Protestor Assaults This Conservative Speaker

Liberals have crossed the line from being passive protestors to active assailants during a speech given at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Conservative Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire was giving a speech called “Men Are Not Women,” when he was attacked by an offended agitator. 

The protestor rushed the stage and hurled a “bleach-like substance” at Knowles as he delivered his presentation. 

“I didn’t think I was this intimidating,” Knowles said before resuming his lecture as security took the man away.

“I think whatever sort of paint that guy tried to throw on me, I think it mostly landed on the lectern and on my speech. I’ve got a very glittery speech about how men are not women,” he continued laughing off the attempted assault. 

Later in the evening Knowles would continue to make light of the attack sharing that he was fortunate that the protestor had liberal aim. He added more tweets as he was informed that the liquid was not bleach but an “unknown odorous liquid” citing that the culprit was probably looking to avoid a felony charge. 

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UMKC released its own tweet on the event, supporting free speech while condemning the attack.