MSNBC Asks Trump Supports Weird Question

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough questioned the reasoning of why so many people support President Trump.

He urged anyone of Trump’s supporters to take a different approach to defeating him.

“It’s increasing authoritarianism, but the focus, for me is not the Trump administration,” Scarborough stated. “The focus are the 40 — probably 42 percent now — 42 percent to 45 percent of Americans who support Donald Trump, and the question is how do they move away from a candidate, from a politician who is using race constantly, who is lying every day, who is subverting the law every day, who works every day to undermine the power of the federal judiciary? I don’t think we do that by kicking them out of our restaurants or in buying something in a fun little engagement I had this weekend — we don’t do it by saying, ‘If you are supporting Donald Trump, you are a racist.’”

“At the end of the day, my concern is with that 45 percent, why are they supporting this man?” he added. “I don’t understand it, but I know this: For the rule of law to be protected, for constitutional norms to be protected, for America’s role in the world or the protected, for our allies to be protected, for Americans standing across the globe to be protected, for free markets to be protected, for our free way of life to be protected, they need to be moved away in my opinion from supporting a man who is — who is so has been so abhorrent to the president’s been. I don’t think call them racist and I don’t think kicking them out will move them. At the end of the day, politics is about making friends. It’s about converting people to your cause. How do you do that? It’s not running around screaming on college campuses and in movie theaters and in restaurants that, ‘You are a racist. Get out of here.’”

  • gene smith

    Scarborough is a Jackass and he well knows it. Trying to make the masses feel guilty is a lousy approach and unlikely to gain him any popularity or factual information either.
    He thinks he is right and all the rest of the folks are wrong….a rather weak assumption I would say.

    • Rodney

      Facts and liberal ideology have never met.

    • Scott

      Joe’s ratings prove that his popularity is very limited.

  • Daniel Brofford

    Joe is a moron. I wish he would invite me a 60 year old white man on to his show and debate me about what is going on and I would make him look like the fool he is.

    • Rodney

      I’d love to see that sissy boy do that.

  • Rodney

    What am absolute moron. I keep hearing about Trumps constant lies, yet never hear one of these “Lies” pointed out. I haven’t heard anything like, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” or I just learned of that when I saw it in the news. Show me a politician who hasn’t lied on the campaign trail. I still have never heard of a Trump lie pointed out by the media.

  • Jimwolf

    Seems everything “Smokin Joe” said about President Trump, sounded exactly like the Obozo Administration.. Guess Joe was sleeping back then..

    • Rodney

      Selective consciousness I think.

    • Marine68

      He was what he is now and then, a Flaming Libtard Commie. His constituents learned that fast and dumped him.

    • teamsbill

      Always asleep

  • The reason is we are fed up with all the lies and attack on Trump and His Supporters.. He was voicing what the People were feeling and what we want..

    • Tim

      We voted him in office and all you Libtards do is berate him and us every day! That’s why dude!

  • rottenrollin

    Why do so many of us support Trump, Joe?


  • Jmanjo

    Well, dummy, we support Trump because he knows what he is doing and he is for us and America. The others are all for themselves. You are confused because you believe your own lies and fake news. You know you are wrong but you still spew hatred for a man that is working for your best interests instead of getting rich off the taxpayers. Now that you know stop asking stupid questions and making dumb remarks about our President…duh!

  • thomas robinson

    But, that’s how the democrats do it, and they think they’re cool, fact is, they are showing what total assinines’ they are, children that didn’t get their way, and they are FOOLS for thinking that their way is better than any other way. you are just alienating sensible people from ever seeing things your way. total idiots and not a pretty site for, sure !

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I don’t understand why anyone would support a Demonrat.
    They offer nothing, have no platform,they scream at the President for inheriting a mess.
    The Dims only care for illegals. All they have is a smear campaign of terror.
    The party of obstructionism, resistance, and hatred. Now they are inciting violence.
    These people are spreading delusional and psychopathic ideas.
    I love our President and our First Family. Only a criminal mind would want to harm them.
    President Trump is the best president we’ve ever had!

    • JimmyD

      The democrats are upset because they are lawless pigs and President Trump is destroying their criminal enterprise of stealing us all blind.

  • Greg Zonker

    I will be glad to tell you i why I support President Trump (when I did support the Democratic candidates). It is because of the constant double standard that the democrats have been doing in the past months. If Obama or Cllnton did it, they would rejoice but when Trump or a Republican does the EXACT same thing, they want to start a civil war and incite people to violence. (This is NOT the American way but I guess it is the democratic way) This is why i will NEVER vote for another democrat as long as i live. (Maxine and Nancy and the MSM are the number one culprits involved. I am also looking at my own life,
    1) Is my paycheck and my wifes paycheck higher because of the thing that the President has done?
    2) Has the city I live in have less unemployment and more jobs available?
    3) Has ILLEGAL immigrant crossing number decreased since he took office?
    4) Has the GNP been on an upward movement since he took office?
    5) Has he gotten farther with N Korea then any of the previous Presidents done?
    6) Has more and more companies returning to the USA as a result of the Presidents efforts?

    The answers to all of these questions is ABSOLUTELY YES. The left can spin it any way they want but no matter what they do, I still see the improvement in my personal life as an American.

    In short I see a President who is keeping all of his promises he made during his campaign and it is the democrats who are holding progress behind. I think that the reason history shows that the prevailing party in the white house loses seats in congress in the midterms is because people see that the elected President is not dong anything that he said he was going to do so they vote against them in the midterms.

    I see that the democrats do not have any issues at all that they are running on except to bad mouth the president but they say nothing different that they will do if they get control of congress except to do the following:

    1) Reverse the tax cut making my paycheck and my wifes paycheck smaller again.
    2) Making the borders open so anyone can come in including criminals and more drugs. They are putting crooks ahead of Americans.
    3) Repeal the tax cuts and companies will once again leave the US for other parts of the world driving unemployment thru the roof.

    Anyone who would rather have these things happen should pack up and move out of the country as they do not want what is best for the American people or they are too stupid to see common sense.

  • Free America

    If he cannot see the difference between Trump and Maxine Waters or Nacy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Kamal Harris then he is deaf, dumb and blind.

  • Lee J

    I’ll listen to your
    shit when you explain the dead girl in your office.

  • Tom

    If you take the above article and substitute the name Obama in every place where Trump is named then this makes some sense.

  • Ken Vannoy

    Joe is going with Mica who is piece of work. Joe is afraid if he disagrees with her that he will get cut off.

    • teamsbill

      She will beat his sissy ass

  • Eastcoastcoonass

    I tell you why we support him, he’s not a politician for one and as you can tell he is making good on his promises, that no politician had done. He has his money and no one wants favors if they give him money. He tells it like it is so sorry if it hurts someone’s feelings. He is putting the American people first which no politician has ever done. And the last he is pissing you off.

  • Donald Baker

    Joe, YOU are the egregious anti American liar. It is a disgrace that you and your blonde bimbo are allowed on the air. Nothing either of you says is true

  • Richard Wittauer

    My feeling is the American don’t like Fake News, and can tell what really is the truth from whats not, knowing whats good for America and their family’s. and the actions of news agendas that tend to look like they are trying to push agendas of a third world country to us that are Un-American that seem they are pushing against our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, and our Beliefs of a Free Solvin Nation. This is America, and always will be

  • BBush0712

    Joe is an angry idiot and drank the koolaid to undermine everything good about America! More good in Trump than in Joe!

  • Russell Luby

    If you would take time to read Charles Krauthammer’s interesting take on Mr Trump you’d know why we have a vested interest in President Trump. He, President Trump is different. The article is ” A TAKE ON DONALD TRUMP “. Good read !!

  • William Devine

    first, just because the left/media say something he says is racist, doesnt mean it is. people hear what they want to hear.
    second, lets talk about his “lying every day” as stated,
    i will cut taxes- is that a lie?
    i will move embassy- is that a lie?
    i will cut regulation- is that a lie?
    i will create millions of jobs- is that a lie?
    i will build a wall- TBD
    i will end n korea threat- is that a lie?
    i will get us out of paris accord- is that a lie?
    i will end iran joke agreement- is that a lie?
    i will help vets- is that a lie?
    i will end illegal immigration- all the problems of illegals entering, drugs entering, and possibly terrorists entering would be moot if the wall was up
    how much taxpayer money is spent on these issues every year? im sure the savings would pay for the wall
    the reason people moved to trump(and still are) is because if you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, you eyes are not open
    “politicians” have failed us miserably
    looks like this “businessman” is doing quite well

  • DonRS

    Scarborough has no clue! The bigger question: “how does the insipid pair, Joe and what’s her name, continue on the air?” MSNBC, obviously has elected to be part of the coalition of Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats/THUGS/#BLM/Facists/Educrats/Feminazis/Anti-Americans, looking to DAMAGE AMERICA in every way possible! The good news: TRUMP KEEPS ON WINNING, MSNBC CONTINUES ITS LOSING DECADE!

  • jgp44

    Want a better question?
    Why does anybody still watch MSNBC?

  • djm4706

    We who have brains left from the Obama disaster, support Trump for all the reasons you say we shouldn’t. You Liberals are hell bent to take over the country and keep the population under the thumb of the government. You want a country with no borders, no Christians, no traditional families, no guns and the average citizen totally dependent upon Big Brother, the Government for our existence. Trump is the image of everything the average citizen with brains wants.

  • Scott

    Hey Joe, we support Trump because we want no parts of the alternative – Communist and terrorist loving and American hating Democrats.

  • Big Ed

    Joe Scarborough is a know nothing and he is a political loser for a reason. He is concerned about the increase in authoritarianism with Trump as president. He must have had his head up his butt for the last eight years as president Obama claimed to be president, not the emperor or the king, but then went right ahead and did all the things exactly as an emperor or king would. He wrote his own laws and decided which laws were constitutional and which weren’t. With him as “ruler”, we didn’t need a Congress or a Court (talk about authoritarianism). Listen, Joe, the reason 40-45% of the people back Trump is because he made promises during his campaign and is the only politician I’ve seen since Reagan who comes even close to doing what he promised. We are tired of politicians like you, who make promises and then do something else. While I don’t know a thing about your term of office, I know you didn’t do what you promised-and I know this because you made promises and later switched parties. Typical crud ball!!


    This asshole is not even worth taking time to make a comment !

  • Medic RN

    Nobody voted FOR Trump Joe. Back then, he was a Mussolini. But he’s a quick study and he’s learned the job better than anyone….ever! (MAGA)
    The American heartland refused to return a known criminal family cartel to the White House. Are you dull? Remedial? ADHD? Slow? Easily amused? How could you miss that?
    Oh? Sorry Joe. You’re one of the 65 million No border-No nation socialist-communist liberals, cosmically gifted with special higher knowledge/vision than us deplorables. Save us Joe! Save us! Feed us! House us! Cloth us! Heal us! Give me free everything! NOW DAMN IT !
    Or…perhaps like the rest of the worlds liberal governments, simply murder us if we complain.
    Oh? Elections HAVE consequences dumbass. Next time, run a candidate instead of your popular criminal. Oops !

    • RJ5208

      What a spot ON post..!
      May I borrow your words for this Libtard I know..?

      • Medic RN

        Yes. By all means. I’m honoured. Thank you!

  • ROB

    What ya’ll need to realize bozos on the left that the problem is NOT with us rather in your hearts.8 years of an un-American muslijm pushing (because he don’t lead) this country over a cliff of destruction to 3rd world status.We ain’t buting that option and neither is Donald Trump. That’s what he and all of red blooded Americans tie to. Your progressive, liberal, socialist blood sucking democratic gloom and doom ain’t for us.We are happy to the faces you all put out front to lead ya’ll’s team; nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, maxine waters, bernie sanders, swalwell, brennan, clapper, comey, hillary clinton, bill clinton, cnn, nbc, cbs, abc, npr,msnbc. What a line-up of losers. Do you get it now ?????

  • Medic RN

    Did you see Trump hug the flag at the rally? He hugged America. He hugged me.

  • Tim

    It’s simple, if you want to know what is true. Listen to a video of what they said. The comments Libtards are spewing forth now, is that President Trump said “ALL illegal immigrants are rapists and murders!” HE DID NOT SAY THAT!

  • Diana Perkinson

    Joe, we were losing our free way of life You are the bigot and racist for bundling all the Trump voters into one package – whether they be african american, latino or white and suggesting we have no brains or ability to judge the direction of our country prior to this administration. How do you explain that abhorrent point of view to the love of your life, and your audience? Do some soul searching,.

  • GetReal4U2

    joe…look no further than 8 years of obummer…oh yeah…I forgot…you were asleep during those years…perhaps it’s time to take another nap and leave running the country to adults…

    TRUMP 2020!



  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Joe hasn’t liked President Trump-Ever Since-He thought Trump-Insulted his Wife-Girlfriend-What ever She is.But I think Trump only was telling the Truth-I think she had some kind of Facial-Work-Done.Joe-Really-Time to get over it.Just-Like Hillary-Lost-Let’s move on People.!!!Need to Help Support our President—He is like it Are not.!!!

  • Tired…

    Funny, when he started talking about racism, authoritarianism, and subverting the constitution, I thought he was talking about Obama…

  • Janis

    MSNBC and Joe Scarborough wishes they had approval ratings of the loyal followers of President Trump. But do not fret. I am sure Mad Maxine Waters is solidly behind you.

  • Al

    Murder more BABIES

    Stop the Christens


  • kbmiller

    Mika has Joe pussy whipped. This FOOL will do ANYTHING to keep gettin in her pants. Mika is a f’n AIRHEAD who will do ANYTHING to stay in favor with the LEFTIST A$$HOLES in the lame stream Media and Hollywood. I never watch them but see cuts on FNC.

  • AF-22

    It’s because of you, Joe! The corrupt media chose sides a long time ago. We are fed up with your lies and partisanship from those that are supposed to be reporting news! I will be voting Trump in 2020, because he is actually doing what he said he would do and making progress solving problems. Why is it that you cannot figure that out, Joe? Is it that you are blinded by hate and your partisanship? Joe, Country over Party, get it now? It is the liberal left that is violating the Constitution!

  • Randy131

    Eight years of Obama refusing to enforce our immigration laws, and not securing our southern borders, by ordering federal employees not to do their jobs, have made the liberals, progressives, and Democrats complain about “AUTHORITARIANISM” when we have a President that orders federal employees to do their jobs, and enforce our immigration laws, and secure our southern borders.

    What does this mean?

    It means that liberals, progressives, and Democrats believe they are victims of “AUTHORITARIANISM” if they are expected to and are forced to, obey our laws, something that they didn’t have to do for 8 years under Obama’s Presidency.

    Just look at what Hillary Clinton got away with, and what the corrupt FBI and DOJ employees did while Obama was President, for the proof of what I’ve said here.

  • RJ5208

    Knock, knock, Joe, anybody home? We support him because he supports America First.
    Joe, you are moronic.

  • 1775concord

    So, Joe…just how does Pres Trump use race?

  • Kenneth Bailey

    I have a question for you Joe blow. How can you support all of the crimes that Obama and the Clintons have done to the American people? You’re just another idiot that is book smart but you have no common sense. You got your head so far up the left’s azz we can’t figure out where the left ends and you begin. The reason we support Donald Trump is because we are sick of the far left ruining this country and just like the mainstream media spewing their communist propaganda. Let me give you some advice Joe blow. Grow a brain.

  • JimmyD

    Gee Scarborough you just described the Democrat party and the deep state that own you and you bow down to as your master.