Pelosi Pays Price For Shutdown

While most liberal media outlets would have you believe that President Trump was humbled by the shutdown, it’s actually House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who suffered the deeper wounds.

A poll conducted by the NBC/Wall Street Journal discovered that of all the politicians specifically related to the shutdown, Pelosi had fallen the farthest among them.

Josh Kraushaar an editor for the National Journal tweeted his surprise shortly after the poll was released.

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“Pelosi’s negatives shot up during government shutdown more than any pol,” Kraushaar shared, “now the most unpopular politician tested in the survey.”

It was shown that among those polled, Pelosi showed a positive result for only 28 percent involved, contracting sharply with the 47 percent that voted against the Democrat.

If Democrats don’t come together to approve funding for a secure border, Pelosi might stand to fall even farther come February.