Obama DOJ ADMITS They’re HIDING THIS About The Terrorist Orlando Attack!!

Obama’s Attorney General made a shocking admission in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC about the phone calls that the terrorist attacker made during the Orlando massacre.

Watch below:

Loretta Lynch announces that they will be releasing transcripts of what the terrorist said when he called authorities during his attack, but she actually reveals that the will be redacting all the references to ISIS!!!

Incredibly, conservatives have been accusing this administration of hiding the culpability that Islamists have in attacks on America, and we’ve been called crazy conspiracy theoriests, and they are just plainly admitting it!!

Pundits were terribly confused about what the real reasoning is for this because it doesn’t seem to serve any rational purpose at all, EXCEPT to feed the fringe conspiracy theories. Maybe THAT is the point, in order to discredit his critics? I have no idea. If you think you do, let us know in the comments section below!!


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