NYC Mayor: Trump More Economically Fair Than Dems

Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, was recently interviewed on a local radio station, “The Cats Roundtable” where he made a public statement that contrary to popular belief, President Trump is currently defeating Democrats when it comes to “economic fairness.”

Here is what he had to say,

“I think the message should be a progressive one, and about an economic vision for fairness,” de Blasio said, “I think that’s something Bernie Sanders did a great job with in 2016. And, bluntly, Trump got a lot of that message out and attracted a lot of people. That should not be a message that someone like Trump can beat Democrats on. Democrats have to have the strongest, most progressive message of economic change and fairness.”

  • Rodney

    Sure, De Blasto, steal what you won’t do and claim it as yours.

  • Johnny Michaels

    Some progressive Dems are sharp enough see what’s happening; sadly, most are blinded by illogical ideology, and just mouth the group-think words of their satanic leaders.

  • MS_Steve

    As John Cleese once stated from the castle walls:
    ” i faa-rrrrrt in your general direction!”

  • generalJed

    The best thing to do is to boycott spending any money in counties controlled by liberals. I lived in Cook County, Illinois, but never spent a nickel there! I even organized a boycott of Mt. prospect, Illinois which cost them $50 million dollars in taxes around Christmas, 1995, because they proposed a total ban on firearms. For the first time, they were broke!

  • Philomena

    Bill de Blasio, Please stop dishing out the people’s money on frivilous law suits and clean up New York City. NYC has Deteriorated since Bill de Blasio was elected mayor. Shame, Shame.

  • J. P. Lynch

    Liberalism is a mental disease and progressive communist de Blasio proves it every time he speaks! He has not been good for NYC!! Bring back Guliani!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸