NY Mayor Says Trump Is Using MS-13

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) says President Trump is using MS-13 “to paint Latinos as dangerous in our country.”

De Blasio stated, “Let’s talk about the speech in Long Island. That was painful. I went over the transcript again because I couldn’t believe it. It’s not about MS-13. It’s about an attempt to paint Latinos as dangerous in our country. Our police department rejects that. We became the safest big city in America because we worked with immigrant communities, they helped police make the city the safest big city in America. The last time we had this few murders in New York City the Dodgers were playing at Ebbets Field. That happened with immigration and police cooperation.”

“Donald Trump has told me repeatedly in conversation, he’ll often say things are great in New York City, they’re great, crime is down, things are great. He’ll acknowledge openly that New York City has gotten safer, then he’ll turn around and attack immigrants and paint a very few disgusting gang members, don’t get me wrong, I want to get them all in jail and deported, but he’ll paint them as the exemplar of all Latinos. That’s what’s going on and we shouldn’t accept it because the facts speak against it. He knows this is a safe city and it’s a city of immigrants.”

  • Mai Tran

    This Mayor for political gain ignored MS-13, put American in danger

  • JoAnn Graham

    Maybe he’s afraid like Pelosi that they’ll get him…so he stands up there and lies..about all the rapes and murders committed by these gangs ..when its everywhere.

    • sargentrage

      To bad they don’t

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Of course Mayor De Blah Blah would make these statements.
    He is a liberal idiot for standing up for a murderous street gang.
    I fail to see why ANYONE would not want to do away with these animals.
    President Trump calls it like it is and the liberals are too stupid to see it.

    • Tom

      Plus he’s endangering the legal citizens in NY, but I guess they deserve it, they voted for him. Unless he was voted in by counting all of the illegal immigrants voters, then I guess the only alternative, is to move.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        I see that the libs are ruining the states, one by one, California was first.
        Now they are working on the states of New England next.
        I do not know why anyone would vote for Demonrats.

        • ARJAY

          Mental illness and freebies, that’s why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bud William

      Susan, you have hit the nail on the head. Good name for the Mayor. de Blah Blah.
      Unfortunately, the people who voted him into office are even bigger losers than, Mayor de Blah Blah.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Liberals seem to be under some sort of mind control by the left.
        Demonrats stand for nothing, offer nothing, and are good for nothing.
        They hold no new ideas, they offer no solutions, and they oppose those
        with differing ideas. President Trump has plenty of good ideas, and so
        the Dims obstruct, oppose, and fight him every step of the way. We need
        to vote them out of office, every step of the way!!!

        • Bud William

          You could say they are the “Destruct” Party, always unhappy, if you don’t agree with them, and they keep their “Panties in a Wad”.

    • Tired…

      Progressive liberals aren’t stupid, they are dishonest. Until conservatives and moderates recognize that fact nothing will change.

  • shamu9

    ‘Well ‘it weren’t the Mormons!’ [doing the Crimes! ]eremiah Johnson!

  • Ken V

    DeBlazio is so bad he couldn’t get a decent white girl to marry him. He had to settle for a militant black woman, because that’s all he coud get….that should tell us something…

  • flashy0ne

    Bill, why not, JUST FOR ONCE, read or listen to what the President says. But then I guess when someone is as prejudiced, as you appear to be, you ONLY HEAR what you want to hear.

    • Tired…

      Because he is not interested in the truth; he only want to twist Trump’s words to whip up support in his base so that he can hinder any progress the President wants to make. The error that most conservatives, moderates, and some old school liberals make is in thinking that people like De Blasio are honest, decent people who value integrity; in truth they despise those ideals and they have noting but disdain for those who do.

  • Ron

    Mayor de Blasio is the north-bound end of a south-bound horse. Lest we forget, he reminds us of that fact every time he opens his mouth!

  • Jerry Hughes

    They are dangerous you gd cretin.
    I am so sick of thos gd liberal dem bloodsucking sob

  • Terry Butts

    So after the President makes a logical valid statement about a group of criminals this individual from NY insists that ALL “Latinos” are part of that criminal gang?

    Because that is the only way a comment about a SPECIFIC group of criminals could possibly “paint Latinos as dangerous”.

    Since the Presidents comment was about a SPECIFIC CRIMINAL GANG only a racist that lumps all people of the same ethnicity together would even think the comment was about ALL LATINOS and not just the members of the gang that was directly named and that gangs CRIMINAL RECORDS and VIOLENT CRIMES do more to paint THE GANG MEMBERS as dangerous to everyone in this country than the Presidents remark based on the gangs actions.

    • Gerry Costa

      Great post Terry — and absolutely accurate !!!!!!

    • zerophear 33

      They are trying to spin what Trump is doing and failing miserably at it. Smh thats libtards for ya

  • Bob Schaack

    De Blasio, one of the poster boys of the Democrats [DEMS] …always either Denying; Rejecting;Averting;Blaming or Scaring. That’s why their party should be referred to as the “D.R.A.B.S.” [not DEMS]…DeBlasio used all of them to deny,reject,avert and blame. Then tried to scare people to go against what the President said about MS 13. All these DRABS know the president wasn’t referring to ALL Latinos [illegals or not] There is “bad” in ALL races. I just wish President Trump or the commentators on Fox would start using the DRABS acronym when referring to them…maybe they’ll at least start to be a little embarrassed with all their constant, phony accusations.

    • Francis Furmanek

      I love the D.R.A,B.S. acronym name! It is so darn accurate! Good call Bob Schaack!

  • Christopher Tabin

    tell major Dildo Blasio to fuck off then!

  • Gerry Costa

    To copy Susan — ol’ mayor De Blah Blah ( like it Susan) is nothing but a a** kissing libtard POS who didn’t get off his knees for the 8 years obozo the fraud was in office. To get an accurate opinion of mayor De Blah Blah — read Terry Butts’ post.

  • madmemere

    Oh, yah – -“deBastardo”, another mentally deranged liberal fruitcake, selective hearing and NO thought processes!

  • Retied

    Is this fool saying that only the Latino community in New York are the ones reporting crime? and because of them is the only reason the NYPD can operate as a policing agency? has he deputized all the Illegal Latino immigrant as his personnel police force? No wonder the majority of sworn police officer turn their back on him.

  • Cobra212

    The only thing that Trump painted as “animals” were members of the MS-13 gang. Using liberal logic, they are basically saying that all MS-13 members are automatically “Latinos,” or because MS-13 gang members all belong to the human species, Trump is painting all humans as animals.

    The liberals are very good at twisting words in their attempts to disparage Trump with various groups of voters within the U.S. But people, get this, MS-13’s motto is “mata, viola, controla” – which means “kill, rape, control.” If you don’t consider gang members, who embrace this motto to be animals, then it says a whole lot about your own groups philosophy and attitude towards other people. Where do all the liberals who are defending MS-13, and objecting to them being called animals, really stand?

    • Francis Furmanek

      It’s called semantics. The Dems and Libs have been using them for a long time to twist peoples’ minds. Good example: Real name: Illegal Alien. Democrat softshoe: Undocumented Immigrant.

  • Mac Daddy

    Gee Bloody Bill who hates the PD wants to use them for his own little lies. The easiest way to lower the crime rate is to restrict you PD & not report crimes of arrest criminals I wonder if Bloody Bill is doing that. As for the President’s speech if Mr. Trump said the sky was blue at high noon Bloody Bill would deny it & swear it was night time.

  • james oriley

    DeBlabio always says nyc is a safe city and crime is down, but every time you watch the news they say people have been shot, beaten, rapped robbed and what else goes on in nyc he has no idea what goes on he just sits in the crystal palace and hides.

  • Jmanjo

    How did this jackass ever get to be mayor of New York?

  • rottenrollin

    de Blasio is SUCH a DimmercratDick.

    Anyone with even half a brain knows MS13 are vicious animals…….Dimmercrats??? He sure seams anxious to represent them, eh?

    Trump should be warning us about the dangers of Dimmercrats and Progressives…….THEY are the ones slowly destroying our America.

    Dimmercrats JUST CAN’T STAND TRUMP because he’s doing well, bringing sanity back, and HILLARY IS STILL STILL STILL A L O S E R.

    Cheers, sleep well, dullards.


    So mr mayor IS SAYING ALL LATINOS are ms-13 members!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zerophear 33

    Hey dummy the reason why crime is down has nothing to do with your efforts. It has all to do with pricing out the rift raff through gentrification. The sad part is soon the only people who would be able to afford to live in NY will be the elites like you. Even the civil servants are getting priced put.