj

            Actually everything you stated is a lie. I don t know where you get crap like this, but you should try checking to see if it’s actually true BEFORE you post this crap.
            By the way they both love this country and are NOT trying to destroy it. That’s just right winged hate speech.

          • Americanwithattitude

            No! I guess you are beyond all hope! If you can not see the truth and continue to bury your head in the proverbial sand. Then you are part of the problem in America today that won’t and can’t see the truth. This is the end of the greatest country in the world. It is due to the dumbing down of our kids and the politically correctness that the liberals and democrats have put in place.in our government. If anyone studied history. It was the republicans that stood for civil rights and not the democrats or any other party. I feel sorry for you and others like you. You need to grow up and learn what is really going on in this country. I think it is too late to save this country from the damage that the Obama’s have caused and if you read any of his books. You would understand why he and Michelle are doing what they are. So again! Stop throwing stones and get yourself educated. Maybe we can save America and pull people’s heads out of the sand and just maybe! We can fix the rift that this couple have caused to all of us. If you don’t understand, or can’t understand. Get some help. It is out there. All you have to do is open your eyes.

      • Americanwithattitude

        Villainy right back at you. They are the ones spreading it all over the world. No US!

        • Rx7pj


      • Frick

        YOU do not know me. I am not racist. I have family and friends that are black, so you can blast your bs elsewhere!!! He is a loser and he is taking this country down a road that we can never return from. THAT IS MY ISSUE!!!!!

        • Rx7pj

          If you’re not racist stop acting like it. This article is about Obama’s wife, NOT Obama, just what do you have against her???????????
          By the way he is NOT leading us down anywhere the ONLY party that is NOT helping the average American is the republicans, if you actually think they are, name one piece of legislation they have passed that will primarily help the middle class in America.

          • Frick

            What in the world is he doing to help the middle class????? Get you another gulp of that koolaid they have been feeding you!!!!!

  • Robert

    She is the most ungreatful First lady in this great country

    • Rx7pj

      more Bullshit

      • brabbie2002

        You seem to know a lot more about them than the rest of us. Why don’t you, in your unlimited libtard wiseness, tell us who we hate and why? Unless you are a fecking mind reader, why don’t you just sit down and shut the feck up. I do NOT hate them because of their color. I love Allen West, Dr. Carson, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and a whole slew of black people. I hate and detest your messiahs because of the lying, race baiting, treason and whining. So take your nose out of ovomit’s a$$ long enough to catch your breath and get your brains back! And PS ovomit is half white, but he never mentions his mother. Ever notice that, dickhead?

        • Rx7pj

          That’s right keep lying to yourself, we know the truth.

          • CHARLES S

            Rx7pjk: “we know the truth”; whose ‘we’?, you and your dead flies (that are still pasted to your dirtya$$) Move along moron, there are enough idiots like yourself who think like you do. If your ignorant azz can’t come up with something original to say, go back to picking your nose and do us all a favor and take off the filthy stinking depends, or have your mother change your diaper, azzwipe; its apparent you are mentally challenged.

          • Rx7pj

            We are the intelligent people in the world that’s why you have no idea who we are, and can only make immature ignorant insults to hide your stupidity.
            Yout know mentally challenged, you see it every time you look in the mirror.
            your reasoning for your hate is obvious, and it isn’t her policies.

          • HotFlight

            mooshe & obo are what was left and didn’t go down when the toilet was flushed and floated back to the top of the stool!…Now be a good little boy/girl, Take your meds and a nap and you’ll feel better!

          • Americanwithattitude

            Rd7pj. If that is what you feel. I fell sorry for you. I am not racist one bit. I do hat people that think they are entitled to something just because of there color or race. When people grow up and quit blaming others for there bad mistakes in life. It really is people like you that make Everyhing about race and color. I think the Obamas are really pushing the race thing trying to get people all worked up and back 30 years to the race riots and hate. I belive this and think it is all part of their plan to decide this country. Have you read any of his books? I have. They tell a chilling story of hate and racist bigotry.. I fell sorry for the people that follow them blindly. They will be the ones that are hurt the most in the end. Wake up America!

          • karen

            What do you do for a living? I am just curious. thought I would start asking to get a feel for both sides of this coin.

          • brabbie2002

            I do not nor will I work for the internet if you are getting ready to send me that stupid ad.

          • Rx7pj


          • brabbie2002

            Let me guess. For one thing, you are on government handout welfare. You work for the government by fomenting troubles on these sites. You are black and muslim. You voted for ovomit because of his skin color. You did this twice because you believed all the horses–t he was spouting about hope and change because he is supposedly black (unfortunately, he is also half white. I know that doesn’t fit into your ideal so you conveniently forget it as does he). You did not bother to look at the fact the little pr–k doesn’t salute the flag of this country. Neither does his so-called trannie “wife”. You neglected to realize he lived and lives a life of luxury as does and did that thing he is supposedly married to (Ever wonder why both of his children are adopted?). His election posters were right out of Lenin’s hand book. He wants to be Hitler but you cannot see this as you are so enamored with his skin color. As for bothered by the fact you call yourself intelligent. I would see you as more delusional than brainy. How’s that utopia promise going for you?

        • karen

          What do you do for a living? I am just curious.

        • J. Ernst

          Barry Oh-fck-wit and moochelle PACK each other.
          They are neither valid nor are they spokespersons for anything other than FRAUD, THEFT, and the dismembering of the U.S.A.
          Their children are probably NOT genetically connected.

          • Mavis Wilson

            I WOULD like to see their birth certificates.

      • CHARLES S

        Rx7pjk: And more sh-t from you. By the ton of flies hanging on to your a$$, its time for you to change your depends that you’ve been wearing for months. The stink coming from your a$$ is unbearable. Take your medication, Rx, you need it.

        • Rx7pj

          That’s ALL you do is spew bullshit.
          Get a life

    • HotFlight

      Don’t you have to be a Lady to be first lady…Mooshe missed the boat on that one, she sure isn’t a first anything in the United States.

    • J. Ernst

      They are un-evolved interlopers!
      I can’t stand even thinking about listening to either one of them.
      FILTH and degenerative, ANTI-AMERICAN, ameriKans!

  • David in MA

    She/he gives a whole new meaning to the word “bitch”……


    The BITCH hates WHITE PEOPLE and America—Move to Cuba! !

    • Mo

      Well said GOLDCLAW!

  • cathylovesyou

    Michelle Obama is pathetic and should be put under White House arrest, thoroughly disgusted with her

    • Mavis Wilson

      She has said publicly that the White House feels like jail to her.

  • Agape

    It is sad that anyone goes through any type of unkindness or discrimination. I am going to state something unpopular and I respect Michelle Obama. I voted for her husband once. I have never voted for any person based on race or gender. I have voted on character and issues. I’m disappointed in Obama at this moment but that is another issue. Many First Ladies have been poked at by the media. It really comes with the territory. I would also venture to say most Americans have felt discriminated against at one point in life. My relatives (white) came here with nothing. They did not speak English and took jobs baking and as a janitor while they both had a college education. They worked very hard, learned English, got legal citizenship! Sacrificed in ways most people would not dream of today. They eventually purchased a nice home and even went back to school while working. I heard a stories of my Morher being teased for her thrift store clothing and accent. Stories of my Grandmother having to clock in an hour early(without pay) while a baker or she could not finish her work. My Grandpa (who had a degree) being called dumb because he could not speak English well while he worked as a janitor. Tell me he they didn’t feel invisible!! Oh, they were the help! They were/are white blonde hair blue eyed people. Not that that matters at all! Just sick of hearing the “race card”. Discrimination and hate is horrible! But so is probagating it! Is my family’s story and less important because they are not of color? I think it belittles the First Lady and our nation to have her speak this way. Everyone struggles, life isn’t fair! Her story should be of motivation for all Americans. Just ugh!!!!! Just so disappointed in her now. I previously admired her.

    • joanc

      When she leaves the White House, she will be remembered for her many sarcastic remarks about a country who looked beyond the color of Obama’s skin and elected the first Black Man to be their President It was obvious they liked him and his promises of transparency,as well as his promise of an honest Government. Everyone was happy, and wanted to support his programs,until he changed to an agenda that was harmful to America and it’s citizens. He was elected a second time ,but Michelle still was not pleased with Americans for speaking their minds. {That pesky First amendment again !} Her openly bitter feeling for America is apparent, especially for White people. This can be seen in every scornful look she gives some citizens, and the emphasis she places on Racial inequity, even as she lives in a mansion, most of us may never see. Her husband achieved the highest office in the land, making her First Lady and the beneficiary of all the amenities the White House affords, which she took advantage of and more. She could have been a revered First Lady,but instead chose to dislike many of us. What a shame! I hold no animosity for her, but I can’t understand her bitterness toward us, not to mention that it puts a Pall Over our Great Country!

  • RoseBrownlee

    NO.I don’t feel sorry for this he/she/it,just the people that believe what comes out of this lying mouth.Neither one of the HE/SHE/IT’s that occupy the White House knows how to tell the truth
    These 2 have set back the racism that has been worked on for many years,with the help of Al Jessie and the justices dept..Pray for AMERICA

  • Elmer Fredrick

    Friend it was Michael

    • Congilio

      More like, an IT. What is it?

  • John VanderKelen

    I knew right away that Michelle was an imbecile when she stated during skunk Obama’s first presidential election campaign that Hussein was the smartest man she had ever met . Pee-yew!

  • Capt Bob

    She is as phony as all the others in Washington.

  • Branwen

    Reports regarding racism, reveal the media reporting black issues while ignoring almost all else. This leads to the appearance of racism while not being true. An Example: Ferguson – Black Officer Shoots White Man, No Media Outrage, little if any public acknowledgement; or outrage.

    The nation came to a standstill over the events in Ferguson when a white officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed a black man, Mike Brown. While asserting that reporting is broad-spectrum in covering races and events, this appears more a message of contrivance and convenience. This is evidenced on 11 August in Salt Lake City, when an Black police officer shoots an unarmed 20 year old white man, Dillon Taylor, outside a local 7-Eleven.

    Copied from the Washington Times:

    By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison says she wants to see an officer shoot an unarmed white teenager in the back before agreeing that the “conversation about race” is over, but she almost certainly already has received her wish.

    An analysis released last week shows that more white people died at the hands of law enforcement than those of any other race in the last two years, even as the Justice Department, social-justice groups and media coverage focus on black victims of police force.

    Meanwhile, the deaths of whites at the hands of law enforcement typically receive less attention, even when the case is shrouded in controversy. For example, Gilbert Collar, an 18-year-old white student at the University of South Alabama, was shot and killed while naked, unarmed and under the influence of drugs by a black police officer.

    The officer, Trevis Austin, was cleared of wrongdoing in 2013 by a Mobile County grand jury in a case that received little media coverage outside Alabama. Mr. Collar’s parents filed a federal lawsuit last year against the officer.

    As researchers are quick to point out, FBI data on police shootings by race is notoriously incomplete, which may explain why Peter Moskos, assistant professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, decided to use figures from the website Killed by Police.

    Based on that data, Mr. Moskos reported that roughly 49 percent of those killed by officers from May 2013 to April 2015 were white, while 30 percent were black. He also found that 19 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Asian and other races.

    His results, posted last week on his blog Cop in the Hood, arrived with several caveats, notably that 25 percent of the website’s data, which is drawn largely from news reports, failed to show the race of the person killed.

    Killed by Police lists every death, justified or not, including those in which the officer had been wounded or acted in self-defense.

    “The data doesn’t indicate which shootings are justified (the vast majority) and which are cold-blooded murder (not many, but some). And maybe that would vary by race. I don’t know, but I doubt it,” Mr. Moskos said on his blog.

    Adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown of the U.S. population, he said black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white men. But also adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent crime, the data actually show that police are less likely to kill black suspects than white ones.

    “If one adjusts for the racial disparity in the homicide rate or the rate at which police are feloniously killed, whites are actually more likely to be killed by police than blacks,” said Mr. Moskos, a former Baltimore cop and author of the book “Cop in the Hood.”

    “Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police,” he said. “Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

    Mr. Moskos listed two possible reasons for the racial disparity. The first is that police assigned to largely black neighborhoods face “more political fallout when they shoot, and thus receive better training and are less inclined to shoot.”

    The second is that police assigned to black communities with high crime rates are more accustomed to dangerous situations and thus are more likely to be able to resolve them without resort to lethal force.

    Figures on police shootings by race are thin on the ground, but Mr. Moskos’s results have some support: The investigative journalism website ProPublica came up with a similar percentage in an Oct. 10 article, reporting that 44 percent of all those killed by police were white, using FBI data from 1980 to 2012.

    The fact-checking website PolitiFact concluded in August 2014 that police kill more whites than blacks after the claim was made by conservative commentator Michael Medved. PolitiFact cited data from the Centers for Disease Control on fatal injuries by “legal intervention” from 1999 to 2011.

    “Over the span of more than a decade, 2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks. In that respect, Medved is correct,” said PolitiFact.

    But PolitiFact gave his assertion a “half true” rating because whites make up 63 percent of the population, while blacks make up just 12 percent.

    “Yes, more whites than blacks die as a result of an encounter with police, but whites also represent a much bigger chunk of the total population,” PolitiFact said in its Aug. 21 post.

    But PolitiFact did not take into account the percentage of those by race involved in violent crime or shootings of police, as Mr. Moskos did.

    Despite the recent flood of media coverage involving police shootings, Mr. Moskos advised his readers to “keep all this morbidity in perspective,” reminding them that very few people, white or black, will ever be shot or killed by police.

    “The odds that any given black man will shoot and kill a police officer in any given year is slim to none, about one in a million. The odds for any given white man? One in four million,” he said. “The odds that a black man will be shot and killed by a police officer is about 1 in 60,000. For a white man those odds are 1 in 200,000.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/21/police-kill-more-whites-than-blacks-but-minority-d/#ixzz3bMtJBobP
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    • CassattBiker

      WOW Listen to all of Y’all as the Blacks came here as Slaves they brought something with them ..”Power in Numbers” as in Africa the larger the tribe the most land they got as here in the Once Great U.S.A. when we started allowing them to start having babies and the “Government” paid for everything from housing to food and Dr bills way back when I use to hear the Grown Ups saying or talking bout that way back when I was lil ..coming tro Past Now ..so Everything is Everyones Fault .. Greed.. “Money is the Root Of ALL EVIL”..race Card ..WOW turn that hat around wear it like is suppose to be Remember hearing that well guess what the “Power in Numbers ” thing is the pants down past thier butts now and its not only Blacks But All the Young People Now ..Nuff Said Im Done ..for Now ..

  • rick

    I can’t wait for Ovomit and his transvestite Wookiee to leave
    office! He is the only Muslim to truly bring death to America. He has added over
    8 Trillion and still has well over a year to go! By the time he and it leaves
    office we will owe over 20 Trillion no nation could ever recover from that amount
    of debt! You have heard of the fall of the Roman Empire, I guess it is just our
    time! America is done Dump-a-Craps killed it when they elected and then reelected Otard! We deserve to fail! Women never should have been given the right to vote!

  • k.b . mcdan

    Abosuletly NOT! She is the most ungrateful
    former welfare user I have ever seen.
    We have little if any of her back ground, other than she attended one of the most elite universities in the Nation.
    She is inflated with her self importance and
    Sees herself as a privileged black women.
    I am sure she never associates with low income blacks.
    The funny thing is she does NOT recognize
    what a total RACISTS she is. With all that education she has learned little.
    She and her well educated husband are clueless about our country. They are so hung up on what happened 150 years ago. How long do they keep bringing it up?
    One of the most persecuted races on earth is the Jewish people. Yet you don’t hear the new generation of them whining about how they are to be compensated for their fore fathers.
    They unlike the Obama’s picked themselves up and moved forward. To bad the simple minded Obama’s can’t figure that out. They
    are pathetic ego maniacs. Selfish, self absorbed, ungrateful, jerks! And let’s not forget in love with themselves!

  • steven_1948

    She’s an Al Sharpton protege, graduated with honors from the Jeremiah Wright, Jr. I
    hate America academy. Then she married a Soviet style communist organizer and a wanna be Polit Chairman. They know all the Saul Alinsky liberty crushing rules.

  • Bobtrhn

    She should get on her/his broomstick and fly away.

  • joanc

    Isn’t Mrs Obama guilty of racial discrimination on both sides of the coin? . As a Hospital Representative in Chicago, she screened incoming ambulances, and turned many away due to the patient’s inability to pay. Her hospital wanted only paying customers, and Michelle made certain they got them. Many who were refused entry, were taken across town to a hospital for poor patients, causing the question, whether some may have needed immediate attention. If you apply the law of averages, the group had to be comprised of White, Black and other groups. An investigation of the incident censored the Hospital for it’s practice, and later Michelle surrendered her Law License. If you decide to deliver a speech,with the intention of use Racial mistreatment as the topic, then make sure you are not also guilty of the same, lest it will come back and bite you in the derriere! Turning the sick and injured away,caused a delay in their treatment was definitely wrong, and displayed a lack of humanity for others.

  • BrooklynJoJo

    she is a disgrace, for a woman that use to shop in Target now jets around the world on our money, she has the bully pulpit and to use it to help any young girl go after what she wants, no Michele obummer now is showing us what she is teaching her kids, from target to the white house, she just put her own family down and this great country. and WE THE PEOPLE has paid for her new face and teeth. she is not a woman she is a disgrace, not very smart, if she was she would never use racism.

  • makesmesick

    whatever she is is just trying to help her partner to spread more racist crap around the country. Maybe she/it thinks that she can stir it up better. I have read that she treats everyone like crap where ever she goes. I’m guessing that it’s only the white people that she treats that way, or maybe it’s just the people that have to be in service to her. Either way no one deserves to be treated like crap from anyone, in office or not.

  • oat21

    Just like her hubby, extremely divisive race baiter wanting everyone to feel sorry for her, unbelievable first lady. Leaves her mark in history like her hubby.

  • wjozier

    And these commentors claim not to be racist?! Really?! One would NEVER get that from reading their remarks, as if.

  • Rx7pj

    What is with you morons?? Every time someone talks about the race problems that EXIST here in America it’s “race baiting”. DO you think if you just ignore it long enough it’ll just go away???

  • marlene

    She has proven that she is NOT a lady. She’s an anti-American black racist divider, just like her evil, corrupt, demonic husband. They should both be thrown out and indicted for treason.

  • brabbie2002

    Everything this twit does is race baiting. Why does this surprise any of you? Tell it to take its “willy” somewhere else and whine at them. I am sick to death of the bee-yotch!

  • Mary Morea

    They’re both in part responsible for the country’s racist problems. True, there have always been problems, but they both align themselves with the lowest of the Black race.
    I don’t see them getting advice from “upstanding” members. Rather than the likes of Al Sharpten that are as ignorant as those creating unruly protests.

  • semus

    There’s no reason she should be popular with most Americans she dislikes them as much if not more than her husband. This obvious to anyone with at least two brain cells.


    She is the BIGGEST BIGOT to ever step her/his black foot in the whitehouse. Frankly I can’t stand her/his face nor his obuma’s ugly face. They sicken me!

  • Thomas Goss

    I HATE this useless black bitch, why doesn’t she crawl under a rock and just die.

  • jackieray

    maybe she is right she has no power in government yet the hatedrid a rampant she has been called everything but a white woman

  • 2broke4 her

    she got caught in the one lie about someone thinking she worked at Target because she is black and asked her for help in getting down off the shelf an item! only later It was disclosed the woman asked her because Moochelle is tall and could reach the item!

  • jeff

    Makes me believe in evolution.

  • J. Ernst

    OR, how about just calling her what she is!!???
    R A C I S T!!!!

  • slypuffers

    Unlike this wannabe female Sharpton, I have never hated, nor disrespected my country, in words or deeds.This wife, like her Bi husband has always been a racist, and leached off the American people of all color. Has she, or “Bathhouse BarrIE respected anyone, other than to use for financial, or political gain. Without race, there is nothing but a corrupt, cold, heart.. Lost her Law License, played her victimization, made a fortune for nothing, and wasted all Americans money, for her numerous vacations. The Obama’s legacy: Recognized, and undisputed, President, and first lady, in the history of this Republic, and not due to color…………………………sweethearts, but deeds.

  • cathylovesyou

    Yes Michelle said she feels like she is in jail living in the White House, that is because she shouldn’t be there feeling about America they way she does. She is prejudice against White People, in ground in her since she was very young, but supporting her and sending her to an Ivy League college for free didn’t let any pride get in the way. A hanger oner

  • It is BS. He screwed this country up, down & sideways, & that’s why nobody likes him, or her! Trash comes in all colors, and Obama & Mechelle are the biggest WELLFARE RATS IN THE COUNTRY! I’m tired of our tax $ paying for their elaborate VACATIONS, when we don’t even get Christmas anymore!

  • J.B. Young

    She is as big a race baiter as Sharpton.