Parkland Survivor Says NRA Kills Kids

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Alfonso Calderon stated on CNN that the NRA is a “toxic” and “vile” organization that was “basically killing kids.”

Calderon said, “I know I just talked about some very depressing issues, but I want to say that is the most uplifting news I have heard in a while. It’s been very tough going to my state capitol in Tallahassee and being told that I won’t be able to do anything or the Hill in Washington, D.C., and facing some trouble. But I’m glad to see that companies are finally hearing not only the children’s outcry but everybody in this country who is sick and tired of the dysfunctional laws and system we have set in place. I’m glad that Dick’s Sporting Goods supports common-sense gun laws, such an as 18-year-old should not be able to buy a shotgun or AR-15. That’s just not sensible.”

“And I’m glad that companies, which are what will stop the NRA from doing what they’re doing, basically killing kids, the companies are going to be the ones that are going to stop this,”

“And I’m calling out every single company right now who is not in favor of cutting their ties with the NRA. The NRA has shown themselves to be toxic, vile, and to not support the right to live, which is in the preamble of the Constitution. I want them to remember they always talk about the Second Amendment, but that preamble is before it because of its importance and its necessity for America to be the way it is.”

  • Zolde Csaba


  • Wesley Meyer

    preposterous! The NRA doesn’t kill anyone. It is the crazies with guns that kill people. Get real.

    • Harley157

      You are absolutely 100% correct!!

    • jylunalunalobonm

      You can leave that at just ‘crazies’, nephew beat to death with baseball bat and my girl friend suffocated with a plastic bag. Both offenders back out on the streets in less than 5 yrs., probably have murdered again. These occurred in two different states so court leniency is a national problem.

  • Gene

    This young adult has no idea the good the NRA does

  • benegreen

    In this Florida school shooting, the school and the sheriff dropped the ball and didn’t protect the kids. Nothing to do with NRA.

    • Bob

      The sheriff helped arrange it. He is muslim and a obama buddy

    • Norman Fox


    • Bill

      AND the lame media has stopped reporting the FACTS about the sheriff and the school and anyone else involved in the personal reports about the nitwit wanting to hurt others.

    • michelle Mc clark

      And the FBI that didn’t check all of the reports they received

  • Hank noname

    The NRA Teaches firearm safety and responsible gun ownership and handling. They are against any misuse of firearms. They stress safety and responsibility.

    • regulus30

      Liberals ALWAYS lie;; their objective is to disarm ‘we the people’ so they may create a FASCIST STATE;; anyone with a brain knows this.

      • Bill

        The liberals are relying on the government for their lives and when the government finally dumps on them, they will be crying in the sand.

  • Oldman054

    This idiot teaches your youth? No wonder they act like complete morons. He needs to look at people like himself. No one single member of the NRA ever went on a shooting spree.

  • Danny S.

    Give ignorance the light of day and it will soon turn its self into a fake truth. The old saying if you say it enough it will become the truth is at play here.

  • Marc Pilgreen

    Just another idiot ready to drink the kool-aid!

  • Earn nest

    What psses me off about the NRA is how they start sending you membership renewals a month after you join and every month thereafter. NAGR’s better.

  • Jmanjo

    Little survivor has liberal parents and friends that put him up to say this and they probably got a bonus at that! This is BS news and the media know it and so does everyone else. Kid needs to shut up and go back to school.

    • Nick

      Big mouth & Little brain… just like mom & dad

  • Coastie407

    Sadly, it appears that the progressive left, never too shy to exploit a tragedy, has gotten their talking points to these traumatized and impressional kids. Remember, Parkland is at the political epicenter of the “Peoples Republic of Broward” the very ones that keep sending Debbie Wassermann-Schultz to Congress.

  • Nick

    NRA is the only institution I know of that preaches & teaches gun safety 24-7… It seems to me that if NON-MEMBERS of the NRA would just STOP shooting people, we would have a 100% drop in gun violence…..

  • Jerry Hughes

    Hey Punk assed kid, shame they didn’t get you

  • Diana Perkinson

    Why not blame an organization when it deflects placing the actual cause for this horrific event – the FBI, Sheriff Israel and Schools unwilling to show percentages of troubled students in their schools – per an Obama edict. Let’s be real!!!

    • Norman Fox

      Is that not what the liberals preach common sense?

      • BruceW

        Normy, name one liberal who has and speaks common sense?

  • Bob

    Dead brain washed snowflake

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe
  • bob

    boy this kid sure had a LARGE dose of brainwashing in whatever schools he has attended

    • Randy Abravaya

      Demoncrap that they learn at HOME with desperate demon parents..

  • Dodie1990

    This student is entirely misinformed. Students do not make policy(thankfully). No school shooter has been an NRA member. NRA is an organization dedicated to protecting the 2nd amendment. Small compared to the billions of cash provided by anti 2nd amendment Soros and Bloomberg(who have armed security) They do their best to fight against the liberal anti 2nd amendment media and many politicians. Sadly I think our President has sold out to the anti 2nd amendment people. How he can suggest suspending due process is beyond me.

    • Norman Fox

      The sell out has me worried also. No matter how much a person does good a bad decision can wipe it all out. JUST LIKE THE OLD SAYING, “ONE BAD APPLE IN A BARREL SPOILS ALL THE APPLES”

  • billyleetx

    The NRA SHOULD BE DECLARED a subversive organization and legislation passes that members of Congress and executive branch be prohibited from taking contributions from it (or any other special interest group).

    • denoferth

      billyeetx demonstrates why an intelligence test should be a requirement before anyone be allowed to vote.

      • billyleetx

        I’ll put my IQ up against yours any day. What is your highest degree of education? Mine PhD. Trump won because stupid people vote.

        • denoferth

          I remember it was a rather famous stage magician and fraud de-bunker who said his “dream audience” would be made up entirely of PhD’s as they feel themselves too smart to be fooled. Many I’ve worked with know a lot on one subject and pitifully little of general subjects.

          • billyleetx

            You can find any quote to justify your position but let’s stay with the facts rather than get personal. Until u have had a gun aimed at you, heard gunfire reverberate around you or had to step over the bodies of you friends as you ran from a building, let’s listen to the kids.

          • denoferth

            You mean “get personal” like you did? Listening to immature kids who’ve been coached by professional leftist anti-gunners to play to emotions rather than logic seems remarkably stupid in my opinion. An impressive movie line there about guns aimed at you, billyleetx, been in many fire fights, have you? I’ll paraphrase another quote at you as a hint; Like Churchill, I too know how good it feels to have been shot at and missed.

          • billyleetx

            If u were in a firefight YOU COULD SHOOT BACK. But don’t worry, 45 said he loves the undereducated and the uneducated. HE LOVES YOU I’M SURE. Where did I get personal? You questioned my intelligence. The bible says “the devil can quote scripure for his own purpose” much like ur famous yet unnamed magician.That the kids are brainwashed by left wing media is what NRA wants u to believe and propogate. I leave you with the last word. U r not worth me wasting any more of my time on an “unredeemable”

    • Tom

      I agree, if you make just a minor change in your statement. Delete NRA and insert POLITICAL PARTIES. They are truly subversives!

  • Ray Harnes

    Brain washed much? Or is this a parrot we’re talking about?

  • Richard Rudolph


  • 2016usaofzimbabwe


  • v349355

    Amazing how our educational systems puts words in these kids heads. To Alfonso Calderon do you support Planned Parenthood because that organization kills more fetus/babies in 1 year than guns have in 50 yrs. Alfonso go back to eating your Tide Pods. Hopefully they will wash your liberal teachings away.

  • Robert Hafetz

    The reason we cant mandate treatment when we know someone is mentally ill and violent is because of the ACLU not the NRA.

  • BobBurnitt

    It is a mental health issue, we have always had guns, there are just so many mentally ill people and THUGS that are loose on the street. Where I live, I have had THIRTY Burglaries, a Home INVASION, Three FELONY ASSAULTS, countless VANDALISMS, and an ARSON. The Sheriff’s Department’s Response Time since 1971 has averaged one to two hours. I MUST provide my OWN PROTECTION, it is incumbent on ME to do so. Nobody else will do it. So far I have not killed anyone, I do NOT WANT TO, but I have STOPPED several situations, where I was OUTNUMBERED by simply being the ONLY guy with a gun, or the guy that got HIS FIRST. Don’t SAY just MOVE from here, unless you have the MONEY and will BUY THIS FARM, we have had it since 1958, we were HERE FIRST, the THUGS should move, they are the trouble makers. But YOU or Somebody has to buy this FARM before I can MOVE, then it will be the SAME WAY at the NEXT Farm.

    I would be DEAD already without my arms. The Police cannot help ANYONE. They come OUT when it is over and fill out some papers and go back to the Donut Shop. That is the way it IS.

    Also, Violent Crime has tapered off a great deal since Conceal Carry by Citizens as per their Second Amendment Rights allow them to. It is the GUN FREE ZONES where the trouble is, as a rule these Psychos choose to attack Gun Free Zones. Take away the guns, they will drive a Bomb truck in to the schools. We need a LOT LESS, Really NO MONEY spent on multi-Million dollar Football fields so the kiddies can play meaningless sports. Take that money and hire some Armed Guards.

    Another thing that is producing so many THUGS is the runaway WELFARE STATE. We have the BIGGEST Welfare state in the world. Those people SUBSIDIZE their welfare with CRIME. I would be DEAD already without my arms. It is NOT going to get better here, I have given up on these idiots that run the show.

    It is a mental health issue and a LAW ENFORCEMENT ISSUE. BB

  • Larry Shriver

    I wonder about all those ” O SO RIGHTEOUS ” kids that are blaming the NRA for all the gun problems and screaming for more gun control, how many of them smoke pot or do some other illegal drugs; but refuse to admit that their doing so is part of the problem of gun violence.

  • josecuervo1223

    If they feel so strongly about the NRA killing people, then sue them, see how far that crap goes. I also wonder how it would work if the NRA sues that idiot kid for defamation?

  • regulus30

    Survivor is brainwashed liberal “skull” full of mush;; Obama/Holder created this mess with rewarding politicians and teachers [financially] to UNDER REPORT CRIMES committed by blacks/hispanics; the ignorance of these future voting adults is down right frightening.

    • michelle Mc clark

      Excuse me race has nothing to do with it I do believe this kid was. white as so many of these shooters have been

      • regulus30

        Excuse you; there is a program in Broward county that targets minority students who commit crime to be ignored ; stats show blacks comprise 40% of the student body and they were committing 75% of the crimes. Obama/Holder introduced a program THAT FINANCIALLY REWARDED COPS AND TEACHERS who ignored minority crimes, you are racist and stupid LOOK IT UP FOOL.

        • michelle Mc clark

          I’m not but seems,the law makers choose to pick and choose just like always

          • regulus30

            Obama/Holder’s legacy was picking “WINNERS AND LOSERS; don’t even go there.

          • michelle Mc clark

            The truth of the matter is criminals of all races seem to have more rights than we hard working, tax paying. Citizens we need to set things straight again

          • regulus30

            I agree; I do my part; how about you?

        • michelle Mc clark

          I’m white fool and definitely not racist live in a poor state and see these criminals get off right and left and it posses me off just like it does any other hard working person (to many bleeding hearts) any more so no one gets punished for their crimes

          • regulus30

            You played the ‘race card’ NOT ME.

      • regulus30

        YOU ARE LIBERAL SMARTASSCE and won’t get the facts, but here you go;;;;;[…/broward county] & []
        look it or shut up.

      • regulus30

        another source for you racist;;;[Browardcounty/obama/holder/inspiration

        • michelle Mc clark

          Race doesn’t matter,plenty of whites commit crimes

          • regulus30

            Don’t change the subject;; LOOK UP the sites I gave you and stop whining; you challenged my facts I gave you the sources so get crackin.

          • michelle Mc clark

            But it has nothing to do with the topic here, if the shooter was black then u could blame this shooting on that/ I agree it is a bad deal but our government is great at creating those

          • regulus30

            The reality on the ground is that the Potus/DOJ or big federal government never solves anything. This must be done in the home/schools/communities at the local level.

        • michelle Mc clark

          I’m not a racist I judge people on their merit not the color of their skin or ethnic background

          • regulus30

            Don’t change the subject; you challenged my post I gave you three[3] sources to substantiate my comment;;get busy and be enlightened.

  • jim

    He is been brainwashed by the liberals all around his hometown and family.

  • Philomena

    The student is misinformed and probably brainwashed by Left Wingers. The FBI, Local Police and even the school were negligent in preventing Nikolas Cruz from killing these students.

    Evil George Soros and other Trump haters are behind this lie and donating money for students to go to DC and march.

  • Richard Walker

    It seems that Alfonso has bought into the liberal left-wing idiotic position that we need more gun laws, and the NRA stands in the way of enacting them. Of course I can speak from 71 years of living on this planet and having travelled most places in it where I saw every form of government in action. Alfonso and the anti-gun crowd want to take away MY (and ALL law abiding citizens) constitutional right to keep and bear arms because of the action of a deranged individual.

    I agree that in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland we must do something to prevent such tragedies. More gun control is NOT the answer. The means to stop this are already in place. I do recognize that in a free society that we have it is not constitutional to charge or indict or prosecute an individual because of what crime he MIGHT commit. However, when an individual exhibits the symptoms that Cruz did, it is permissible to closely examine him and restrict temporarily his right to acquire and possess a gun. Many warning signs ware ignored in his case, and from what I see were politically motivated.

    The real solution would be to harden the schools in this country to the point that it is for all intents and purposes impossible to secrete a weapon into any school, and have severe and enforced penalties when it does happen. I know that if someone is bent on harming others they will find a way to do so, but it is harder to commit mass murder with your teeth or a baseball bat.

    I would caution Alfonso that he should examine all parts of this argument before he makes such judgements as he has. The NRA is NOT murdering children; they are committed to educating children about gun safety and responsible gun ownership and usage. They are for protecting the law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. No NRA member has ever gone out and committed mass murder, or shot up a school. The companies that have caved to the argument that the NRA is somehow responsible for school shootings or the death of anyone shot by a mass murderer will lose my business, along with all Americans that believe that it is wrong to punish anyone for another’s crime.

    In my travels throughout the world as a corporate pilot (including 22 years flying and working overseas, I have seen many forms of government. None even come close to the freedom and individual liberty that we have here in America. The more socialist a country is, the more the rights and freedoms of the individual are restricted. Communism is just socialism to the nth degree enforced at the point of a gun (of course after the citizenry has been disarmed). The founders of this country were extremely wise in putting the second amendment in our constitution, giving citizens the means for self defense against criminals and, more importantly, a tyrannical government. Don’t take my word for it that it might happen here, just look at Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa, North Korea, China, Russia to mention a few.

    Taking away constitutionally protected rights, or even restricting them with legislation is a slippery slope that will end in the ultimate destruction of this country. Don’t believe me, just look at what happened in the above list of countries. I sympathize with Alfonso – I lost many friends to Viet Nam. But I do not agree with him in any way about the NRA and gun control solutions. It is easy to react emotionally here, but please, let’s don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s all take a deep breath and step back and really examine what happened, and use logic and reason to stop a future occurrence. Enforce the laws we already have on the books.

  • Tom

    So, if NRA is responsible for school shootings are the tobacco companies responsible for the 480,000 Americans who die every year due to tobacco related disease? Approximately 40,000 of those deaths are from second hand smoke! How many children have their health damaged due to second hand smoke? Are the alcohol manufacturers responsible for the 80,000 annual alcohol related deaths? Included in that number are roughly 10,000 who die in alcohol related auto accidents (of which 1,100 are children age 0 – 18)! What about anyone who creates or disseminates advertisements for tobacco and alcohol products? Are they also responsible for those deaths. By his logic, YES they are responsible! The tobacco companies should also compensate the federal, state and local health programs for the $170b annual cost of tobacco related illness. Yes, it is truly sad when a sick person (or copycat killer) uses any means (firearms, explosives, vehicles) to kill or maim innocent and defenseless people. 560,000 approximate average annual INTENTIONAL deaths due to alcohol/tobacco is certainly a much larger crime basically ignored by the media and society in general! Does that make each of us partially responsible for those deaths?

  • Bill Larkin

    You will have casualties of ALL kinds in a FREE society where free will dictates the outcome. Murder, manslaughter, domestic violence, robbery and mayhem ALL products of a free society. If you wish to live in a murder free society…MOVE. You must realize like it or not these mass killings are part of the gun grabbing agenda. Just as 911 was part of gaining our acceptance of more wsr and the payriot act to relieve us of more freedom. Sandy hook was a drill gone awry. They LOVE the public crying over the deaths they not only help create but allow to happen with no thought of citizens lives. The infamous motto of “the ends justify the means” is their Gospel, according to the rulers.

  • Robert Coffland

    He is a good example for raising the voting age to 21.

    • Norman Fox

      Sorry Robert do not agree. 18 is also the age male or female can join the armed forces. There they teach you to be a trained killer. So raising the age will discriminate against those who already are putting their lives on the line. Cannot have it both ways

      • michelle Mc clark

        We need to change that to 21 also. If your not old enough to buy a gun,or drink you should not be able to join the Military

      • Robert Coffland

        Ever heard of sarcasm. Of course raising the age is ridiculous and it would discriminate. But is this not what is being pushed. Veterans coming home after serving for 2 yrs (20 yrs old) know gun safety and how to handle them probably more than 95% of the country. Then they would be discharged and denied the right to get a gun because they are under 21, that would be asinine.

  • Chris Robinette

    Alfonso Calderon, you are an idiot and a mouthpiece for CNN and the liberal democratic ANTIFA whom are anti American.

  • Bill Larkin

    What a joke the media is. A knowing participant of the liberal agenda “get the guns “. The students are young ifealistic minds of mush with no skin in the game. No children or household to protect yet so perfect for the utopian beliefs the liberals sell. And one of thems father is FBI connected and his mother is CNN connected so WTF? Wake up America gun free zones create environments of mass casualties. Open up the zones to be gun carrying and cut our losses. least.

  • srw

    Put the blame where it belongs… Obumo ADM put in a “PROMISE” program to keep emotionally disturbed, thugs, trouble makers in the classroom. And there was no RECORD of their violent acts/ Warnings to the FBI. 49 calls to the police/sheriff for home violence. Calls from CITIZENS warning about he kid. But under the OBUMO PROMISE AGENDA… if you have no problems you get $$$$$$$$$ Obumo… So these people put the kids/community in danger all to fill their pockets. And do not doubt this Obumo Promise $$ found a way into their pockets. The Supt that put this program into the school was a Chicago SUPT who put this into Chicago schools. And we all know how safe Chicago is. But BOY O BOY… the School and the SHeriff’s Dept had a great record. But all a lie. There are many gun regulations but if the people in charge hide these problem people…. won’t work. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ follow the $.

  • Charlie

    Confused ignorant perhaps stupid are those that voice that the NRA has any part in any single murder or mass murders . NRA promotes gun safety not guns being used as weapons against another human being . There are many other gun and/or Second Amendment organizations that also promote gun safety . All of these organizations do not promote violence or murder ever . These organizations promote the value of Our Second Amendment and the value of the knowledge of gun safety . Any statements that state that any of these organizations promote murder or actually cause murder are just flat out lies .

  • bobm

    This is why liberals want DACA members here. They can easily be manipulated.

  • I swear some of the people of this country is trying to push us back to the dark ages!! The NRA has many instructors that teach safe use of fire arms. I’m yet to see a gun (pistol, rifle, shotgun, or one of the so-called assault rifles) pull it’s own trigger and start shooting people. There always seems to be a human holding it and pulling the trigger. We already have a warehouse full of gun laws, but that dummy ex-pres. would not let them be enforced. All more laws are going to do is create criminals out of law-abiding gun owners. It won’t do a thing for crime. It’s funny, but the criminals never seem to read the laws. They get guns in their usual way, steal them or buy them on the black market, or from Barrack O. or Erick (?) Holder. It’s surprising how the fake news and the anti-gunners can make up such absurd outright lies.

  • Julie Smalley

    This kid knows nothing about when I grew up there were guns everywhere boys in high schook came to school with rifle racks full and plenty of ammo, my grandmother her and I mean her double barrel shot gun was always at the front door loaded. We were taught guns were not toys safety was a big deal we didn’t play with our caps guns in the wrong way or we got them taken away. I didn’t allow my exhustand to have his 30 30 in the house cause he didn’t want to teach our babies to stay way from it or teach safety. So I refuse to have it unsecured at home. I had enough to do with out keeping that rifle away from our children. He didn’t think.he had to teach or care for his children. I support the 2nd amendment the constitution, but if your careless with your guns by not securing them and a child finds and plays with them you are at fault period.

    • Norman Fox

      As to having guns in our trucks,cars etc I totally agree. We all knew they were not toys. During hunting season we always carried a shot gun or rifle. Hell most of the time I took my dog also tied him to a tree. As soon as school let out to the woods we went

      • Norman Fox

        Sorry and that was in Florida too. Melbourne

  • Bruce Von Sprecken

    Maybe that baby will grow up and know the truth of the N.R.A.and what it does and what it stands for. But I sure wouldn’t hold my breath,with the way those little snowflakes are taught Socialism in the Public Schools anymore. Then they go to the college level indoctrination centers and are beyond hope So Sad!

    • michelle Mc clark

      Yep Thank You Common Core Education (makeing government croonies)with no common sense

  • Rachel

    How about Planned Parenthood? They take a lot more young lives then guns.

  • Norman Fox

    Gee are not we grown ups so happy to see that children have more experience,knowledge to know what is best for us all. IS THIS THE NEW LEFTIST,LIBERAL,SNOWFLAKES,SOCIALIST,COMMUNIST DUMORARATS? After all I am told that I as a educated, of reasonable intelligence citizen who served the United States to keep her and these children safe is stupid, and ignorant. While these kiddies know everything so it seems lets us all just roll over and let them solve the problem. After all even those who go to supposed higher schools of learning are being taught that we know nothing and they know everythinITIZENSIg. But when ask actual questions about history, law etc they know nothing. MAYBE THEY SHOULD SHUT UP SIT DOWN LISTEN AND LEARN. THERE IS NO REAL ANSWER TO THIS PROBLEM AS LONG AS DUMORATS KEEP COMING UP WITH MORE LAWS THAT TAKE AWAY THE RIGHTS OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Remember too laws only affect the law abiding citizen. NOT THOSE WHO BREAK THE LAW

    • michelle Mc clark

      That’s the number one problem in America today No One makes these kids. Sit Down, Shut up,or do anything at all.Need to bring back the paddle and belt and show them they aren’t the BOSS

    • Grammaof4

      Thank you for your time in service.

  • Bill

    and another liberal minded individual blaming an inanimate object for something that they don’t like to face. Yet, they refuse to blame an automobile for a drunk driver killing a bus load of kis, or a fork for piling weight on a person.

  • Randy Abravaya

    omg where are these kids hearing this garbage that they are repeating like puppets ! That’s like blaming Hostess cakes for putting colorful squiggles on cupcakes to attract kids that eventually get chunky or diabetes.. Kids are getting dumber and that’s scary that they are our future.

    • michelle Mc clark

      No One is responsible for their actions any more there’s always someone to blame and they start teaching our kids that real quick now days. (So Sad)

  • Thomas Goss

    This so called professor is like all the other so called professors, a complete ASSHOLE. I have been a life member of the NRA since the mid 60’s and have NEVER killed anyone, unlike our government who has been responsible for many deaths. It’s our so called educators who are corrupting our young and the morons in Hollywood who don’t know anything unless someone writes it down for them. Taking our guns away will solve nothing except making it harder for legal gun owners and their loved ones to protect themselves. As for Dick’s not selling guns to a 18 year old, what about our 18 year olds serving in our military, who put their lives on the line every day to protect your sorry ass. Age has nothing to do with the sanity of those who are willing to kill someone. Start by enforcing the laws already on the books and punishing the criminals not the NRA members.

    • michelle Mc clark

      Good point, if they make it so you can’t buy a gun till your 21, already you can’t drink till your 21so why is it that you can sign up to possible give up your life or loose body parts ALL IN THE NAME OF OUR FREEDOM AT 18

  • Donald Lee Walker

    I have two questions for this teenager….. 1. Do you own a gun yourself? If you do I suggest you are responsible for the shooting because you should not have a gun. Sounds pretty damn stupid doesn’t it. So does your statement that the NRA kills kids. The is not an organization in America that offers more gun safety classes for kids than the NRA. 2. Are you even a legal resident of this country and legally entitled to go to school here thereby having any right to criticize anything…..From 1984 t0 2018 there have been 50 mass shootings in this county. Only 11 shooters where 21 or younger and not one of them belonged to the NRA. So my suggestion to you is to due your due diligence and get your facts instead of relying on some adult liberal to give you false talking points.

  • Gene Chapman

    did not know the NRA ruled over the FBI and the local police force really surprised to find that out this person must be beaning feed talking points by the CNN

  • Min0taur

    This young man needs to load his brain before he shoots off his mouth. His statements show how immature he really is about the real world.

  • gideonrockwell

    The NRA is the oldest Civil Rights, Pro-Constitution organization in America. It promotes the shooting sports and safe firearms use. I have seen this Calderon kid on T.V. numerous times. He appears to be trying to promote a left wing propaganda network career or a Socialist Libertard Political Career. He is too well rehearsed and has all the talking points down. He is one of the group of students they call the Fantastic Four who have been rehearsed and prepped by the Demotards and their propaganda network minions to be the student face of Gun Control. In other words they are heirs to the Rahm Emmanuel quote ” Never let a good crisis go to waste.” They are self promoting over the bodies of the 17 victims, that died due to a massive criminal failure of the Bureaucracy from Federal to local.

  • Donald Hufford

    Tell the idiot to read the whole constitution before he starts spewing his parents liberal rubbish and prove that the N.R.A. is killing kids his parents and the liberal media is what is killing kids how did the gun free zone work at his school? He should do his own research into the N.R.A. and then say they are killing kids.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Just a Reminder who opened the door to increased violence back in 1963 which increased violence in the US by 544%. If you want real blame, file WRONGFUL DEATH SUITS against the US Supreme Court.
    After the Supreme Court in 1963 made us a Secular Nation, unlawfully,
    crime and violence increased by 544%. Jefferson never intended their
    Danbury Baptist interpretation. Jefferson started church services in
    the capital in 1800 and even paid the Marine band to provide the music.
    He attended these services every Sunday he was president and these
    services lasted 60 years. The Supreme Court broke the law.
    Freedom Day is celebrated in America each year on January 16 — the
    date of the 1786 passage of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute of
    Religious Freedom. That measure ended the state-established church in
    Virginia, finally protecting religious rights for all denominations.
    Anglicans had fined, persecuted, jailed and even killed Christians who
    were not part of the state-established church, but Jefferson, a lifelong
    fervent advocate for the rights of religious liberty and religious
    conscience, had worked hard to protect and defend those Christians.
    hear that Jefferson was a zealous defender of the rights of Christians
    may seem unusual to those who know Jefferson only by today’s errant
    portrayal as being a secularist who desired “a separation of church and
    state.” Jefferson definitely was not a secularist, and furthermore, his
    definition of separation of church and state actually was to keep the
    state from becoming secular!
    of the remarkable beliefs held by Thomas Jefferson not only on
    religious liberty but also in many other surprising areas are set forth
    in the popular book The Jefferson Lies by David Barton.)
    rights of religious conscience that Jefferson and other Founders had
    contended for were subsequently enshrined at the federal level in the
    First Amendment of the Constitution. Jefferson made numerous bold
    declarations about these precious rights:
    No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience.

    [O]ur rulers can have no authority over such natural rights only as we
    have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted.
    [I]t is inconsistent with the spirit of our laws and Constitution to force tender consciences.
    The Supreme Court in 1963 unlawfully removed the Spiritual Deterrent to crime and Violence in the US and now the liberal media, Democrats and the entertainment field want to eliminate the physical deterrent.

  • swampratt

    Remember the trouble the FBI got into cause of Waco and Ruby Ridge gave socialist liberal democrats a talking point for gun control laws well they admitted to dropping the ball on the reports coming in plus social media they wanted this to happen blame them not the NRA you know what is kinda funny we never saw not one body bag come out of the sandy hook school wonder why

  • Robert Pettis

    I think this kid needs to read the Constitution. But with the educational system being the way it is, I wonder if he would be able to.

  • FedUp-Chuck

    The NRA doesn’t kill people just like guns don’t kill people. What kills people is deranged individuals who are vulnerable to all the DEMONCRATIC idiocy, stupidity, socialist assholes who would rather kill the messenger than even consider what the message is really saying! WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS!!!!!

  • BruceW

    Alfonso, you are blind to the facts. Fact 1, Planned Parents kills more kids in one hour than all mass shootings at schools ever have. Fact 2. Eighteen year olds can join the military and shoot real automatic weapons defending your right to open your “pie hole” and act like a moron. Crawl back into mommies basement it is snuggly warm and wait for your next participation trophy. By the way where were you when the shooting started? helping others get out safely or under a desk shting your pants? What a brave guy.

  • scott forman

    Another useful idiot for the communist/leftists/demonrats.

  • Real American

    What an idiot…lets hope they are incapable of breeding.

  • AlanT

    It is the federal government that is responsible for the deaths of the children as it is their job to filter out the crazies that would do such a thing. And since they were derelict in their duties it is they who are guilty of aiding and abetting a murder and by law are guilty of murder themselves.

  • CinciJim

    Blaming the NRA for any homicide or human injury simply because it was caused by the use of a firearm is tantamount to blaming the AAA for death & injury caused by use of an automobile. Both organizations promote and support safety in the use of the respective equipment.

    In most states that license concealed carry, an NRA certified instructor of the required CCW training course is accepted, if not required. How anyone could even suggest that the NRA is liable for the Parkland (or any) shooting is totally beyond comprehension.

  • Randy D

    Good to know the far lefts brainwashing has the majority of high school students mind set ready for college. Shocked the kid didn’t blame the school for not having a safe zone like the snow❄(generation of pussies) demand on college campuses.

  • Tide Pods and gender changes one day and political expertise the next, these little pencil necks are the next generation Jim Acosta’s and Chris Mathew’s all mouth and no facts.

  • phil62

    KIDS don’t know squat about what is actually going on. All they can do is listen to what mommy and daddy say. The NRA has not got one single thing to do with ANY of the shootings.

  • oldsailor7579

    every body wants too blame the NRA ,and all of the law abiding gun owners …..when will these realize it ‘s those people who obtain guns with a mental issue ,or some street thug,selling illegal guns ….

  • Btwxdncs

    David Hogg is NOT a Parkland survivor… he WAS home when the shooter did his evil deed.
    The kid that opposes Hogg and supports the 2nd Amendment & the NRA IS the real survivor!