Muslim Terrorist MOCKED This Country For Letting Him Through Their Open Borders!

While the liberal left keeps citing their feelings and emotions in the debate about illegal immigration, I’d like to cite a little more important information about how a Muslim terrorist used the open borders of a European country to attack the West.

From Reuters:

The ringleader behind the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris had plans to strike Jewish targets and to disrupt schools and the transport system in France, according to sources close to the investigation.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin, also boasted of the ease with which he had re-entered Europe from Syria via Greece two months earlier, exploiting the confusion of the migrant crisis and the continent’s passport-free Schengen system, the sources said on Friday.

Their comments, confirming excerpts from a confidential police witness statement leaked to a French magazine this week, fleshed out a picture of the Islamic State militant who spearheaded the Nov. 13 attacks targeting cafes, a concert hall and sports stadium in Paris in which 130 people were killed.

And, further on:

The witness statement also described how Abaaoud had boasted about slipping into Europe with refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war and then spending two months in France undetected prior to the Nov. 13 attacks.

“France – zero,” it quoted him as saying.

He would later go on to help coordinate the slaughter of 130 Parisians, including some Americans.

And he personally says that the “open borders” of France helped him do it. Don’t you think this is more important than how liberals “feel” about illegal immigration?


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