Muslim Driver Injures Veteran In The Name Of Allah

Is this terrorism? In a harrowing incident in Fresno, California, a Muslim man slammed into the vehicle of a veteran who served in the Afghanistan War, which was done in the name of Allah. The man also said that it was in response to Donald Trump’s treatment of people of color. This was intentional.

The alleged attack began when Scott Alcala was driving to San Jose to play golf with his dad when Ameer Abbaf Fakhraldin slammed into him at 100 miles per hour. Wendi Lane of Fox 26 News has more:

Alcala said, “I saw the suburban coming right at me about to T-bone right into the driver door and I thought that was it. A second later I turned my head and just smashed into the barrier.”

Alcala says he and the other driver were miraculously able to get out of their cars without hitting anyone else.

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  • gene smiith

    Well isn’t this just so SPECIAL>>>>>and WE THE PEOPLE are just supposed to turn the other cheek? If these ingrates ( Inbreds too) are smart they will get the hell back to where they came from because I sense this sort of stupidity will not be accepted here for very much longer. And just in case word hasn’t yet reached the barren Hell they came from, PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH….

  • Holy Joe

    And so it goes on. Mass Deportations might be a solution, they will then be happy in their native lands once again. If this is true I bet there will be no repercussions for the offending driver.

  • Richard Kraus

    Trump is right again – the immigration rules need to change .

    • Jeremiah Mckenna

      Who said this man was anot immigrant? He very well could have been born here.

      • Donna Cassidy

        well Jeremiah if this person did this for Allah, than i don’t give a rats hiney if he was born here or not, he wants to live by the laws of his (families) country go the heck back there. But your NOT BRINGING YOUR BS TO US ANYMORE..

        • Jeremiah Mckenna

          He wants to live his life like a terrorist, and should be dealt with accordingly. He will get his day in court, just like everyone else is afforded.

          But why would you want to just send him to some arbitrary country instead of have him held accountable for his actions? That would be doing the same thing that Obama has done when he released the terrorists we caught on the battlefield and had sitting in Getmo, and are now either lost in the wind, or have already been seen on the battlefields in the M.E.

          • 5live5

            Read my post above and you will see what to do with him!!!

          • Jeremiah Mckenna

            Your entry is not above these entries.

          • 5live5

            Sorry, it did not post where it should have so I’ll repeat. Attempted murder!! Life without the possibility of parole! Put him in a cell with “Big Bubba”! He’ll be his “good buddy”!! Good enough?

          • Jeremiah Mckenna

            Absolutely not. Put him on trial as an enemy combatant, and make him stand a Military Tribunal, then sentence him to a life sentence of hard labor and bread and water.

      • Richard Kraus

        you better wake up – soon .

        • Snoopy

          Yep – YOU could be the next victim!

          • Richard Kraus

            I named one of my cats Snoopy .

          • Snoopy

            I am honored!
            Hope it’s a CUTE cat!!! ;~}

          • Richard Kraus

            yes – he is extremely handsome along with my other two cats – Spike and Keith , as in Keith Richards .

          • Snoopy

            Kool – TKS!!

          • Jeremiah Mckenna

            Any of us could.

        • Jeremiah Mckenna

          I am awake. However, what you are alluding to is nothing short of what Hitler did to the Jews/Polish etc., Mao Tse Tung killing off is objectors etc. We are still a civilized nation and have rules and regulations that we must adhere to.

          Do I like the fact that this Muslim Extremist pulled this terrorist act? Absolutely not. However, I have had my head on a swivel so long, I feel like an owl.

      • disqus_htVNWSBEmM

        What difference does it make where he was born? He is clearly a Muslim terrorist. Are you justifing his actions?

        • Jeremiah Mckenna

          Absolutely not justifying his actions. It makes a difference where he was born because there are ignorant people screaming that we need to deport immigrants. We do need to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from all countries, but not immigration all together. If he is a terrorist, then he needs to be dealt with accordingly. We have laws and a constitution that needs to be upheld.

      • ScottJor

        He is a Muslim that is all I need to know. They all will be good target practice for us soon I hope.

        • Jeremiah Mckenna

          Yeah, that’s not a good thing to say. You are letting your bigotry show.

          • cgtravel

            When you have a group of people who want to terrorize and kill us and we respond emotionally to them, I hardly call that bigotry. If we are going to be PC, we will BD (be dead).

          • Jeremiah Mckenna

            Absolutely not. If you want to round up all Muslims regardless of their nationality or race, then that is the most ridiculous thing ever and will not stop anything. What will you do with those that are American because they and many generations of their family were born and raised here and actually love this country.

            What will you do with the Caucasian, Black, Asian? You know the ones that are not from the M.E. or not radicalized.

    • VirgoVince


      • AC1USNRetired

        Not all. I’d keep the one who helped our SEALs in Afghanistan, Code Name Johnny Walker

      • JYuma

        Not all muslims are like that. Most are Good people, abet ,Cowardly. They will not report the Bad ones.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    This terrorist is the kind of people that Obama and Hillary are importing into our nation.
    They want to flood our country with rabid, radical jihadists. Our veterans do not deserve to be harrassed by murderous criminals. I am just glad that Scott Alcala and his father escaped without harm. I wonder if the Muslime thug has insurance. Yes, Hillary, I do not want these individuals in America!! As evidenced once more they are a danger to our way of life. He should be deported, immediately!!!

    • Wolfy

      Deported after several years in the nastiest Max security prison we can find. Let’s start with attempted murder.

      • Snoopy

        SHOOT the SOB and be done with it!
        And use a hollow point bullet full of pig’s blood!

      • Genevieve Mehan

        ooh, that’s a better idea, Wolfy!

      • Richard Kraus

        why waste more of our money ( which we don’t have , 7 billion billion in debt ) –
        I’m sure there is a veteran out there with an AR-15 to take care of him .

        • 5live5

          There’s probably at least a thousand that lost brothers in arms to the terrorists that I’m sure would be honored to do the deed!

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        I am sorry, Wolfy, I edited my last statement.

    • Genevieve Mehan

      AND, even if this individual was a US citizen, he’s been corrupted by the ideology of Mohammedanism, and needs to be locked up tight. We need more Sheriff Joe’s! If he is NOT a citizen, he needs to be deported IMMEDIATELY, just like Mexico does with those who come into their country illegally.


    Hopefully that muslim was taken out

  • Rick Leroue

    Well, I say deport. Or put him in PrIson for 30 years,

    • Richard Kraus

      why spend our money on prison – deport or kill him .

      • Robert Warner

        Kill him and get it over with.

        • 5live5

          too quick, put him in with a damn big guy that wants to make him his “girlfriend”!!!!

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      50 yrs minimum!

    • Robert Warner

      OR BOTH!

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    He will get away with it, he’ll just crawl back up Obama ass until he has another bowel movement.

  • Donna Cassidy

    ok folks. enough with this bs of allah. He deliberately rammed into a car driven by a veteran. OK, so now let us show you our new law in the US..You rammed into a veteran on purpose in the name of Allah…so start praying to him on your way to jail for 10 years..You all better get this crap out of your system, we here are not praying to, believing in Allah..not happening. We pray to our God so either start realizing that your hateful movement is not going to work. sorry. Your welcome here legally, your welcome to all that we can help you with, good jobs, freedom, ect BUT we are no longer cow towing to your believes and crap ….THIS is why i want Trump in , Killary is to brain damaged to handle stairs much less a company…And all this strain is going to end up ending her. So throw this idiot that rammed our veteran in jail and be done with him,no trial, no discussion, they don’t do any of that in their country…so welcome to ours

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Attempted murder, vehicular assault and a slew of other charges! Permanently rescind his license and tattoo it across his forehead when he is released from prison

    • Austinniceguy

      With the moron in chief that we have he’ll probably get a bonus in his welfare check next month.

  • disqus_htVNWSBEmM

    This is what we will have a lot more of if Hillary is voted in. The people who support her are presumably smart enough to connect the dots, therefore, if she is elected they will have to share in the death of any U.S. citizen injured or murdered by any illegal imported here under the witch’s reign.

    • Austinniceguy

      Because Europe is loving their “guests” behaving so beautifully…

      • Richard Kraus

        unbelievable video . this should be mandatory for all to watch .

        • Austinniceguy

          Thanks. I’m sharing as much as humanly possible. One of the problems I have with this moronic administration is that they DO NOT want us to know what is really going on in the world. That way they can bring all that trash here and tax US to death to support them.

      • Richard Kraus

        they should all immigrate south , away from civilized nations , to other muslim countries or africa – there is lot’s of room for them there where they can all kill each other .


    This dipshit should be filed on as a hate crime!

    • Austinniceguy

      Not by Ho-retta or anyone else that answers to the elephant eared moron in chief!!

    • Snoopy

      Like I said – SHOOT the SOB and be done with it.
      Bury him in a grave “consecrated” with pig’s blood and leT it be known around the world – THIS is what we do now!!

  • Austinniceguy

    This is what Europe is experiencing that the moron in chief and Shitlery do not want us to know…

  • Austinniceguy

    Bill Clinton wants to repopulate Detroit with them…

  • Louie Rey

    How about we behead him in the name of Allah? Or how about we behead him in the name of “Just For Kicks”? Again, keep this in mind when you walk into the voting booth in November. I’m pretty sure all of you know who wants to stop the influx of this scum as opposed to the one that wants to “import” thousands upon thousands of them. If you screw up you can anticipate a jihad in your neighborhood in short order.

  • randy jackson

    Sounds like a hate crime to me.
    Lock this moo-slime in jail and throw away the key.
    This insane fuck is a menace to a free society.
    No—-I have no sympathy or pity for this asshole!

  • Ron

    I didn’t hear one peep in the media about this incident. Oh well, I guess this has been filed away as just another instance of “road rage” or “workplace violence.” Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

  • Charles R Donahue

    This IS NOT against the freedom of religion is it? My, how can anyone NOT determine the actual reason for this is the lack of understanding in the cosmic TRUTH?: America is a nation based on the TRUTH of the God of Israel , Jehovah(Yahweh). Allah is NOT in the mix for America and it has been brought to the forefront by the Muslim(Allah) rhetoric coming from the White House. We have always known that Islam can not come to America under the premise that it is proper to exercise the extremes of Jihadist beliefs. IT DOES NOT WORK IN A TRULY FREE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. GET REAL POTUS , SUPREME COURT, CONGRESS. This is NOT up for vote. IT is absolute .Please, America is America and quit denying a TRUTH well beyond that flawed opinion. (By the way it is beyond mine as well.) We can all see absolutes in history and prophecy whether we admit it or not.

  • loony1975

    Keep it up muslimes, we will only put up with so much, you ALL will find yourselves being shipped back home in pine boxes…

  • M. D’Souza

    Why is the US importing such murderous Muslims? These are the fellows who will vote in our elections and screw up our Democratic process, in order to make it into a hell-hole from which they emerged.

  • GI Joe

    Let me guess, this isn’t an act of terror, or a hate crime? What a crock of shit! Why are we Trump fans being treated on a different level? Somebody ask Hilary! I sure hope that radicalized Muslim gets thrown in the slammer with Bubba!!!

  • William

    Here is a set of Statistics everyone should know: In the year of 2015, Islam/Muslims were Responsible for; 2, 867 Attacks – World Wide, INJURING 26, 150 Innocent People and MURDERING 27, 653 INNOCENT PEOPLE.
    My second point: Islam is touted, by Muslims as the religion of PEACE. Alright, let’s take a look at the Truth about the Religion of Peace! Please take the time and review the following;

    1) “Dispatches -Undercover Mosque” A YouTube 5 part series of what is being taught in Islamic Mosques.
    2) The Stoning of Soraya M” (YouTube Video)

    3) British Muslim Girls Suffer Horror of Genital Mutilation” (YouTube Video)

    4) Islam’s Violation of Human Rights” Article – Internet
    5) Tribute to Sanah & Amina Said

    6) Islamic Extremists Cut-off Girls Nose & Ears

    7) Daniel Pearl (YouTube Video)
    8) Nicholas Berg (YouTube Video)
    9) Noor Almaleki (Honor Killing) in America

    10) Sandella Kanwal (Honor Killing) in America

    11) Amina Said (Honor Killing) in America

    12) Sarah Said (Honor Killing) in America
    13) Palestina Isa (Honor Killing) in America

    14) Aasiya Zubair (Honor Killing) in America

    Unfortunately, there is Much More of, “The Real Face of Islam” From The Islamic Terrorist attacks in Paris to the Islamic Terrorist attacks in Florida and Much Much More!

  • Peter Osborne

    How terrible of Donald Trump, he has given “people of color” gainful employment! HOW DARE HE! These arab types/ worshipers are beyond the pale.

  • beowulf32

    Trump 2016 all the way.

  • Genevieve Mehan

    HATE CRIME– but I wonder if this “peaceful” Mudslime will be prosecuted for it as such. Everyone knows that if the situation were reversed, the vet would be prosecuted for a hate crime.

  • 5live5

    ATTEMPTED MURDER! Life without the possibility of parole! Of course, put him in with “big Bubba”!!! He can be Bubba’s “good buddy”!!!

  • mustangrider123

    time for a good ol western style mob hanging

  • barbaro70

    These rabid dog mohammedans have got to be put on a C130 with a parachute and then be kicked out of the door of the airplane at 30,000 in the middle of the desert where they came from. This kind of an incident proves once again, ONCE AGAIN, folks, that the mohammedans simply do not have what it takes to live in the United States, still the greatest nation in the history of man, despite Barack Hussein “Bend over a little more, King Abdullah, so I can kiss you closer to your digestive tract” Obama’s best efforts to drag us down to the level of Denmark, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden. This is why we are for Trump–if all he is able to do is stop the mohammedan invasion and kick out the rabid dog mohammedans, and also keep the illegal aliens from entering the southern border and kick out the illegal aliens who are here already, we’ll be happy.

  • royaler

    Crap like this is why trump should be your choice.

  • Virginia Peiffer


  • shamu9

    If one of ,those Rat Eating Ragheads Purposefully runs into me, I am always packing! they will be DEAD Meat! I’m a retired Correction officer, Prison doesn’t scare me at all!