NYT Calls Trump Disturbed

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman went on the MSNBC and repeated his comments from the scathing article about President Trump.

Trump was called “disturbed” by Friedman. He also stated he was alarmed by the Republican Party not handling him better.

“I feel more strongly than ever that everything that has happened in the last six week that the biggest threat to our democracy is sitting in the Oval Office,” Friedman stated. “We have a president who is a disturbed person. This kind of tweeting, this kind of overthrowing, or throwing overboard all of these cabinet secretaries at once — this is not normal behavior. If this man were running a Fortune 500 company, the board of directors would have thrown him out long ago. The board of directors, in this case, is the Republican Party. And I find it deeply disturbing in the face of all of this aberrant behavior, and truly destabilizing behavior as we can see lately in the markets, that you don’t hear a peep out of the Republican Party.”

“There’s nothing that unnerves me more,” he added. “When you have a president who is attacking companies, attacking media organizations, he’s applauding a media organization that put its local anchors out at stations across the country in what could only be described as a hostage video. These are deeply disturbing trends, if you’re not afraid, if you’re not paying attention.”

  • Bebe Nix

    I don’t know why anyone reads the Communist New York Times. They are wrong and disgusting and degenerate Communists.

    • D-day

      I have a cousin who lives and breathes the slimes – I just don’t get it – just baffles me but she lives in SF so go figure

  • Rodney

    Yawnnnnn! What’s new? A Alt-Leftist calling OUR President deranged, when it is the left who exemplifies derangement. The left fears everything that might strengthen and embolden the citizens to realize the leftist ideology is counter productive to economic growth and freedom. Also, we are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

    • D-day

      Right – it’s not deranged to want to keep our borders open? It’s not deranged to say that illegals should be able to vote – both dems are in favor of that – NO country allows illegals to vote in their elections and NO country has open borders well the EU and they’re paying dearly for it

      • Rodney

        Let’s not discount their desire to have everyone broke, destitute and reliant upon big government programs for their every need. That is the only way they can continue to have power. Eight years of Hussein Oboy should have shown that.

  • David Hummel

    This guy is a tool, I thank God Trump tweets his thoughts and actions government has never been more transparent. Trump/Pence 2020

  • Meg

    What was it the Clintons did? Bill fired 90 attorneys and Hillary fired the whole travel department. I think that was called Travelgate. Never heard any uproar about that!!!!!! Guess that means they were both “disturbed”.

    • john parak

      YE BUT THEY STILL ARE!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1775concord

      If Bill Clinton had been CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the Board of Directors would have fired him the minute the Monica affair became known.
      If Obama had been CEO of same, the Board would have ousted him when he did not follow the judge’s order to reopen drilling in the Gulf.

  • DonRS

    The ALWAYS WRONG NYT and its head economic CLOWN, Thomas “Loopy” Friedman spout off with MORE FAKE NEWS! What’s new?

  • D-day

    Why because he isn’t bowing to the almighty fake media and whimpering at their beck and call – thank God we have Trump to try and stop all this madness being lobbed at our once great nation

  • Jmanjo

    Friedman is a Sunday morning news joke and shouldn’t even get a headline. A liberal monstrosity he would do better to stay at home and just shut up. The media, especially NYT, are no longer relevant for their fake news and liberal butt smoochers!

    • Elizabeth Lewis

      Say what you will about Friedman but, everything he said about Trump was true

      • george

        and thats your educated Opinion, you seem to be like the psychologist that evaluated trump over the news channel. thats your ignorance showing through!

      • John

        Poor Elizabeth! You’ve fallen for the outmoded liberalism. You’ve probably been through a lot of “education” in our school system. There’s a saying that “there are none so blind, as they who will not see.” And, once you’ve been indoctrinated by the liberal educational system here in our great country, you are in that category.

  • rottenrollin

    Blow, Friedman. YOU’RE disturbed by Trump, like all you L O S E R S are. STILL can’t get over it, can you.

  • lmorgan138

    The only thing to be afraid of is you Mr. Friedman. It is people like you and the things you write that is bad for our nation. The President calls it right instead of being politically correct like your precious Obummer.

  • Frank Mercieca

    STFU globalist douchebag. Nobody asked you !! #MAGA !!!!

  • kbmiller

    Friedman is an A$$HOLE. Couple years ago he wrote/said he’d like the USA to be more like Communist China. Like many in the SWAMP and LEFTIST media garbage dump, he’s upset that this President has cut off their access and doesn’t kowtow to the Socialist, 1 world order BS the DumbA$$o CROOK party wants to push the USA towards.

    • Frank Mercieca

      Right on bro.

    • coastalwave

      Little-known fact: Friedman is married to an enormously wealthy Chinese woman whose family made money being part of the Communist establishment. Perhaps that colors his views on China and Trump!

  • Frank Mercieca

    God can you imagine crooked Hillary as President ??? I’d be suicidal !!!! Trumpers party!! Fuck the world!!!!

  • annefarrelly

    Some people are so obsessed with their party’s loss to Trump, that they cannot see how much better off they are.

  • Nordite

    It’s amazing what the Trumpsters will overlook. Trumps love of Putin, Trump family profiting from the presidency, Trumps affairs and hookers, Trumps appointees polluting for profit, Trumps appointees ending Consumer Financial protections, Trump lies to his own supporters! Mexico will pay for the wall! OMG! There is something wrong in America and it’s called CONservative Trump supporters.

    • coastalwave

      So we are all supposed to overlook the BILLIONS in cash shipped to Iran by Obaaamaaa? The hundreds of millions taken by the Clinton “Foundation” in exchange for favorable treatment by CFIUS for Uranium One? The off-mike comment by Bathhouse Barry to Medvedev, “Tell Vladimir that I will have more flexibility after my re-election”? The illegal letters and trips taken by Ted Kennedy to reassure the Russians that Reagan had no power?!?! Face it, Nordy, the DEMOCRATS have historically been the biggest fans of the Soviet Empire and even now they wish it was in charge of the world.

      • Nordite

        All your above conspiracy theories were investigated by Conservative Republicans and guess what? None of them were conspiracies and the “Billions” for Iran were signed off on by Republicans as well as part of a deal, nothing secret there. What we see with Trump he tells you straight out he’s doing and the so called moral Conservative Republicans cover things up for him or look the other way. He’s also doing nothing to stop the continued attacks on our democracy by Russians and Republicans are silent on that as well. I guess they want the Russian help to keep them in power during the next election.

      • Nordite

        This just in on a real investigation. WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal agents on Monday raided the office of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, seizing records on topics including a $130,000 payment made to a porn actress who says she had sex with Trump more than a decade ago.

  • richard black

    What an a$$clown ???

  • Jorg37

    As usual, a sane evaluation by Friedman. Unfortunately, he is so true about the laughingstock we have in the White House, a dangerous embarrassment for the nation.

  • rick meek

    This guy is rehashing the same of arguments – phrases and BS that they all do….The people need to use the Insurrection Act – Impound Act and other laws these NUTS enacted and have NO CLUE exists….I demand that we use something they only talk about when their butts are on the fire “which usually means they got caught doing something illegal” —– Get out the CONSTITUTION – dust it off – Put it to the use that the founding fathers created it for…..

  • Diana Perkinson

    What unnerves me is the attacking media, the left-leaning companies getting a benefit in their use of the post office, and ill-informed people like you Friedman, and your aberrant behavior.

  • pedro pablo Cabal

    NYT reminds me of a powerful local newspaper undeservedly reputable but was kept alive by rich people, most of them enriched by inside trading and taking advantage of the gullible, the funnies and the classified adds.

  • travis690

    That doofus represents the moron view of the world. But I guess every newspaper is entitled to have one, while the New York Slimes has several.

    And if you pair Friedman and Paul Krugman, you get the lunatic fringe of columnists.

  • Vanessa Hublard

    Presidents used to speak on the radio that was how they communicated with the American people. Tweeting is perfectly okay by me

  • Tony Valkosak

    I agree 100% what Friedman is saying. By leaving this go it will only get worse. The young will pay a hefty price for poor actions. I am very surprised that nothing has been done by the party. Perhaps they wait until we run into the ditch as in depression then try to rebuild. Are they waiting for our Country to go to bankruptcy as our President’s many, many ventures??

  • Estell Newton

    Who is disturbed? The left wing can’t find their way out of a wet paper bag. Example: Put evervone on food stamps, welfare and medicare. Ask them where the funds will come from if there is no money going into the funds. You tell them no money going in, no money going out. Their answer? Prove it. They have no idea how to figure out simple economics. And they think they should run the country?

  • Albedamned!

    Another mental case liberal. They seem to have the mental health business serving them!

  • David Swann

    just listen and read all the things the left and dems have to say about Trump – guess who is really disturbed. Blind fools one and all.

  • The Infidel

    Hopefully he’ll try crossing the street against a red light and get tagged by a muni-bus!

  • John

    What a stupid jerk Friedman is!! Obviously, he and his ilk live in a different world from everyone else. Their liberalism keeps them from understanding and accepting the truth of the world and they think that the normal people are the odd ones; not realizing it’s they that are the odd ones.

    They seem to think by tolerating and accepting everyone and not offending anyone no matter what they claim to be is the road to normal. Ha! Ha! Ha! (Ancient term for LOL!)