Immagration Surge Expected From DACA Amnesty

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach On FNC’s “Fox News @ Night” has predicted giving amnesty to 800k DACA applicants will “cause a surge in illegal immigration.”

Here is a partial transcript,

DACA is bad policy. It’s going to hurt … those 800,000 illegal aliens are in their 20’s and 30’s, they’re not kids. And they’re competing for jobs with Americans who in that age group are facing 9 percent unemployment, 19 percent under-employment. So we’re going to be taking Americans out of jobs and giving those jobs to DACA recipients effectively.

And it’s going to cause a surge in illegal immigration. So what would President Trump be willing to take that hit — that bad policy that’s also going to anger his base — you know what would he be willing to get… what would he be willing to demand? And I think he has to demand more than just the RAISE Act, which is the end to chain migration, and more than just the border wall. He’d have to demand E-Verify, mandatory nationwide as well to make sure that this new surge of illegal aliens — which will come in, there’s no question, if we grant an amnesty, they will come in — make sure that they don’t take additional jobs from Americans.

So I see the president kind of staking out the grounds for the discussion, but I think he needs to take an even stronger position and say ‘I need three things, at a minimum. If I don’t get all three, I’m walking.’ And you know we know that he’s a great dealmaker, but… I’m hoping that he holds the line and says ‘No, this is absolutely non-negotiable.’

  • chaneyfamily7

    Wish I could share this, but some moron didn’t know how to spell the word “immigration” in the article’s title.

  • apzzyk

    This is just more fear BS. These are the kids of illegal immigrants. and the truth in the above is that a large percentage of them are in their 20’s and 30’s so they already have gotten educations at taxpayer expense and the younger ones are still getting educations at taxpayer expense, do deporting them would be an after the fact waste of the taxpayers money. If all people in their age group were required to report to the authorities so that their criminal activity could be discovered, our crime rate among this group of US citizens would fall and the perps would be put in jail. In our experience with the DACA preople, the crime rates for this age group have not been nearly as high as if they were US born, so what is the big deal. The employers of the ones who have found jobs are against deportation because they would have to go to the expense of training new employees. The official Dept of Labor figures report full employment – under 5%, but we should see that is not real, with the remaining actually looking for jobs but being unable to find them do not have the qualifications sought by employers, but we have no money to spend on giving them the education and training to be able to fill these open jobs. Bernie wanted free education beyond High School, but lost the nomination to Hillary who moderately supported this idea, with only total opposition from the GOP – costs too much. If the out of work coal workers in WVA had modern skills they might attract new businesses, but there has been no rush by businesses to move there or any other place where unemployment is high. On the other hand, N. CO is atracting new business at a rapid rate because we already have a well trained and well educated work force, with agreements between the incoming buinesses and our educational institutions to provide the specific training needed for the jobs.
    It has been reported that over 20,000 DACA people have completed college and have gone into teaching. These people cannot be replaced with US citizens because the wages are low compared to those of other college grads. One didstrict in CO had to get a temporary teaching certificate for an oil field worker so that a math teaching job that had been unfilled for 3 years would have a teacher. I live in N. CO, and am a retired Ph.D. and all that I would have to do to go back to work would be to post an ad on Criagslist – because of high tuitions they are not turning out people with my education to fill the positions available – I would take one of these, but at 78 and having taught at the U level before, do not think that I could handle the expected crap very well. In the private sector, bring grandpa to work day was on Jan 1. Then too, if I said the same things that I said 40 years ago when I was teaching I would only last about a minute before I was fired for sexual harrassment in either the private or the public sectors. Then I was propositioned by a female student, did not accept this, and she turned me in for sexual harassment – go figure. The DACA people are contributing far more than they are taking and so leave them alone and let them apply for citizen ship. More of them will be able to pass the test than the ones who are harping against them. From the number of times his EO have been overturned because they violate the constitution, maybe we should make all elected officials take the citizenship and pass it before taking office. Members of Congress, by word and deed, do not seem to work within its limits. My GOP rep told me that all of Obama’s EO’s were unconstitutional, and he has not spoken to me since I pointed out that none of them had even been challenged on Constitutional Bases and that declaring something unconstitutional was not in his job description. He is a member of that great Patriot Freedom Coalition who has voted against freedom for the people every time when given a chance.

    • KingDon

      Actually, if they’re so well educated and productive as you state, let’s send them back to their original countries to improve living standards back there. Then future generations of illegals will not even have to consider sneaking into our country. That way everyone ends up happy. And, yes, we all recognize that you have an inbred hatred for anything not progressive/socialist.

      • Ischgabibble

        Deport – deport- deport. They need well educated people in their countries!!!! The free ride is over.

        • KingDon

          Sadly, this most likely won’t ever happen. the Progressive/Socialist Party wants their votes and will sell out our country to make this happen. However, they’re not alone in fighting removal of these invaders. The Chamber of Commerce is also fighting to prevent it from happening. Their members want that cheap, cheap labor. While they may have to pay a fair hourly rate for those that have been here for some time, they’re counting on all the new illegals brought in by those already here to provide future cheap labor.

          • Ischgabibble

            Sad to see the Communist (formerly Democrat) Party sell this country to the vile invaders who are festering our nation right now.

        • apzzyk

          When they got their green cards they were then eligible for student loans, which they would not have to pay if they were out of the country, but since you think that they should be gone, please send your name and Address to the Dept of Education and tell them that you will pay off all of the debts in full. That is called putting your money where your mouth is.

          • Ischgabibble

            No jackass that should be up to you DEMOTARDS. You let them in, pay their way home and pay off their debts. I’d like to put my boot between your cheeks and I don’t mean your face either scum bucket. Sucks to be you, don’t it.

      • apzzyk

        I do have a Ph.D. in Statistics, so my jobs were all about tuning the data into information so that things might be more predictable, and could have gotten a couple of other degrees, including a MA in History, which is not known to conservatives because they keep repeating the same mistakes over an over again expecting a different result – which is also a definition of insanity. On immigration, I am simply a realist – trying to deport 1 our of every 30 people in our country is simply not possible, so why don;t we save a little of the taxpayers money and do something that actually makes sense. I am a child of immigrants – my father’s family came from England with Wm Penn – Quakers, and one of the first to join the Continental Army on July 4, 1776, was my great great grandfather, Wm. Served as a streathcer bearer. I followed the line and got into the USMC by mistake so served in non combat positions, including the driving of the morgue truck during a training exercise that killed at least the 35 or so that I brought in, and more deaths later. The storm could not have been predicted at that time. Now 100% disabled vet, but still think a lot and do a lot of data analysis in my head.
        If we look at what Trump wants, including deportation, it is all a waste of money caused by not setting priorities that are good for the people, and this is why we have the shutdown that is like the time outs that I gave my daughter when she was acting below age level.
        Last year they launched the Ford – a new Air Craft carrier that will take 5 years of ‘shake downs’ before joining the fleet – any increase in military spending that we do will not go on line for years. We have spent Billions building the F-37, which requires a pilot, and can now do the same with drones. Under the great sequestration of the past 6 years in the house there was a 2% per year cut to the DOD without objections from the Defense Hawks – the Navy wanted 2 new subs but only got the money for 1.96 – what could be done with .96 subs?
        Many illegals came in because they could not get in legally. Last time I went into the interior of Mexico, I was asked to sponsor a man who I knew was hard working and honest and had skills that would make him valuable to the country, but I was still in grad school. Now we have the official position of grandma being a terrorist. Something from both history and USMC – when people get deperate, some of them will do desperate things, like trapping anyone in blue because deportation is to them death anyway. Look at what happened to the civilians on Siapan who were told that the Marines who were trying to take the island would eat them – mass suicide caught on camera. Do we want that to happen again?
        If you look at the Constitution you will find no mention of any form or economy – to be decided by the people as to what suits them best. Between the end of the Civil War and about 1890, we had the development of Trusts and Monopolies, which missed out on one of the essentials of capitalism – competition. If you wanted money, it was up to the big banks (Trusts), so to try to eliminate people with some characteristics not being able to borrow money, we got the Fair Credit Practices Act with no Red Lining, so even women could borrow money. When I worked for Citi in credit policy I saw millions of dollars of checks being written for violating this law – this is the same as Trump’s trying to walk the line and pay no Federal Income taxes, which now may come back to impeach him. Right before the election when the women were coming out against him, he paid one ‘Stormy’, $130,000 from a shell corp that had his attorney’s name on the Corp, but the money tracks back to Trump. Trying to settle a claim out of court by bribing a witness or victim – a form of Obstruction of Justice. Did Trump benefit from the $17 million paid by Russia to get a leader of Ukraine elected?
        All that Socialism means in the US is owned by the people. Would the interstate highways have been built by any entitiy that would not make a quick return on investment? The final stage of the Interstate System was not completed until about 20 years, and it cuts a day or so off the time taken to get from Grand Junction to Denver, so makes fresh produce shipping affordable to the tax payers who are also consumers. Trump bitches about the US airports and compare them to the higher quality one in Dubai, so to enlarge to meet demand the Public Airport Authority at DIA is floating a bond issue that will be paid off by the landing fees of about $2 per passenger – the private sector would have to charge at least $15 per passenger; my water supply comes right out of the east side of the Rockies and I have to pay $20/mo for the city to process my waste, so why should I pay so that you and others all the way down to the Gulf will have clean water? Socialism at work. If you look at the 36 years between the end of WWII and the beginning of Reagan, you will find that there was never an increase in the National Debt, even with wars and national disasters and that included most of the cost of the Interstate system. If KS tuned I-70 into a toll road and charged $1 per axle per mile, it would cost a semi about $700 to cross and the travel expenses would be passed on to the consumers – taxpayers. Would you, as a Capitalist, actually go out of your way to pay a toll when you could get the same thing for free – at taxpayers expense? The paridise of the rural conservative places in the US is coming to crisis for lack of people. Why do people not live where housing prices are lower – maybe it is because to get a loaf of bread they have to drive 100 miles round trip.
        Did you hear that China, which already owns over $1.25 Trillion may not loan us any more money; we owe Mexico half a trillion, so where do we get the replacement money if they cash in – the same with the EU/ What happens if Congress passes an increase and no one comes? Will we be great then or a failed state like Greece? Like us Supp, its wealthy people will not share their money with the government Supply Side (Pure Capitalism) has worked so well that we have $21 Trillion in Debt while if we would have stayed with the mixed economy of 1980 we would have had no debt by 2005. I suffered the loss of vision in one eye due to treatment delays at the VA – saving the taxpayers money – and so if the government ever opens up again I may get millions of the taxpayers money to take to someplace where I can make the lives of the people there better – how about Cuba?

        • KingDon

          You sir, are indeed, a legend in your own mind.

          • apzzyk

            I generally think of myself as a dummy because I know that I do not know all of the knowedge avaiable, and am falling further behind every day. However, I was very good at my job, and maybe too good. When I was an analyst at Citi I told them that if they and the other big banks that if they did not change the way they did business that they would fail between 2005 and 2010, and they did – this was made in about 1985. I would also predict that if we do nothing to correct the disparity in wealth that I am 90% certain that we will have a revolution of the French or 1st of 1917 Russian variety. Down with the Oligarchy.

  • RB

    Don’t forget that if these 800,000 dreamers get amnesty then they will be able to start bringing in their family members who originally brought them into the country, if they aren’t here already, and then they will be allowed to bring in their extended family members who will eventually sponsor more and more illegal immigrants.
    The original 800,000 number will grow into 3 to 4 million people eventually. Maybe that’s why Nancy Pelosi keeps mentioning the 3 and a quarter million that she wants to see given amnesty.
    Also, don’t forget that the CBO has said that granting amnesty to the 800,000 dreamers will cost
    Americans over 26 billion dollars. The congressional budget office or CBO, for short, is a non partisan source for this information, so it is a figure that is very believable.

  • EH Foundation

    Indeed, more Amnesty, more Illegals proven time and time again. Still come; overrun US System. PC Public Culpability, Illegals aware of lack of US law enforcement; Bleeding Heart American Stupidity; rewarded for breaking laws. Welcome to third world Status; United States of Mexico. Agenda, take over USA all the way to Canada, then Canada, one by one, two by two; nation destroyed from within. Trojan Horse is here.

  • Earn nest

    It’s a birth control issue; let them deal with it back home where the problem started from.

  • Ischgabibble

    Get on e-mail to the White House and let President Trump know that we do not want anymore illegal aliens cluttering up our nation, sucking the moral fiber out of us, living on our tax dollars, committing unspeakable crimes, and running up our debt. Enough is enough and this is too much. Send them home where their families and nation can take care of them appropriately. I don’t care how they got here, for what purpose, under what excuse, they are illegal invaders and must be shipped home. If we pulled this routine in Mexico do you think for one minute we’d be welcome? Get real and deport these people today.