Republican Expresses Fear In Tariffs

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told CNN that he is “nervous” regarding the new tariffs President Trump has imposed. However, he hopes that this works out in America’s benefit.

Kinzinger claims, “Well, we’re all worried. … They’re [Kinzinger’s constituents] willing to give him a little leverage to fight for this, but they’re also slightly nervous. I think where we see concern is not necessarily taking on China. There have been massively abusive trade practices, but it’s also saying we’ll take on Canada, Mexico, and the EU. That said, I hope the president’s successful. He has a lot of leverage to do this. I hope he can win. Because we have to fight back. But there’s no doubt a lot of my agricultural — my farmers are very nervous. And I’m nervous about it too.”

  • He should be worried years ago, we have been screwed by many countries taking advantage of generosity. It is time we end the mess. Free trade is not what China wants, if they did they would end the pot of gold they have been getting from us for years. We should have nipped it when we started trading with them but we did not and now it is completely out of control and the only way to stop it is doing what Trump is doing. They need us more than we need them and it is the same with the rest of the countries. We have the resources to build everything that the other countries are building it might cost a little more but I believe that all the countries will take a could hard look and say do we need America and would you rather be lined up with China and Russia. If they do they will be the loosers because both countries to not play fair.

  • rottenrollin

    Well, I for one am TOTALLY against tariffs.

    Except for those imposed upon us by Canada.

    Except those imposed on us by China.

    Except those imposed on us by Europe.

    AGREED, ALL you short-sighted idjits?

    • JimmyD

      Obviously you lack any understanding in economics and referring to those that oppose your view in derogatory terms does nothing for your argument. Tariffs are necessary to protect a living wage due to the cost of living in a country.

      • rottenrollin

        I invite you to read your own comment……

        Consider what Trump is trying to do to protect Americans…….

        And re-evaluate.

        UNLESS you thought I was serious in my opening sentence. Grief!

      • Rick501

        JimmyD – So you are buying the BS that Trump puts out. Tariffs always caused prices to rise and therefore you would be supporting inefficient business models that have high wage rates. You should take a course in economics yourself and also Google Smoot-Hawley and see what trade wars do.

        • JimmyD

          Well let me just say this fella I’m 64 years old and I remember the 50’s thru the 70’s when we had tariffs and the middle class and lower middle class made a good living. We didn’t have homeless people living all over the streets. I remember when you would go job hunting and could find several good ones with Medical benefits there were not all these working poor without insurance. I remember when a kid could graduate from high school and go to work for a company like McDonnel Douglas or the auto companies and in a few years he would own his own home a new car and a boat married with a kid at 21. You don’t see that now days. Globalization from the traitors we have had in our government Fooled people in believing it was good for the country.

          Well here’s a news flash for you when you have to compete with 3rd world work forces you wind up living like they do. Just look what has happened to a lot of our industrial cities in the north. And you can’t blame unions because the price of everything keeps increasing except the wages of the people in the work force. And this nonsense of well they own the company if you don’t like start your own. Well if every worker walked off the job those companies wouldn’t be in business because those people sitting around the boardroom are not going to do manual labor. When Reagan opened up free trade with China you might not be old enough to remember but China was a poor country like North Korea, I know because when I served in Vietnam we vacationed in Hong Kong. Look at China today why do you think the have risen to basically a first world country. It’s because most of our manufacturing went to China along with giving them our technology. The trade imbalances were staggering as billions of dollars went to China and Americans lost their jobs and standard of living.

          • Rick501

            JimmyD – I’m older than you and I do remember the 50’s and 70’s and your experiences do not even come close to basic economic principals. Tariff’s ALWAYS causes prices to increase for EVERYBODY because tariffs directly add to the cost of foreign goods and also protects domestic companies from competition thereby allowing these inefficient companies to maintain their higher price with little or no competition from foreign goods. If you work in one of those inefficient companies, I don’t care if you lose your job because competition ALWAYS leads to lower prices. Your theory is that we protect some (not all) people working in companies that can’t compete to offset all Americans from low prices. If you want to see what happens with tariffs, Google Smoot-Haley. Tariffs don’t work and we already have a history lesson from when the Smoot-Haley law was passed. Those who don’t read history are condemned to repeat it!

  • Rick501

    Google Smoot-Haley Act and see what will happen with tariffs. If you don’t read history, you are condemned to repeat it. You idiots all believe Trump when he says it will “Make America Great Again”. Smoot-Haley will tell you something else. Wake up!