Palestinians Attempt To Bomb Jewish Holy Site During Pilgrimage

Angry Palestinians recently tried to bomb Joseph’s Tomb, which is considered to be their third holiest site. During the attempt, there were around 1,000 Jewish pilgrims in attendance.

Here’s what The Times of Israel published:

Army sappers detonated a cellphone-operated explosive device that was apparently planted by Palestinians at the entrance to the Joseph’s Tomb holy site in the city of Nablus early Tuesday morning, ahead of a visit by approximately 1,000 Jewish worshipers, the army said.

There were no injuries or significant damage caused by the controlled blast, and the pilgrimage to the shrine continued as planned, an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said.

The 1,000 or so worshipers were escorted to Joseph’s Tomb — believed to be the burial site of the biblical patriarch — by IDF soldiers, border guards and Israel Police officers, the army said. According to the military, as the group was leaving the area, local residents began to throw rocks at the troops and the buses, causing no injuries, but some light damage to the vehicles.

  • William

    And we are to believe these represent the ‘peaceful’ religion of Islam? These people will
    co-exist with Israel? The only time there will be peace in the Middle East is when Christ comes to establish His Kingdom and make the final judgment on mankind.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    I think the Palestinians are showing their true colors. Trump called their bluff.

  • Gisela H Fehr

    Haven’t you figured it out yet, William? Peaceful Islam is an oxymoron!

  • tushambi

    Like a former PLO terrorist told me ,”The only Good PLO terrorist is a dead one”. He converted to Christianity when he realized how dangerous Islam was to all people, including Muslims.