The Awful Truth about Why Murders Are Skyrocketing in These 7 American Cities (Cops Know Why)

Just in time for Obama to encourage the “Black Lives Matter” movement, murders are skyrocketing in many American cities after decades of falling precipitously. And if you ask some police, they think they have a good idea of what is causing the resurgence of crime.

From the New York Times:

More than 30 other cities have also reported increases in violence from a year ago. In New Orleans, 120 people had been killed by late August, compared with 98 during the same period a year earlier. In Baltimore, homicides had hit 215, up from 138 at the same point in 2014. In Washington, the toll was 105, compared with 73 people a year ago. And in St. Louis, 136 people had been killed this year, a 60 percent rise from the 85 murders the city had by the same time last year.

Here’s a chart for you to look up your hometown!

NYT murder crime

Hmmm. Do you think this might have something to do with black activists assailing police and accusing them of racism, causing them to be less interested in actually enforcing the law? And who do think suffers the worst when this happens?

Here’s what police say:

Capt. Mike Sack, a homicide commander in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, cited killings there that had grown out of arguments over girlfriends, food and even characters on a TV show. “Most remarkable is that individuals get so upset over things that I or others might consider petty but resort to such a level of violence,” he said.

In New Orleans, Michael S. Harrison, the police superintendent, said the city’s rise in homicides did not appear to reflect any increase in gang violence or robberies of strangers, but rather involved killings inside homes and cars by people who know their victims — particularly difficult crimes to predict or prevent.

“That is not a situation that can be solved by policing,” Superintendent Harrison said. “It speaks to a culture of violence deeply ingrained into a community — a segment of the population where people are resolving their problems in a violent way.”

A “culture of violence”? Now, if I were a black activist I’d be eager to blame white cops inspiring that violence through their actions, instead of, oh I dunno, perhaps violent rap lyrics and a general acceptance of violence in poor communities.

But I’m not a black activist so I wouldn’t say such a stupid thing.


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