Poem blasting God as a ‘lie’ given to middle schoolers

The poem is titled “Unicorn,” and it begins like this: “God is like a mythical creature / A unicorn with silver blood / If you drink the blood you will live forever / It makes a good story in a book like Harry Potter …”

“Unicorn” goes on to declare that God “is revealed in all his foolishness / a naked lie / a childish dream / a mythical creature like the unicorn.”

While not a particularly deep or unusual piece of writing, the problem is that the poem was distributed to middle school students at a Georgia public school last week — and parents are up in arms about it.

Teachers at Cedartown Middle School said the poem was used for a sixth-grade Greek mythology lesson to show how a unicorn is supposed to represent a happy and safe place, WAGA-TV reported.

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  • Sergeant_rock

    So where is our famous “separation of church and state” clowns…
    This trash does NOT belong in our schools and those teaching it should be removed…

    These poor excuses for teachers and educators seem to think it is OK to indoctrinate our children into the satanic cult of Islam like some schools in Mass. and NJ are doing, while others are telling our children God is a fantasy…

    This has nothing to do with educating our children in the subjects they need to be learning… This is indoctrination and needs to be stopped immediately….

    Parents find out what your children are being taught, apparently it is NOT history, geography and math…

    • Estell Newton

      Separation of Church and State is only for liberals to declare if something doesn’t fit their fancy. Jesus is coming soon and all these morons will pya for what they are saying and doing.

      • Sergeant_rock

        I absolutely agree… Jesus is coming a lot sooner than even many Christians know…
        I have been teaching the book of Revelation for most of the year now and those who are studying with me are seeing it clearly…

        • Estell Newton

          Unfortunately, there’s a lot of Christians in denial. I believe Trump will be our last president.  That’s how fast things are moving along right now.  I believe we are at least a year into the tribulation just from my studies of the book of Revelation.  Christians especially need to wake up before it’s too late.

  • Dennis Smith

    More anti – christian bull —-. God Bless America. These liberal teachers are ruining our youth.

    • James Lang


    • lorna shores

      if you can afford it, send them to a private or charter school! i know that most people can’t afford it, but i`d borrow the money if i could!

  • Maggietish

    Whatever happened to the Lord that all the liberals keep pouting about separation of church and state? This is no lesson this is brainwashing and indoctrination of innocent children. The liberal/progressive are on a mission so wipe God completely out of America. When it comes to the classroom and teachers who are paid by the American people’s hard earned tax dollars are distributing this type of filth and hatred to young innocent children they need to be fired immediately. The school administrators are just as responsible because every teacher has to submit a lesson plan before anything is taight usually on a weekly basis that’s approved by the school’s principles and/or administrators. The parents of the students Who were subjected to this trash need to demonstrate and protest against anyone who would do that to their children because it’s totally despicable. One has to be lower than the dirt in the gutter as these teachers and principals and administrators are to do something as bile is this to those innocent children.

  • PPTA

    We are witnessing evil at work. Send the Lord away, his blessing goes with him. Use your search engine, and ask, Does God control the weather? See what pops up. Not My words, but his. Does God Pick the leaders good or bad, but lets Satan influence them if he can? Again, see what pops up, not my words but his.

    • James Lang


  • Ironmike4610

    Cedartown Middle School had a blacka&& liberal athiest principal and is a total waste of skin. She should have been fired and then hung by the nearest tree. There had been many complaints made about her, but the Board of Education wouldn’t do anything. They are a bunch of ball-less wipes afraid they would be called racists. Thank God she was transferred to a different school, and I pity the school she went to!

  • metheoldsarge

    Unfortunately, most of the people in the 18 to 30 age group didn’t study about history in High School. At least not the way we did. That gap is getting wider each year. As a result, they don’t recognize the path people like Soros, Obama, the Clinton’s the Bush’s and their liberal colleagues want this country to take.

    There is plenty of blame to go around. I talked to some kids that graduated from high school this spring. I was amazed at how many didn’t even know much about the atrocities caused by Hitler and Stalin against their own people. Even some Jewish kids didn’t even know much about the Holocaust. They don’t recognize the path that the liberals are following. Many in this age group believe that socialism and government control of our lives is the only answer. On top of that, these young people can vote. I was also in favor of lowering the voting age from 21 to 18. Now that I look back, I believe it was a big mistake.

    Many of us in the older generations are also to blame. We blindly trusted the public education system and many of us didn’t bother to really look into what our kids were being taught. Many of us put our kids in front of that 19 inch baby sitter and didn’t pay attention to what they were watching. I wonder how many parents are paying attention to what their kids are doing on the computer.

    We Americans have been too complacent for too long and did not notice all this gradually happening. Soros, Obama, the Clinton’s and their liberal colleagues are just a small part of what is happening. This has been in the works long before any of them were even born. History is being forgotten and ignored and, unless we wake up this country will be condemned to repeat it. If Joseph McCarthy was still alive he would be saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” Apathy is the greatest threat to our liberties and freedoms. Not Soros, Obama, the Clinton’s or their liberal colleagues. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • lorna shores

      Ahh, but they study the history from everywhere else,

  • Albert L Biele

    The odds of biblical prophecies forfulled by Jesus is 10 to the 17th power, that’s 10 with 17 zeros. The odds of you teaching the children the truth is zero.

    • Sally Davis

      The Bible has over 2000 prophesies and most have been fulfilled just as prophesied. Only a few are yet to fulfilled. I believe Estell is right. The world seems to be in a whirlwind and is near the bottom of the vortex.

  • Michael J Tomarchio

    Call up Cedartown middle school and advise the about the crap Christians put up with for being Christian sick, sick, sick and in the Georgia Bible Belt??????

  • Raymond Marine

    When I was In School In Washington, D.C. We Said The Pledge of Allegiance and Prayed In Class. I Did Not Go To A Religious School. How Times Change.

  • voncile fullwood

    This really upset me having a teacher telling children that God is like a unicorn,no wonder our children aren’t taught because they pull liberal teacher out of the gutter the children can’t learn because they can’t teach them anything but hatred that teacher needs to be fired.I’ll find out where this school is in Ga. I will be sending a fax or a letter to that school



  • Martin

    Very sad. This must stop.

  • lorna shores

    the schools should be sued, its not their place to give this crap to young kids, sorta like the school is the gingerbread house, and the witches inside are trying entice the children!

  • gideonrockwell

    this is more of the Left Wing Maoist type indoctrination that academia has been slipping in on the kids for years. It goes along with their program of the state and public service is all that matters over financial Church, Family, or financial security. They are doing their level best to instill in our youth that it is the State you look to, to provide for you and your service to the State is all that matters. Joe McCarthy has been proven right.


    The Parents should GO to this Teachers House and Make her Life so Uncomfortable, she Leaves Town, the Leftist Lib DemonRatts will continue to Push their Filthy Stinking Agenda until we Christians Push Back !

  • regulus30

    WON’T FIX AMERICA until the federal government is expelled from the schools; if you have a child send them to a charter school or private school.

  • BubaBooey

    Praise that Georgia public school system. That poem should be mandatory reading for all public schools starting at K. It should be criminal to brain wash children with religion, the undistbutable harm it causes is sickening. Please you white nationalist Christians, enough with your mythical beings, bigotry and subversion of democracy. Why do you hate America and the Constitution so much? If you find living in a democracy so difficulty please move to a theocracy somewhere, there are plenty of them, maybe you can find one that will accept your hate of freedom.

    • blackwingA520

      Hey Ahole! we are NOT a Democracy, we’re a REPUBLIC!

      • BubaBooey

        F you, you POS white trash bigot.

        • blackwingA520

          Bigot and proud of it. Funny you didn’t say the “racist” buzzword of the day like all your other progressive/liberal friends do. If that’s your picture, you look like one of those illegal Me-he-cans that come over to suck off the system.

          • BubaBooey

            Of course you’re proud to be a bigot and conservatard. As long as you can keep your identity a secret, right? In reality you’re just a pussy with keyboard courage, you’ve got no sack. You cross the street when you see brown skinned people coming towards you don’t you, you little pansy. You’re a disgusting waste of human flesh.

          • blackwingA520

            Yes, proud Conservative and Patriot. I don’t have to hide, I would say it right to your face as long as you were unarmed and we were on equal ground. (I know Libs like you like to fight dirty and will only fight when they have a crowd of people backing them up.) Example: the Antifa protests, they beat people because they (the other group) were outnumbered. And why do those COWARDS have to cover their faces, huh? As far as crossing the street when a dark skinned person is walking towards me, naw, doesn’t worry me unless it’s at night and there’s more than one, in that case I would be carrying and able to defend myself. Are you even a citizen of this great country? You look like one of those illegal muslims (IF that is your real photo and not some magazine cutout.) You mentioned something earlier about the Constitution, I thought Libs wanted to do away with that, oh yeah, you only like it when it concerns YOUR agenda.

          • BubaBooey

            You’re no Patriot, you are anti-American, you’d say nothing to my face unarmed or otherwise because of your cowardly nature. Pussy’s like you are embarrassing to this great country. Why don’t you move to Russia or Iran. There’s plenty of douche bags there that you’d fit right in with.

          • blackwingA520

            You didn’t answer my question, are you an illegal here? I was born here and my family has been here since the 1800’s maybe longer.

          • BubaBooey

            I am a citizen of the U.S. and served honorably in the military. I served because I believe in protecting the ideals of equal rights for All, not just some. In my eyes, since you are an admitted bigot, you are a traitor to this great nation, regardless of how far back you can trace your flawed DNA’s entry into this country. I bet your inbred ancestors came here illegally and here you are railing against immigrants. You are a tool and are lower than whale dung.

          • blackwingA520

            “Flawed DNA” huh? what the fuck makes YOU so special? Wouldn’t you calling my ancestors that make YOU a bigot? Hypocrite! At least I”M honest about it. I don’t have a problem with LEGAL immigrants doing it the correct way BY THE LAW, I DO have a big problem with ILLEGAL immigrants coming here unvetted. No other country in the world that I know of just lets people come in Illegally. If I walked across the Mexican border without a passport and was caught, I would be arrested on the spot and thrown in jail.

          • BubaBooey

            I’m special and better than you because I’m a progressive elite and you are a piece of dog shite.

          • blackwingA520

            Ahhh, there it is, TRUE liberal colors are coming out now, fuck you! I didn’t know they let GAY Yak Squeeze into the military by the way.

          • BubaBooey

            You are a fucking moron

  • mk