Parkland Students Pushing Democrat Agenda

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh pointed out how many of the students of the Parkland, FL high school shooting were implementing the same tactics of the Democrats which was to attack the NRA.

Partial transcript as follows (courtesy

When I first saw the signs that the students were carrying — and when I first heard about the national day of march or protest or whatever, and when I heard some of the students in the interview section of the “Fox News Sunday” show yesterday and other places — I thought to myself, “This sounds just like the Democrat Party.  It sounds just like the way they organize things.”  But the students were saying, “No, no, no.  This is not political.”

Their messaging said, “Democrats, Republicans, you’ve goofed up. You’ve made mistakes.  This is not political.”  But yet everything they’re doing is right out of the Democrat Party’s various playbooks.  It has the same enemies: the NRA and guns.  You can’t take social media out of the equation here.  Social media is the primary information source for young people today, and they know where to go to get what they want to hear.

They know places to avoid.  Everybody does.  Places to avoid if you don’t want to be confronted by things that challenge your worldview.  But just to me, it’s a classic Democrat campaign to say something isn’t what it is in order to give it legitimacy.  ‘Cause everybody knows that once anything becomes political, then it isn’t pure.  It isn’t innocent.  It isn’t real.  Politics, at worst, corrupts, and at least shapes and infects.

When you see the initial reaction to an event like this being what every other initial reaction has been, and then when you realize that reaction, that objective is right out of the Democrat Party playbook — or, bigger than that, the American leftist playbook — then the conclusion seems automatic and obvious.  Why are all of the students what we’re seeing…? Why are all of the students on camera answering questions being interviewed…?

Why are all of them saying pretty much the same thing in a political context or political sense?

  • tomwys

    The title should be reversed to “Democrats pushing students to achieve democrat aims.

  • Michael Orlando

    I’ve been saying the same thing since Sandy Hook. How is it that there is almost never a pro-gun person ever interviewed that makes it to air time? Always anti-gun people pushing gun control. Never a pro-gun person saying we need to fix the mental health issues in our communities, we need to look at what these psychotropic drugs are doing to our bodies, we need to address the raising of our children and what that failure is doing to society.

  • Kenny Myrick


    • Jorg37

      An armed deputy sheriff was on duty, but did nothing! He just kept himself in safety outside, while students and teachers were killed inside. So much for that armed guard.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    you would think after 50 years of indoctronating kids they would have it solved , even some kids after 17 years ain’t stupid enough to believe their crap , you want to blame russia for propaganda , how about arresting democrats for theirs , people are so stupid today , makes me laugh, waiting for government to make it legal for men to use ladies room so i can go hang out at mall in the ladies room , freaken a**holes

  • Wyatt

    Dems never let a crisis go to waste if it helps their agendas . I would not be in the least little bit surprised if the found all the willing dupes and encouraged them to act . And if people will note , all the shooters come back as registered Democrats or they support the Democrat ideology

  • citizen paul

    The Democrats & Globalist faction in US politics are down to children. The last two Crusades in the Middle Ages were children spurred on by the “adults” of the Catholic Church. Many died and most of the rest survived as slaves of the Muslim rulers. Few returned home. Are the misled puppets of the anti gun rallies going to be allowed to return to home & school, or be enslaved by Soros & the globalists?

  • richardcancemi

    Someone should ask these kids if they were aware that vehicles of various types have been used to kill people intentionally. Then they should be asked if they favored being deprived of their Right to drive, the banning of their cars from their possession and if they’d take part in the plan to bal cars from all of them because some idiots have used vehicles for evil purposes. I wonder what their answer would be????? No more cars for them! Blame the cars! Punish all drivers!

  • Mai T

    Democrat snicker in to used these vulnerable kids for their agenda, disgusting, they just wanted to use this tragic to snap away our right to protect ourself, I’m not blame those kids, they are so emotional right now, all they see the GUN took away their friend, the GUN scared them to dead, the GUN make them feel helpless, so take away the GUN become their solution , that understandable, but expert & adults need to take charger to find real solution for the long run, this time have to be the last one, the solution need to put on the table & enforces immidiately, good that President Trump realy in to this not like these Xpresidents

    • lorna shores

      i think the democrats said it best when they said, don’t let a tragedy go to waste!

  • rottenrollin

    This brings to mind the old adage…….

    If you’re not a liberal at twenty, you’re heartless………..

    If you’re still a liberal at forty, you’re brainless………

    • Frank

      Winston Churchill! Very true!

  • denoferth

    Why all the cowardly PC “beating around the bush” calling the kids tactics from the Democrat Party playbook or the American leftist playbook. Call them what they really are and have been for some time now, the Marxist – communist party playbook.

  • Dodie1990

    Protests, encouraged by an anti 2nd amendment media and faculty, are easily duped into this action. Who is paying for the buses and air fare? Having survived the nonsense of the sixties this is all to obvious. Watch out as the President has jumped on the anti 2nd amendment bandwagon and is talking about termininating rights and privileges. Disenfranchising millions of responsible young military aged adults.

    • lorna shores

      well if george colony is donating 500,000, and Oprah is donating 500,000, and they expect 500,000, then thats $2.00 apiece! that could break them!. but george Soros will probably donate a billion dollars to the democrats!

  • jackel

    The students (easier targets) have been infiltrated by the liberal, communist left, and, I smell the gun control Propaganda Machine at work. The NRA is no friend of the communist dems or media; it does not support THEIR take over of our GUNS and YOU, period.
    Let’s stop being stupid, like them, and move in a positive direction to protect us.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      These are students, any doctor will tell you that their brains are no fully formed yet, (usually age 25) 2nd they are still suffering from shock, many did NOT see the shooting only the panic as they were leaving school. It would be curious to knowhow many of these “speakers” were actually in close perimeter to shooting, this is a very large campus and from reports most were Freshmen or Sophmores. I for one deplore that the press was even allowed near them, this only entices some other person from seeing the “fame” and trying to do same thing. My local HS has only one door to going in during school hours, and it’s in view of office, parents MUST show ID in all schools when picking up students during school hours.

  • Paul

    They are against their grandparents and for their grand parents death and don not even know it.

  • BuddyBoy53

    Proving their brains aren’t fully developed at that age.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Those kids don’t know what they are saying… but, it feeds directly into the Democrats lap…
    Here in Alaska, most people are “packing”. The Trooper station is 45 minutes away, and I carry a gun regularly. They even have commercials up here that say if you’re a bad guy and try to rob someone, you may be shot — because most Alaskan are “packing”. The solution is more guns, not less!

  • Martin

    Leave guns alone.

    • Jorg37

      And let lunatics easily get their hands on them? Yeah, – makes sense …

  • Medic RN

    President Assahd of Syria is gassing his own people by the thousands. Second Amendment & NRA are preventing our government from doing that to us. Perhaps Parklan students should study the history of “why guns”?

  • bob

    it is truly sad that these tragedies are used to advance an antigun political agenda.

  • Jorg37

    Most of these comments expose the sick mentality and lack of thinking associated with Trump supporters.

  • Frank

    I’m betting these kids were approached and given some money and direction from the left! They are good at exploiting these unfortunate tragedies!

  • Ed Orr

    These all knowing kids with heads full of dunbocratic propaganda are so intelligent that they cannot see how they are nothing more than little prostitutes of that party . Furthermore, provide us a list of all those other little angels who are responsible for heckling , bullying and relentlessly harassing the shooter. It is THEY who also have blood on their hands. Luckily they are not of voting age but when they are perhaps they will finally see the error of their ways. It COULD happen but I seriously doubt it.

  • Brian Hogan

    Whenever people suffer a disaster I see conservatives trying to find ways to help these people and liberals looking for ways to use these people to further their agenda.

  • Even if the Left manages to get guns completely banned in the U.S.A., it is no big deal to smuggle guns into the U.S.A. from Mexico along with the drugs.

  • Ronald Hagler

    If you believe that Democracy is safe and freedom of speech is not under attack, ask yourself why no media outlet ever interviews a conservative individual after such disasters as Parkland. Why is it always the uniformed, liberal person who is broadcasts across the screen? Yes, this shooting (as are all shootings) was horrific, but the Democrats dastardly use these tragedies to advance their political agenda.

    How will more “gun laws” deter a person who already breaks existing laws? How will extended “background” checks prove productive and make us “safer”, when authorities ignored the danger signs Cruz (and those like him) displayed? How can an “extended” background check show who a person is when all the information is not available? How can an “extended” background check have stopped this shooting when Cruz was never diagnosed as being mentally ill nor was he deemed to be so by any judicial action?

    The truth is that the signs were there, but any who noticed, were dismissed by authorities as irrelevant. Authorities failed to investigate when told of Cruz’s violent posts and statements. Is Cruz being blamed? No! Are the authorities being held accountable for their lack of action? No! Who is being blamed? The NRA, the GOP and President Trump! If that is not straight out of the Democrats’ “Book-of-Reactions”, what is? Liberalism at its’ finest! They have no concern for those who were shot and have no qualms with directing ignorant, emotional student survivors to push the Democrats’ agenda under the guise of protecting us all! Bull Farb!!! The only agenda for Democrats is power and the complete disarmament of our citizenry!