PC Police Takes Over The Marines To BAN This ‘Offensive’ Word!!

Obama’s mission to completely turn the military into his own social experiment continues unabated as the Marines are declaring that they will ban the word “man” from their titles to make way for transgenders!!

Watch below:

More from the Marine Times:

Thousands of Marines serving throughout the infantry and in other key positions are about to get new gender-neutral job titles, but the service’s top leaders are pushing to leave the word “man” in some of its most iconic occupations.
In all, the Marine Corps plans to rename 19 of its military occupational specialties, or MOSs, as the result of a months-long review mandated by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. A service-wide message announcing the changes is expected to be published within the next few days.

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The terms “rifleman” and “mortarman,” are among those that remain untouched, according to a list — obtained by Marine Corps Times on Monday — of 33 MOSs that were reviewed. And that was by careful design, said a Marine official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

How pathetic is that? If transgender and female Marine recruits can’t take the very presence of “man” in a title then perhaps they aren’t really ready to be in the military?

This is just another leg in Obama’s campaign to “fundamentally transform” America in his own image.


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