Michelle Obama Uses Commencement Speech to Racebait America And The Media Loves Her For It

When this video of Michelle Obama “speaking frankly” about race at a commencement speech she was giving at Tuskegee University, you would have thought news anchors were going to marry it, they played it so often. It was on every news channel (except Fox), and they just loved showing the clips of her describing how racist America is.

Watch below:

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It must be noted that she mentions the New Yorker magazine cover as evidence of racism used against her because she’s depicted with a big afro. What she doesn’t mention is that the cover was intended to parody her critics, not her. Further, while she obsesses over comments made about her by her political opponents she fails to mention that she’s actually very popular among Americans and always has been. And still she whines about the few people who criticize her – it’s almost as if absolutely no dissent is allowed, because it’s all evidence of racism.

Don’t you feel sorry for her?


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