Pelosi Plays Blame Game

In the wake of the shooting Wednesday in which a deranged liberal activist opened fire on Republican congressmen practicing for a baseball game, one of the nation’s most notorious political hacks claimed that the GOP deserves the bulk of the blame for the climate of hate that has sprung up around President Donald Trump.

“It didn’t use to be this way,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asserted during a news briefing Thursday. “Somewhere in the 90s, Republicans decided on a politics of personal destruction as they went after the Clintons, and that is the provenance of it, and that is what has continued.”

Whoa, back up. The GOP rightly “went after” former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s because he engaged in sexual relations with an intern in the Oval Office and then later lied about it to the American people.

But apparently, Pelosi lacks the brain cells — no surprise there — to differentiate between Republicans rightly exposing the corruption of a political leader such as Clinton, and Democrats literally fantasying over the potential death of President Trump.

“When you have a president who says I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and nobody would care, when you have people saying, ‘Beat ’em up, and I’ll pay your legal fees,’ when you have all the assaults that are made on Hillary Clinton …,” Pelosi continued, again trying to draw a false equivalence between the rhetoric of the left and the rhetoric of the right.

First, the president’s Fifth Avenue statement needs to be considered in its entirety.

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  • Name

    Pelosi needs to be institutionalized.

  • phil62

    Pelosi, you are a drunken POS that needs to be with bitch Clinton in jail. You have stolen billions of dollars from the American people with your overseas drunken party flights and your drunken lies every time you open your ugly mouth. You are the one who should have been shot.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    she’s a Democrat, and we all know what their playbook says, use the blame game, used vulgar language to intimidate, and if all else fails lie lie lie ! I think the picture of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, and John McCain are on the front cover of the playbook.

  • Santiago Tello

    Pelosi is typical of the Left. Pathetc in everything they do and when all else fails, blame someone else.


    Pelosi is the lowest form of humane being there is. I don’t think Satan would even let her into hell.

    • Popetal

      Satan would probably bow to her

  • jaysn

    Since the Obama administration’s continual blame Bush for everything, the democrats have taken the blame game up to a new level. What else can they do? Except for increasing the food stamp and welfare programs, they have done very little to help the American people and almost nothing for the taxpaying American.

  • Pamela H

    Is anyone here surprised at the oldest Congress-person has gone senile while still in office?? She has always been a loose cannon political hack, but now her rants are without value, truth or merit!!!!

  • debra allen

    My Lord she is a crooked snake who should be outed.

  • Glen Spicer

    There is no way to describe and adequately explain her insanity. Are the people in California so deluded and insane themselves, that they relish keeping her in office? She needed to be retired years ago and involuntary admission to a mental ward seems quite appropriate. This isn’t just “mud-slinging” but a statement of fact.

  • lorna shores

    she should be comitted!

  • lorna shores

    Mr Schumer is just as bad though!