Nunes Goes After The Court

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” there he stated “we’re going to try to ask the court whether or not they will provide the transcripts [of the four court proceedings regarding the surveillance of Carter Page.]”

Nunes stated, “One of the things that we’re going to do this week is we’re going to send a letter to the court. We don’t know if we’ll be successful or not. But we’re going to try to ask the court whether or not they will provide the transcripts of the four proceedings. It would be very interesting if we could get those transcripts to know exactly what was presented verbally to the court and to see if that was transcribed.”

  • daniel wright

    He’ll probably have to subpoena them.

    • Jay

      They are probably “lost”

      • johnnycab23513

        If they are not lost, they soon will be.

        • Steven Earle

          If judges are in on this it’s a whole different world. This should be grounds to impeach any FISA court judge I would think.

    • Buckeye conservative

      And the “court”, just like the Obama administration won’t bother with them.

  • ROB

    They may be in the tank too so good luck.

  • Chuck

    Is the court senior to Congress? What is this crap about going hat in hand to see if the court will turn over documents that could indicate a criminal conspiracy? Subpoena the documents!!!

    • texas1

      They are equal to the Congress and the President, but Congress is always sending subpoenas to the President, so why not the Court. It is about time the Court was put on notice, they are not above the law and have to answer to the American People, just like Congress and the President do.

      • ipsd48

        None of the 3 branches of our govt is ‘equal’, as they all have specific duties and limitations. But secret courts aren’t constitutionally legal in any case

    • just care

      That’s right! Why do they have to keep “asking” for things? Demand them. And with no delays!

    • ipsd48

      The FISA court was created, specifically, by congress. Congress CAN shut it down

  • Richard Wittauer

    Is this part of a criminal conspiracy ? By not releasing the transcripts from the court.

    • ipsd48

      FISA courts themselves ARE a criminal conspiracy

  • Yvonne

    good luck

  • myk

    Two Thumbs Up!

  • dcwc16

    If the Court does not cooperate then Congress must reconcider their recent renewal of the Court. Better to have no Court at all than they be allowed to violate our Constitution.

    • twspears6007

      I agree that we need a court that follows the law. After granting the FISA inquiry they should have made sure they were in fact truthful and made sure there was a defense that would be able to respond to the accusations there was no defense allowed. Shame on these judges they should retract the FISA investigation after the truth has come out that false information has made the Trump/Russia collusion a travesty of Justice. Trenton Spears

      • Danny S.

        This should be a slam dunk. We know that Susan Rice had asked to surveill 260 people. We don’t know as of yet why and did the court allow this.

    • Cookie Vranish

      The FISA court is looking as crooked as the Democrats! Oh lord, what are decent people to do?

    • ipsd48

      They should end that court anyway. Secret courts are unconsitutional

  • 1937shirley

    Go for it … and good luck to get past the lib lovers.

  • Steven Earle

    I agree with Shirley,good luck. I’ve been wondering why the judge(s) in question have not called those FBI leftists in already to answer for their misrepresentations?

  • ddufremle

    Good Americans and our country are being hijacked by crooked courts, crooked judges, crooked FBI agents,crooked D.O.J personnel and other crooked security based individuals that only care about their own socialist liberal agendas. What a sad sad day for all the people in this country that fought and died to bring freedom and a great way of life to America. We need to clean out all these dishonest crooked activists and take our country back from the brink of destruction. You see democrats you see rats.

    • Alan Jaffe

      Amazing how it’s ALWAYS someone other than Trump who is doing something illegal. My god, this guy averages about 5 outright lies everyday and you don’t see it or choose to believe it. He has done so many illegal /immoral things since he got elected by the minority of the public that it defies logic how you guys can’t see it. The only reason he hasn’t been impeached yet is because the Republicans have control. But watch what happens 10 months from now. So have fun now.

      • Kenny Albert

        Name one thing.

      • John Arribas


        • Alan Jaffe

          Name one thing? Wow! You guys better stop listening to Fox and Friends. You do realize he has 3 articles of impeachment ready to go on him right? The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because the Republicans will not follow through with it. But in November thing will start rolling. Obstruction of justice will be the obvious one, but there are a few more after that. But that one is basically iron clad, as we see him trying to systematically fire everyone who could either be a witness against him or prosecute him. And I’m not even talking about lawsuits that he already had to make settlements on like his fraudulent Trump University in which he ripped off so many people or his immigrant workers that he stiffed. And I won’t even mention his daily lies and always taking back something he said and then saying the total opposite, sometimes within hours. What a low life this guy is. Hilary was actually right. Anyone who backs this guy truly is despicable. And because of him in November there will be a total transfer of power. It has already started with Democrats either winning in places where they shouldn’t be close or making it very close where it shouldn’t be. So you guys enjoy this mess till November.
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        • Alan Jaffe

          Just ONE thing? Be my pleasure, but surely you know he lies constantly and changes his position on major issues from day to day, sometimes hour to hour and on top of that is one of the rudest people ever. But back to the topic. The biggest one is the slam dunk case of obstruction of justice of which he will be impeached for, however only until in Nov. when the Dems. will take control. He has systematically fired anyone who is or could be a witness against him starting with Comey. I mean that is usually enough for one year in office, but there is so much more. Trump has also violated the Emoluments Clause. He also has illegally not signed off on the bill agreed upon by both parties to levy sanctions on Russia. He already has broken the law numerous times and had to settle out of court on numerous lawsuits including his fake Trump University in which he ripped off hundreds of enrollees. He has many proven false accusations i.e. Obama’s birthplace, Obama’s wire tapping of Trump, millions of voter fraud in which he recently abandoned his investigation, etc. etc. I could go on and on. But it wouldn’t matter. Once you make up your mind on something it is almost impossible to be swayed no matter what is said. The only reason Trump has not been impeached or tried yet for all his transgressions is because the Republicans have full control. But come Nov. when the Dems will regain control, the ball will start rolling against this monster. My advice to his minority of the country’s supporters would be to stop watching Fox News, particularly Fox and Friends. Constant lies and “alternative facts”. This man is the most vile, classless, and despicable human being I have ever witnessed and how you people can’t see this is mind-blowing.

          • ipsd48

            Liar. If there WAS ‘obstruction of justice’ Mueller would have indicted him already. But Mueller………….and you……………have NOTHING

        • hoosierinva

          Criminal? How about paying hush money which can easily be rationalized as a campaign contribution?

      • hoosierinva

        Great comment, Alan Jaffee. Obviously it won’t be well received on this right wing site, but right-leaning citizens need to see this view. And it’s pretty apparent where the fall elections are going.

      • ipsd48

        Go stump for the BLM or Antifa
        All you’re doing is repeating the leftist lies

  • ddufremle

    Congress, you started to clean up the mess in Washington, now finish the job! Americans are fed up with politicians and media that are not held accountable for their actions. This does not mean a silly demotion to human resources or other job where they can hide behind a desk until they reach retirement age. Americans don’t want to pay retirement benefits to agents and politicians that think treason is part of their job.

  • Jmanjo

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the FISA court judge is in the liberals pocket too! It is time for the liberals to taste their own poop!

  • FreemenRtrue

    Since that court has been absolutely quiet so far there is little expectation that they will comply willingly with any request from Congress. The little rats are sheltering in their Deep State domain of secrecy. It is hard to get rid of a secret police apparatus.

  • urshoozuntyd

    They are just going to keep dragging their feet like this until the statute of limitations is up then no one will be able to touch Hillary or Huma Aberdeen or the DNC

  • benegreen

    If the FISA court does not provide the transcripts, or if it turns out the FISA court was in on this, refer the judges to the Supreme Court for removal.

  • Bruce Von Sprecken

    Washington D.C. is so crooked it has made the poor maggots puke! Hope President Trump can clean that place up!

    • hoosierinva

      ‘fake’ our media is not! That label is created and promoted by our Criminal in Chief and his cronies such as you. We should all be thankful for the news media climate that exists in this Country. You can choose where you read and listen. Prefer the climate in Russia?

      • Bruce Von Sprecken

        You are crazy! Media is the fakest sack of garbage I have ever seen!!! As for Russia pick up Obama,Hillary and their other co-horts in uranium 1 scandel selling the American peoples uranium to Russia for profit and favors!! Take Eric Holder with you also enjoy the view with Puutin!

        • hoosierinva

          You have completely missed my point, Bruce Von Sprecken, intentionally so, I suspect.

        • hoosierinva

          Hang in there, Trumpy!

      • ipsd48

        You’re one very sick person; ‘THANKFUL that the media keeps lying to you’

        • hoosierinva

          Continue deluding yourself, ipsd, just like your hero is in the habit of doing to himself. Knock yourself out!

        • hoosierinva

          Naturally, your ugly remark offends me. Not worthy of a response. I made my case.

  • Cookie Vranish

    I wish Nunes all the luck in the world! He is a real hero in this situation. I wish we had many more like him!

    • hoosierinva

      You can’t possibly be serious, Cookie Vranish. This is the most corrupt congressional rep this Country has had in many a year. His constituents and Paul Ryan should be ashamed of being supportive of him. I so look forward to seeing Adam Schiff back in the driver’s seat of the House Intell Committee come November!

  • pbargioni

    It would be better if the FISA Court cooperated with Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) before he formally demands the transcripts from the Court for the four Carter Page Court proceedings!

  • Bruce

    I hope they will. The Dem.’s loaded their memo full of stuff they new wouldn’t pass the muster. They haven’t been honorable and lying to the american people. Shift needs to be held accountable for his dishonorable actions just like Nancy Polosi who was recorded at one of her meetings on immigration. She called Americans that enforced the immigration laws UN-AMERICAN! So who do you believe?

  • Bruce

    With every action and everything Iv’e seen Adam Shift is nothing I want protecting our country because he can’t keep personal animosity out of his daily decision’s and willing to lie to protect his way of thinking. he’s a liberal pariah!

  • John

    This is good news. I hope the courts will oblige and give us the information. Of course, we don’t know what kind of judges were used in the FISA warrants. They may be Obama appointees.

    • ipsd48

      The FISA court judge used against Manafort was not only Obama appointed but a long time friend of Mueller……and even collaborated with him on a book

      • John

        Hey! Talk about collusion!!!!

  • bikerscholar

    The real source of America’s malaise is spiritual, not political. People’s politics roughly follow what people think about life choices and values. For instance, if your world view is largely formed by a Judeo-Christian ethic, you will most likely be against abortion, gun control, statism, internationalism, and liberal values in general. If, however, your basis of belief is humanist, evolutionist, expansion of government, you are likely to be agnostic, or believe in a god who can be defined however it suits you. The clock is ticking.