News Station KEEPS DENYING Terrorist Motivation Even After He CALLS THEM And DOES THIS!!

If you watched any of the coverage on the news of the awful terrorist attack in Florida this weekend you might have felt like it was coming from an alternate universe because they kept denying the clearly Islamist terrorist was motivated by Islamism!!

But this station has to be the worst because the terrorist literally called them up DURING the attack, and pledged allegiance to ISIS, and they STILL seem hesitant to say it was Islamist terror!!

Watch them talk about the creepy phone call here:

I almost feel bad for the terrorist scumbag! What does he have to do to prove to the media what his motivations are?! He literally called them up and told them!! LOL!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Merlinever

    Please! Let’s stop all this nonsense about “Islamism” and stop being afraid to correctly identify our enemy; it’s ISLAM, in its purest, most basic, original, unadulterated form.
    And NO ONE has ever hijacked it!

    • PsykoKlown

      Exactly. Lefties make up feel good PC terms, when in reality it’s just plain old run of the mill islam.

  • VirgoVince

    There is NO cure for liberalism and it CAN be deadly!!

    • Paul Joseph

      Liberals have recta-cranial inversiions

  • iknowwhoyouare

    “To blame radical Islam would be to unnecessarily politicize a talking point. Its much easier to blame gun owners. There’s nothing political there” – Obama paraphrased

  • Dissolute

    No volume of immutable TRUTH can dissuade a Liberal’s fixated BELIEF in their lockstep, mindless reiteration of “approved” blather.

    Witness as irrefutable proof the statements of President Obama yesterday during his press conference, during which he gave minimal attention and short shrift to the victims of the Islamic butcher who killed 49 and wounding 53 American souls.

    His prime focus was angrily mouthing off with regard to NOT saying “radical islamic terrorisim”. Of course he brusquely lectured all of us on the subject of being nice to muslims as well.

    Now, here’s the punch line, Obama said “there’s no MAGIC” in the phrase “radical islamic terrorism. Note carefully that today Hillary Clinton is having a “conversation” and during her standard deranged delivery used the EXACT SAME phrase as Obama.

    “There’s no MAGIC” in the phrase radical islamic terrorism.

    Prepare yourself for all Liberal/Progressive “no magic” being incorporated into their updated pantheon of buzz words.

    You know them well, Islamaphobe, Racist, Homophobe etc.

  • Dan

    Morons at best.

  • Anvil6

    Gee, if he TELLS us ISIS is his inspiration we should completely disregard that and instead spend millions searching out other obscure possible motives and absolutely NOT, under any circumstances label him an Islamic Terrorist, lest we offend OTHER Islamic Terrorists in our midst.
    On the other hand, the Dims say we should IMMEDIATELY label members of the National Rifle Association as ‘TERRORISTS’, along with any otherwise law-abiding citizen who even expresses a desire to own an gun for any reason.
    YUP. That’s what this election is about.

  • got my licence

    The Dems are all in on pushing the Fascist state. They go after anyone that won’t play their game. Their game is total control under the UN one world government and they are realizing that the majority of the US are not with them.

    • Gea

      Lets help Trump win with the landslide so that community organizers such as Obama and Sanders cannot enhance their votes and illegally get into white house as Obama did in 2012 when it was clear that he is friend and supporter of a terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Gea

    Many EX-Muslims had warned us that Islam is an IDEOLOGY which is much worse than Nazism, as it also condones pedophilia, polygamy, rape, misogyny, slavery, looting and mass murder, because Mohamed committed all those crimes against humanity and he is a role model for all 1,600 millions of Muslims who now want to invade Western culture, with the help of traitors Obama, Clintons, Angela Merkel and even Pope who are all mum to the fact that Muslims are murdering Christians in Muslims occupied countries. Islam TRULLY STINKS and does not belong to a civilized society as it creates monsters like this latest Muslim terrorist in Orlando and his Muslim brothers who are waiting to murder us..

    • Arationofreason

      Didn’t your mommy teach you to play ‘nice’ on the tot lot?

  • Howleyesque

    Yep, there are NONE so blind as those who REFUSE to see!

  • Galveston1

    Someone posted to Facebook a really apt thing.
    If that gunman did NOT represent all Muslims, why is it that he DOES represent all gun owners?