Rick Perry SLAMS Trump For Questioning John McCain’s Military Service

What you probably won’t see in the mainstream media is how Rick Perry jumped immediately to demand an apology from Donald Trump over his comments that McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured while fighting.

Watch his impassioned speech below:

Perry goes even so far as to say that if Trump doesn’t apologize, that he is not fit to run for the presidency. As we have seen the comments were uttered, the Trumpinator is not backing down.

It remains to be seen if the comments are the beginning of the end for the Donald, who has skyrocketed to the top of the race, but could falter given how many people were offended by his critique of McCain.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • dayo4

    Donald Trump is basically for this you are not

  • dayo4

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    • sweetqueen777

      What does any of your post have to do with the argument Perry has with Trump??? Please take your mindless mutterings somewhere else.

    • Robert

      I’m still scratching my head about the “dayo4” mindless rant. W T F ?

  • stonepr

    Research what the other POWs said about his relations with the VC during captivity.

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Rick Perry! Your out of touch. GET a grip John McCain was no freaking hero. And to this very day that bastard is still betraying over 600 Pows left behind in Nam

    • J.W.Lee

      That is a fact…and anyone who still believes McCain is some sort of hero need only study the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs efforts to bury both the memory of and evidence to their abandonment by the country they served in good faith!

    • Gordon

      John McCain , yes was a POW. Rick Perry said that he fought for this country the whole time he was a POW. How in the hell can someone fight for anything while he is a POW. If Rick Perry hasn’t anything more to say to dis credit Mr. Trump, he has a very weak leg to stand on and HE should drop out of the race for PRESIDENT.

    • Arnold Baker

      I believe, The only reason McCain didn’t come back from Nam earlier, was not because he didn’t want to jump ahead of his fellow prisoners, It was because he was afraid he would be FRAGGED by one of those fellow prisoners.

  • Billie Erin Walsh

    I believe Trump said that McCain was considered a hero because he was captured. He didn’t see him as a hero, he saw the ones that didn’t get captured more hero.

    IMHO, anyone who serves is a hero. Whether they are placed in harms way or not they show a willingness to give all for their country.

    • Walter Flatt


  • MA Deuce

    Skrew Perry, he`s a RINO globalist nobody.

  • sweetqueen777

    Rick Perry is going way beyond what might be called for in his tirade. Name calling and vitriol only serves to make the whiner look bad. Do not fall to Trump’s level to admonish him for bad behavior. THAT is who he is. It is NOT who you are, and it only makes you look bad. We are not a bunch of kids in the schoolyard. (I hope.) Trump was in bad taste, and whether I agree with him or not, he (of course) could have been more gentlemanly in his appraisal of McCain’s many shortcomings. McCain’s record shows his true nature. I live in Texas, and you were a great governor. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

  • Jimmpeeh

    Until you have been in combat and put your life on the line you really have no clue what this is all about. McCain was shot down and taken prisoner for six years. He went through pure hell in Hanoi. I don’t agree with the things he is doing now, but he gave all while in the service.

    • freedom_for_all

      I’ve been there and do know what this is all about. McCain’s hell was not nearly that of what others went through to protect our Nation. After he was captured, he was not treated nearly as badly as his brothers in arms because he sold them out. What he gave was info to the VC.

    • Walter Flatt


    • Warrior7Princess

      I have a file on McCain and I have collected information which tells a different story about him. If this information is true, you may not agree with what he did back then. If you want, you can google for an article called “Donald Trump is right about John Mc Cain” by Pastor Chuck Baldwin July 23, 2015.

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Being a war hero does not give you a free pass to wreck America. John McCain was called the songbird for being a snitch to avoid punishment. He gave secret military information to the enemy. Just because your dad and granddad were Admirals don’t give you a free past, when you past is rotten. This false prophet is in the same class as: Obama, Jarrett, Clinton, Holder, John Kerry, and Jane Fonda. Traitor to America.

    • TexasProud

      I am from Texas as you can see,but l think Rick Perry needs to cowboy up . He is wasteing his time and other peoples money running for president, l say this because he knows the truth about John McCain and only acts like he believes McCain was a hero in order to appear to voters that Trump spews lies….yes he was hoping to gain something for himself.well,Trump knew the truth about John McCain from the beginning.And Trump is not afraid to speak the truth. People are all ticked off because Trump has something they don’t have….strength and boldness…he gives people hope for America. He has the guts to speak up an be heard…the savy an ability to stand and face the American people and share with us what is really going on in Washington .

      And John l totally agree with your comment. Hope everyone reads the information you just shared.

      • raffaelecafagna

        You must remember ” Proposition 6 “; $ 2 Billion from the Rainy Fund , for water projects ; that money is gone and no one can answer or wants to talk about ; I asked and keep asking my Representatives but No One has an answer . Could it be that Ricky got it for his Campaign .???? P.O.S. Ricky , Kiss ass to illegals.

    • raffaelecafagna

      you forgot Ricky , kiss ass and supporter of illegals.

  • ebenezeerr

    All POW’s are hero’s!!! but how many of the POW’s that were in the Hanoi Hilton with John McCain can you name. I doubt that any can be named by the public. McCain is known because of his father and grandfather being admirals and his refusal to be repatriated out of turn.

    • BoTexan

      how do we know he refused, no one but his campaign said this, not one of his co-prisoners came forward and verified it.

      • Arnold Baker

        As I said above, I believe McCain refused to be repatriated earlier, was because he was afraid he would be FRAGGED by one of his fellow prisoners.

  • JC

    Perry–you want to be a part of the establishment group(Rinos) so bad you will say anything to gain their favor –you will sell out just like the Rinos–you are not to be trusted

  • Col. William Dexter

    I personally knew John McCain as an officer that treated his underlings like slaves, he was a walking clusterfuck, but he has been promoted from “failed military leader” to the higher rank of “failed political leader”, you may wonder why? He is on the list of 37, and that says it all.

    • janwhitehill

      Is it true that while serving on a US battleship in 1967, McCain wet-fired his jet and caused the jet behind him to blow up killing 43 and injuring 234? I was curious.

      • Cold War Gunner

        Wrong, It was an aircraft carrier. Don’t remember the exact numbers, but he almost caused the carrier to be destroyed..The mission on which he was shot down, he was not only flying at the wrong altitude, but also in the wrong direction..He couldn’t tell up from down..

        • Monty Montgomery

          still can’t…………maybe he needs to go take a dump, as he always looks as if he needs to. Or pull that stick out of his ass, one way or the other.

          • raffaelecafagna

            he ” song bird ” needs to go and sit on all the Cactus in AZ.

        • janwhitehill

          Thanks for making my day!

        • Monty Montgomery

          you would think his last name was Bush!

          • 5live5

            More like Obama, oh that’s right Obam didn’t have the cahones to serve!!

          • dude

            obama couldn’t serve he wasn’t from this country or us citi.

          • 5live5

            He was in the U.S. long enough before becoming a senator to have served. He didn’t have the cahones to do so! I served with an E-5 in Panama CZ that wasn’t a U.S. citizen, but he HAD applied for citizenship.

          • dude


        • ExPAVIC


          I was there on October 17, 1967 aboard the USS William V. Pratt DLG-13 on North SAR and it is true that McCain screwed up on his sortie and allowed himself to get hit by a SAM in his A-6 off the USS Forrestal. He has a record of screw ups and he did collaborate with his captors.

          One of his missiles started the fire on the Forrestal that killed 25 sailors.

  • HDMania

    Trump is right..they didnt call him “songbird McCain’ for nothing

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      John Kerry isn’t a dime bit better than John McCain. They are in Jane Fondas class of traitors and has the brains only to destroy good policy.

  • VirgoVince

    Does anyone really care what you think, Rick? Are you afraid of Donald?
    You were a lousy governor, certainly not presidential material, you’re far from perfect, so knock off the bullshitt about Trump! QUIT while you have a little dignity left!
    He has more than enough brain damaged mentally challenged stupid idiot detractors in the media, because they fear him, too and RIGHTLY so!!


    Find out the TRUTH about McCain and his war record RICK. He has been a TRAITOR to this NATION for a long long time. He is a SNAKE just like the one in the White House. You know, it’s amazing how us simple citizens know how we are being BETRAYED but you supposed ALL KNOWING POLITICIANS can’t see past your ASSES.

  • freedom_for_all

    Trump was right, McCain is not a hero. He got shot down, so what. His real character showed once he was captured. He betrayed his brothers and sisters in arms then and continues to do so today. That makes him a traitor.

    • raffaelecafagna

      Bird Song

  • dan9el

    Well, here is the thing;….

    Governor Perry’s statement about Donald Trump has certain logic, for Mr Perry is another one afraid of Donald Trump.

    This is so very simple to understand.
    Donald Trump just as Sarah Palin too, represent rejection of the chronic ‘staus quo’ of politics as always.,…where the american public , and our country needs, falls into second level of importance after every election.

    The GOP old rancid establishment wants Trump out.

    And so there goes Cruz, Perry,….and everyone in between teaming along with the main stream ultra-obamanized media holding and blowing out of proportion what the man said about McCain.

    As result of Donald Trump run for presidency , not only Perry, Bush,Cruz,…but everyone else is terrified inside the GOP.

    Donald Trump is quite solid about everything;..he is under severe attack – ( and it will continue that way, quite beyond 2016 elections) – due to the fact the man is telling the truth flat out, without fear of any kind….liberal (libertines) – democrats and their associates sold-out RINOs republicans, resent to be confronted with reality;….evidently there is a sense of frustration, and infuriated they get when facing even a fraction of the truth so eagerly they try to evade,…. and so, they deny it….pretending, that if they do not see it…or run from it , it just simply does not exist.

    And here is a thing that seems to be eluding everyone out there;….

    Mr Trump is not really a republican,…not like those RINOS out there – (from the GOP) -…he is a true-core American representative…he a man from the people,…this man is a real-core American patriot….just like Sarah Palin – which is hate by the rancid GOP just as well….these two true-solid americans are very similar,….no compromises, no fine print, no pretenses,…shouting, and shooting the truth , flat out….and democrats and sold-out RINO-type republicans do not like it.

    Any input?

    • BoTexan

      Cruz did not jump on Trump, but rather supported him—-don’t lump Cruz in with the rinos he stood on the senate floor and called the head rino McConnell a LIAR!!!!! Cruz stood alone on the senate floor to stop obamacare. perry is a turd a wannabe member of the beltway gang. corryn is another turd who led the rinos against Cruz Sunday when Cruz tried to defund planned parenthood and the world bank.

    • Walter Flatt

      Trump and Palin, what a team to run our government. I know people in Texas that say they would not vote for Perry under no condition. What did he do as Gov. to stop illegals, nothing, now he is mouthing big words.
      It is so easy to stop illegals, build a tower every 3 miles with a quad 50 machine gun, backed with a company of soldiers, a tank and an attack helicopter, drop leaflets on the Mexican side and let them know that anyone crossing illegal would be shot. We do not need a fence and the troops would still get their training.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        They won’t do that because that makes sense. They would rather spend billions to bullshit us Americans to line their own pockets. A fifth grader could run this country better than these illiterates with a silver tongue

  • armydadtexas

    Trump may not win the Republican candidate for President, but he is sure EXPOSING the POSERS. John McCain has gotten away with attack on private citizens and other members of the Conservative wing of the GOP. It is about time, some one, publically called his R.I.N.O. ass on the carpet. See, John McCain, like John F’ng Kerry served in Viet Nam. John McCain was shot down and captured by Viet Kong. Because his father was a high ranking officer in the United States Military, John McCain was dubbed a War Hero. Great! He earned it. The question is WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR AMERICA SINCE THEN? He reached across the isle and worked with the democ-RATS. He threatened to leave the GOP and join the democ-RATS. He has attacked Conservatives in the GOP on a regular, consistent basis. That is what John McCain has done TO America ever since being dubbed a War Hero. John McCain is at best a R.I.N.O. a closet democ-RAT at worst. He should have retired at least a decade ago. Arizona voters are going to have to make that happen though. They see the same ass clown as the rest of us, but let him slide, because after all, he was dubbed a War Hero and like the haughty, John f’ng Kerry, he served in Viet Nam

    • BoTexan

      it wasn’t hard for the kong to turn him into a commie and if it wasn’t for his dad and grand dad he would have been tried as a traitor. lived through it and remember!

      • Walter Flatt


      • armydadtexas

        Me too! And will never forget it. I have nothing but contempt for John McCain and the haughty, John F’ng Kerry, who served in viet nam

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          The truth always comes out in the end. John McCain was a bastard and a scum bag traitor to America. Kissed ass to not receive the torcher he deserved.

    • 5live5

      Yeah, John “Muppet” Kerry, the man that put HIMSELF in for a purple heart!! Real hero material!

      • armydadtexas

        I DID NOT refer to the Haughty John f’ng Kerry as a “hero”. He was, is and will always be a TRAITOR to the United States of America. He is a communist piece of human excrement

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          yes, that is true, because his daughter married an Iranian. His loyalty is to Iran. That is what a traitor does. Just like Chelsea Clinton married. A hidden scumbag and traitor to America. They only know how to line their own pockets and to hell with everybody else. Put Jane Fonda and Valerie Jarrett in there too.

    • Walter Flatt


    • Arnold Baker

      I am a fiercely INDEPENDENT VOTER ! I wrote this on face book back a couple weeks ago, I’ll try to write as close to what I wrote then,, What Trump said about McCain has some merit. being called a hero because he was captured and tortured by his captors in Viet Nam.. HE IS FAAARR FROM HERO, When he came home from NAM and the media pinned hero on his chest, I was so damned mad I couldn’t see straight. He, McCain was a supposed highly trained fighter bomber pilot in the U.S. Navy, who was taught to avoid and evade SAMs, He did not, and so was knocked out of the sky, losing a perfectly good and expensive airplane in the process, and subsequently being captured, While in captivity, He told the enemy every thing they wanted to know, Yes, He was tortured, and I am truly sorry for his pain, But we were taught (Really drilled and grilled) to give only, name, rank, and service number, Period ! ! Give nothing, such as home town, school, names of friends, unit, position, mission, or any thing else they can use, He spilled his guts. We marines of my day, who were in combat, ( Korea) would consider him a COWARD, not hero, by a long shot. I’ve never been able to figure out how he ever was allowed to run, and be elected to the U.S. Senate. The people of Arizona must be an awfully forgiving bunch.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      By name only

  • Young Werther

    But this is old news…

  • TAM44

    Do you recall your departure the last time your loosing butt tried for the top job rick perry? you’re wasting your time. Mr. Trump is not worried about your hissy fit protecting john mccain, john mccain is a POS in my book a lousy politician that gave us obama.

  • dan9el

    We all can be talking on this topic until the next comet or asteroid hits the planet and everything will go to Kingdom Come……so let’s be straight and simple.

    The GOP old rancid establishment wants Trump out.

    And so there goes Cruz, Perry, Rubio….and everyone in between teaming along with the main stream ultra-obamanized media holding and blowing out of proportion what the man said about McCain.

    And whether the GOP like it or not, Donald Trump is correct.

    Just because he was captured that is not indication of heroism.

    You see, nowadays anyone who declare himself or herself be homosexual is considered to be hero…and they celebrate that individual with all type of colourful paraphernalia …with a lot of noise proclaiming / shouting at top of the lungs….’hero’! ‘hero’!….how pathetic!

    Senator McCain is (and he knows that every American knows it) he is a sold-out republican (RINO, if you will) interested and working for his own special personal and selfish interests and not looking at all for the benefit of the American public who elected him for a serious purpose of to look out for this great country.

    He is / was a POW, granted ..but somehow the man does not act accordingly as a real-core patriot would act…it seems (and he evidently did) that he lost his road.

    So, if the man is to be called a hero he would not come back to participate in a blending with the anti-American liberals (libertines)-democrats selling the country to the enemies,…or perhaps better said, helping the current rogue unconstitutional, anti-American administration to serve in silver plate our country to our enemies for free;….oh!, yes, because this man is so happy to say that he ‘cross the isle’…and make deals and give-and-take with left and right to be fancy in all sectors…”shaking hands with GOD and the devil simultaneously” (sort of speak)

    That is not the action of a hero that is the action of and irresponsible opportunist.

    The real hero is one that comes back dismembered and still doing things to help our country…whether is captured or not is not of relevancy,…it is not to sellout our country.

    And who are ding this sellout?….McCain for one, also,…. Kerry, The Clintons,Jarrett, Schumer,,,and the big vermin Soros, Maurice Strong, Buffett, and others weeds.

    But do not include Mr Obama on this for he is not traitor, for this country is not his land….he is not son of our country.

    Trump does not have to apologize squat,… he told reality, and since he does represent a threat for the every RINO from the GOP….everyone there want his head (sort of speak) and they are blowing out of proportions everything (no matter how small or lack of relevancy) in order to push an ‘excuse’ so the man would looks bad before the American electorate;….well, is not going to happen for the American public is sick and tired of all corrupted politicians and their empty promises.

    Mr Trump is under severe attack – ( and it will continue that way) – due to the fact the man is telling the truth flat out, without fear of any kind….liberal (libertines) – democrats and their associates sold-out RINOs republicans, resent to be confronted with reality;….evidently there is a sense of frustration, and infuriated they get when facing even a fraction of the truth so eagerly they try to evade,…. and so, they deny it….pretending, that if they do not see it…or run from it , it just simply does not exist.

    And here is a thing that seems to be eluding everyone out there;….

    Mr Trump is not really a republican,…not like those RINOS out there – (from the GOP) -…he is a true-core American representative…he a man from the people,…this man is a real-core American patriot……no compromises, no fine print, no pretenses,…is shouting, and shooting the truth , flat out….and democrats and sold-out RINO-type republicans do not like it.

    So, McCain,… as sold-out republican (RINO) / virtually or totally liberal-democrat in disguise , Mr McCain will use all possible shady tactics to stay in Washington….after all liberal-democrats need him to perpetuate the current paradigm and finish-up this great country of ours.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Bob Faulds

    McCain was given a pass. He returned after the war & was given his job as a Senator. He should have been shot for treason. He is no hero, he saw many die because of him giving info to the VC. To this day I have never been able to understand Arizona for kepping him in office.

  • The Redman

    Dic head don is a stupid snake-mouth inbred. he wants ta B the great white-folks hope. but he, like most white-folks R just as worse as ISIS.

    • Walter Flatt


      • The Redman

        98% of ALL white-folks love 2 do things dat they should already B doing, just 2 glory in themselves. good 4 U walt. now. listen up snake-mouth. white-folks “didn’t” free anyone. not even yo boy lin-con. it was all GOD’s doing. besides. white-folks worship guns and love 2 kill. so. keep yo “slave” thoughts 2 yo self, U R A hater in disguise. repub or demo. its all the same.–stupid, hater white-folks. there’s yo answer

  • Seedman

    I am losing respect for Rick Perry. With the way this country has been sodomized by progressive, unconstitutional, Democrats it is telling that Perry seeks to prop up McCain who has accomplished nothing despite the catch phrase, “Country first.”

  • Jim Hise

    Bloviator. Perry fits the name the indians gave Obama, “Walking Eagle” So full of shit he can’t fly.

  • Reasoniam

    McCain was as much as a “hero” as John Kerry was. Time to shine the light on these roaches. Thank you Trump for turning it on!

  • jimbow

    John McCain was a war hero, but that being said it does not give a person a pass for things done after, John McCain has been one of the worse voting records for any Rino in congress.

  • Monty Montgomery

    Perry is a sellout, sold out Texas to the illegals and would do the same to the entire USA if he had the chance. Very hard to take a person seriously when you know that everything that he says is to get attention for his own agenda. As I am a native Texan and my forefathers before me, I have seen first hand how Perry and those like him will destroy America. Give to the illegals and take from the American citizen, that is his whole agenda.

  • sewoodruff

    Trump is right, being a POW does not make you a hero. The fact that McCain has played that card for 40 years makes him sad, not someone to be looked up to. Instead look at his political record to see if he deserves respect and continued votes for office. Unfortunately, his political record is even more sad than hi military record.

  • Monty Montgomery

    Censorship at it’s best, apologize or else. Apparently Perry has never read the constitution. The truth hurts, yet it is the truth…McCain is NO hero. A traitor….but never a hero. A failed leader…never a hero. Yes, the truth really hurts.

  • fuzzyfrog

    I am a Nam 100% disabled combat Vet 67/68, McCain has never done a thing for Vets,,,, He refuses to recognize Agent Orange which is killing a 1,000 or more Nam Vets a day. and also PTSD…..
    While in Arizona as their Senator he has never went out and fought for our rights.
    He is also Pro Illegal Immigration……
    Face it his Daddy was a Admiral, He got many special priveldges (sp) because of that and if if you do your research you will find that the North Viet’s built a special monument in his honor.
    He is just another Nam Vet that got wounded like myself , he is in no way a Hero……

    If anything he needs a kick in da ass for doing nothing for us Vets over the last 40 years while the VA has been screwing us…..
    VIVA Trump
    I am sick of these lifetime politico’s who for years have done nothing but take our money while they have also stood by and watched and allowed us to get shafted as they have lied and finagled all they could to embolden themselves

    Remember few Officers had to do full one year tours most did either a 3 month or 6th
    month tour then went home while we enlisted Vets did 12 to 13 month tours.

    Vietnam 67/68 The Big Red One 1st/4th Calvary
    I am also a 6 time cancer survivor of Agent Orange cancers..and The National Director of The Order of The Silver Rose Rose which is a group that for over 23 years did all we could do to help AO victims by Honoring them with a gratis Silver Rose medal and Award,
    McCain NEVER would talk to us while we awarded over 8,100 Awards and raised almost $300,000 for these heroes who are dying today of over 69 cancers and sicknesses the VA recognizes as Service Connected and will pay compensation to, Sadly because of fools like McCain few Vets know of these dangers they face and in most cases if they find out only after they have been diagnosed as Terminal
    Welcome Home to All

    • 5live5

      God Bless and Welcome home, brother!!!

  • 5live5

    Rick perry, you need to concentrate on the border to the south of your state. It’s controlled like a sieve!!! How many ACTUAL AMERICAN CITIZENS have been killed, injured, or stolen from by the very ones you ignore coming across that very porous border??? Get a clue, even if you have to buy one!

  • joe johnston

    You and johnmccain along with mcconnell need to retire or u are going to get your asses beat u RINO traitors to your party.we put u in a position to do for the people and u do whatever POTUS wants.If McCain is a hero than all of the turn coats from korea are too,u sick asshole,go get a job in the private sector….

  • tonyrohl

    I’ve crossed Perry off my list. The invective he launched against Trump is inexcusable

  • Gary-Theresa Brainard

    I used to think highly of Rick Perry but no longer. This is nothing but theatrics. I don’t believe he gives a rip about McCain. And for the record, getting captured did not make McCain a hero, which is what Donald Trump said. But the GOP jumped all over this, not because they disagree with Trump on this but because they hate Trump. They know he could upset the good old boy establishment and that terrifies them all. McCain had a bad record as a pilot but his record as a Senator has been far worse for the country. Nothing I have read about his record as a pow would make him a hero in my view.
    The year McCain was elected to the senate, another POW was also elected to the senate. He was a genuine hero as certified by the United States Navy. He was awarded the Navy Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor for his resistance to the Vietnamese. When interviewed on live TV he refused to give the Vietnamese the answers they demanded but for the duration of the interview he flashed his eyelids in morse code, spelling out the word T.O.R.T.U.R.E. He was found out as he knew he would be and was tortured nearly to death as a result of it. But Admiral Jeremiah Denton left the Hanoi Hilton victorious and served honorably in the U.S. Senate, for the state of Alabama for one term. There was a true hero. Rick Perry knows the difference and has placed his loyalties with the McCain wing of the Republican party. For Shame!!!
    Gary S. Brainard
    SgtMaj USMC (ret.)

    • Walter Flatt


  • Gary-Theresa Brainard
  • Jimmpeeh

    I am a disabled Vietnam veteran. It was a hell hole for anyone, regardless of what their job was or what branch of service they were in. After coming home McCain was given the royal treatment by everyone and he wound up as a Senator. At least is not as bad as John Kerry. They should try Kerry for treason.

  • J A

    Shut up Perry, I liked you until now!

  • J A

    I didn’t hear that much applause.

  • Col. William Dexter

    John McCain was failed military leader promoted to failed political leader, he will never be elected to be president, but just imagine how bad things could get if he was appointed as president, because he is on the “list of 37”.

    • Arnold Baker

      What in hell is this list of “37” ?

      • Rod Scott

        Obama’s masterplan is stay on as president for years, maybe decades, when martial law is declared (Sep.20th), because of continuing problems with the rebels ( formally known as patriots) he will be unable to wind up the martial law, and therefore we can’t have an election. But when he has had enough of being president, his idea is to appoint a successor from the list of those most faithful to him, there are 37 names on that list.

  • catnap

    Case in point – McCain called two fellow Senators “wacko birds”. Also, I’ve heard rumors McCain was, as Petro Giorgio says below, not the hero he would like everyone to believe. I don’t know – I wasn’t there. BUT he’s been riding that ‘hero’ horse for a lot of years, and hoping it excuses horrible betrayals of the people he is alleged to represent, not to mention conservatives and America. Nope. in this case, I have to side with Trump over Perry.

  • ADRoberts

    Strange. Both ARE Bilderbergs. What is the PLAY here? Oh, that’s right. McCain is one too.
    So this is just a play to put Trump in office.

  • 1inamil

    I liked Rick Perry until he started slamming Donald Trump. It wasn’t a very smart thing to do. I don’t think he is going very far in the presidential race.



  • lbbird

    Harry Alexus Perry is an everyday member of the Bilderberg Group, the that picks the presidents of our nation, and for the 2016 election they have already pick Jeb Bush as the Presidential candidate,

  • Old but not Deaf

    Maybe you should read McCain’s interview in the New Republic magazine. He just about justified all of Donald Trumps’ comments in the article. Among other things, he calls Hillary Clinton a Rock Star

  • raffaelecafagna

    POS. Ricky, are you Fit to run for p- resident .????? Ricky , you and McCain ” Song Bird ” are alike . Piss on you Ricky .

  • Robert L. Rice

    The OTHER POWS,Said that McCain made speeches,to try to turn the other pows against the USA,NOT 1 time,but,many times.That makes him a traitorus ASS HOLE,,

  • Elmer Fredrick


  • tidalpool

    I believe Mr. Perry has the best motives. unfortunately, he picked a loser in this particular argument. Those of us who served concurrent with John McCain know him to be a fool who squeaked thru the academy based on his grand father and his fathers records. his talents were shown quickly by crashing his jet, and then co-operating with his captors while spending the war at the Hanoi Hilton.
    That was just not enough to make him out to be a hero.