Rand Paul Calls For Wall Funding Compromise

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently made an appearance on Fox News where he suggested that while he does support the building of a border wall, there should not be “unlimited funding” for one. Paul stated “there should be some compromises” on the amount spent on a border wall.

Rand stated, “I do think it’s important that we try to open the government. And the only way I see a way forward is for a compromise between Speaker Pelosi and the president. And you can’t have a whole lot of compromise if she’s not in town to have conversations. The last conversation they had, she said she wasn’t going to compromise at all, that she was offering zero. And so, I really still think the answer is somewhere in the middle. I think they could split the difference.”

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Adding, “I remain one who’s for a wall, but not for unlimited funding for a wall. So, I actually think there should be some compromises on how much is spent.”

Paul also gave his thoughts on the possibility of President Trump declaring an emergency. Paul stated, “I don’t think that’s the best way to run government either.”