Rubio Wants Weapons Banned

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) showed heavy support at town hall recently at the idea of preventing 18-year-olds from buying rifles as well as banning of bump stocks, more extensive background checks, and financially supporting threat assessment initiatives for schools.

Rubio said, “I absolutely believe that in this country, if you are 18 years of age, you should not be able to buy a rifle. And I will support a law that takes that right away.”

“I will support the banning of bump stocks. And I know that the president has ordered the attorney general to do it, and if he doesn’t, we should do it by law. I will support changing our background system so that it includes more information than it includes now, and that all states across the country are required or incentivized to report all the information into it.”

“[L]ast year, when we came up with our budget in the Senate, I pushed for, and got approved, $50 million a year, through the Sandy Hook Initiative, to provide a Threat Assessment Fund for all states to be able to stand up in each of the school districts, a way to identify people who could potentially do this and get ahead of it before it happens. I support moving forward on that initiative and making it widely available for everyone around the country.”

“I believe that someone like this individual [the Parkland shooter] and anyone like him shouldn’t have any gun, not this gun, any gun. But I want to explain to you for a moment, the problem with the law that they call the Assault Weapons Ban. … First, you have to define what it is. If you look at the law and its definition, it basically bans 200 models of gun[s] in this  — about 220 specific models of gun[s], okay? But it makes — it allows legal 2,000 other types of gun that are identical. Identical in the way that they function, in how fast they fire, in the type of caliber that they fire, in the way they perform, they are indistinguishable from the ones that become illegal. And the only thing that separates the two types is if you put a plastic handle grip on one, it becomes banned. If it doesn’t have a plastic handle grip, it does not become banned.”

  • Sarge

    You state that buying a rifle is a right , yet you choose to take that right away. What a foolish statement. What the government give, it can take away. Fortunately, the right to self-defense is not a right that any government gives. It;s a God given right and no power on earth can take it away.

    • ARJAY

      Sarge, you are correct. That IS what the 2nd Amendment SAYS!!

      Most people, INCLUDING “gun rights advocate organizations” refer to “our 2nd Amendment “RIGHTS”!!

      However, the 2nd Amendment GRANTS NO RIGHTS!!

      The 2nd Amendment PROTECTS our already granted rights!!

      You gun grabbers need to read and COMPREHEND what the 2nd Amendment actually says and MEANS!!

      • notalib

        Amen to your comments. Many people don’t seem to understand your comments. Thank our schools for that missing bit of understanding. Many politicians don’t get it either.

      • Chris Robinette

        Not necessarily as the word Militia and people are separated by a comma, there fore comes the weapons that the “militia” can have vs what the “people” may have. Here is where the Government “grants” permission to own those weapons that the milita has in form of Federal Firearm License. AGAIN th AR-15 is NOT an automatic assault rife as claimed by the weapon uneducated d liberal democrats and therefore granted ownership to the “people” who wants one. So ARJAY, if you want an automatic weapon, apply and obtain your FFL and buy to your hearts content. I can hunt or defend myself and country with my AR 15 just as well.

        • Charles Sroka


          • Chris Robinette

            Sure, If I feel the need for a M60, M79, LAW, or tank, I’ll go with several friends to my National Guard unit and borrow several.

          • fiorimagliulo

            When the second amendment was written into the constitution, the AR-15 was not even in existence. There were no automatic weapons. So what are you talking about Charles.

          • Medic RN

            Seriously? To maintain a free state. Your privilege to be uninformed and stupid.

          • bjensen

            When the 1st amendment was written there was no internet, please resubmit your comment via parchment and quill.

          • Kevin Boothe

            when the first amendment was written, the internet wasn’t in existence either but you’re using it to spout your ignorance! But back to your statement, do a little, try googling “pickle gun” and see what comes up and then look at the date it was invented, then you’ll realize how uninformed you are! Here’s a little hint, it’s a tripod mounted, fully automatic rifle invented in the 1700’s.

        • Terry Butts

          The MILITIA in the time of the founders IS THE PEOPLE it was every able bodied man who could fight.

          The second amendment was not referring to a GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MILITARY. This has been ruled in court NUMEROUS times even a case that UPHELD one gun ban because it was NOT A WEAPON used by any militia or military.

          It all started by the GOVERNMENT ignoring the rights the people had guaranteed by the Magna Carta the SHOOTING started when they began the attempt to DISARM the citizens so they could no longer put up any RESISTANCE to the governments ABOLISHING their rights and round up those who SPOKE OUT AGAINST the tyranny being imposed on the kings order and belief that the Magna Carta was outdated, that it was just an old paper that gets in the way

          If it sounds familiar that is because the events are being repeated today with politicians trying to MICROMANAGE every aspect of peoples lives through the DEMAND they get permits to exercise even the BASIC right of covering a hole in their own roof to needing GOVERNMENT PERMISSION or approval before any SPEECH or sermon is allowed.

          They are even SPOUTING the same propaganda today the VICTIMS have changed the TARGET of the hate has changed but it all boils down to POLITICIANS who want to be king FEARING people will DEFEND their rights wanting people UNARMED.

          They even put it in the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY its sole goal is not about crime or SAVING LIVES it is about ensuring that “no civilian can put up any form of armed resistance” with no explanation of what horrific plan they intend that they fear people will resist much less take up arms to resist.

          • Chris Robinette

            So you agree with me?

          • Terry Butts

            “the Government “grants” permission”

            The founders stated that the bill of rights were the rights granted to every individual by god that no man can take away not granted by the government. The government does not grant these rights in fact the constitution makes it clear the government is supposed to serve the people not enslave and dictate to them.

            The history site I linked explains what happened when the government of the day decided to arrest people for speaking their opinions about the governments taxation without consent of the people as well as ordering them to disarm in violation of the Magna Carta a document that limited the kings powers.


            When we read the US constituion using the DEFINITIONS and rules of the english language as they existed in the 1700s – 1800s it is clear that when the second amendment says

            “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

            The commas set aside the REASON the right exists it is not a separation of who gets that right or who granted the right.



            As stated at

            “The first ten amendments to the Constitution
            comprise the Bill of Rights. Hamilton and the federalists argued that
            the Bill of Rights was not necessary since the Constitution does not expressly grant to the national government the power to do what was forbidden in the proposed amendments. In other words, we don’t need a list of rights because we’ve given the government very limited powers. Others, the anti-federalists, wanted certain things in writing regardless. They feared that government would not limit itself to its enumerated powers. And they insisted on the 9th amendment as well, stating categorically that the rights specifically listed were not the only rights that We the People have. ”

            History has shown they were right the government has in fact tried as it is doing right now to exceed its enumerated powers.

        • ARJAY

          Maybe after reading this and watching the two videos you can (??) COMPREHEND what the 2nd Amendment means and comprehend what the difference is between the right of the “PEOPLE” VS the right of the “STATE”!!

          Text of the 2nd Amendment:

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
          the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

          And you gun grabbers conveniently disregard what the 2nd Amendment ACTUALLY MEANS!!!!

          What part of “…[t]he right of THE PEOPLE to keep (have/possess) and
          bear (CARRY) Arms, shall not be infringed.” do YOU NOT understand? The
          right of the people means, THE INDIVIDUAL has the right, NOT referring to an army (collective right).

          Video 4:16 explaining 2nd Amendment:

          Research what was meant by the founding fathers when they referred to
          “A well regulated Militia”. Back then, they meant EVERY able-bodied
          man who knew how to handle a gun (meaning well trained) WAS the Militia!

          You must remember that the founding fathers used the meanings of the words when they wrote them, NOT THE MEANINGS USED TODAY!

          Considering the fact that if a man wanted his family to have MEAT, he had to go HUNTING to KILL an animal, USUALLY WITH A GUN/RIFLE! (You DO realize that back in the 1700’s, there were NO grocery stores with REFRIGERATED meat displays, where the woman of the house could go to buy a steak or roast to fix for dinner that night!?!?) SO MOST men WERE well trained, therefore WERE “well regulated” the Militia!

          “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be
          made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

          Great explanation of the 2nd Amendment begins at approximately the 25-minute mark.

          • ipsd48

            Have to add a correction there; As was brought out in the Heller case, there were already butcher shops in all the major towns and cities of the colonies in the late 18th century. So it wasn’t necessary for residents of them to actually hunt for their food.
            Which, by the way, destroys the argument that the 2nd amendment was written to preserve the right to hunt for your dinner.

          • bjensen

            Yes in Major towns, but the majority of the population didn’t necessarily live in town (and the 2nd was Never about hunting)

          • ARJAY

            The 2nd Amendment was NOT written to protect HUNTING rights!!

            It was written to protect us from a TYRANNICAL GUBBERMINT!! And other evil people. Enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC!!

          • Chris Robinette

            I agree with you totally.

      • bob

        that is 100 percent correct military weapons are EXACTLY the weapons protected by the second amendment

      • ipsd48

        That would be ‘already EXISTING right’. The 2nd amendment doesn’t GRANT a right, it just RECOGNIZES that we have it.
        By the way, if they pass laws banning firearms from 18 yr olds does that mean they’ll have to raise the age for military enlistment to 21?

        • bjensen

          No. even though they should it will be an “exemption” to the rule (as long as they are in training or deployed anyway)

        • ARJAY

          The 2nd Amendment does NOT just “recognize” an already existing right, but it GUARANTEES-“SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” that there will be NO unconstitutional “laws” to take that ALREADY EXISTING right away.

          ALL gun regulating “laws” are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! The founding fathers put NO restrictions on WHO, WHEN or WHAT KIND of firearm a USA Citizen can KEEP (own) or BEAR (carry)!

          I do believe that whatever age they require (above age 18) should be the same age that they can require or accept enlistment for the service of our country.

    • Chris Robinette

      Ok if 18 year olds cannot buy a weapon then they cannot vote either nor serve in the military. As for me, once you reach 18 you are legally an adult and with that come all the responsibilities and consequences of your actions. Sarge, I agree with you as well.

      • Bill Hall

        It has to do with sociologists and psychologists and their determination that the brain is not fully developed at 18 and can not function as an adult. They can follow orders, but not think for themselves. From what we see at today’s institutions of higher learning perhaps the age may need to be raised to 25 as our college kids are almost incapable of existing in the real world.

        • Chris Robinette

          Bill, you have excellent points about today’s kids. In 1971 I was 19 and went into the military. My background had it’s moral education as well as education on self dependence and weapon handling. I knew right from wrong. Yes I followed orders but I also evaluated those orders against the morals of the 10 commandments. Over all Bill, good writing.

          • Tony

            Would you turn your back on an 18 year old that you know is out to do harm, just because he is considered to be just a kid?

          • Chris Robinette

            Nope, and knowing is part of the problem to know who is psycho ad who is not. Can you tell the difference, Tony?

          • ipsd48

            I have to wonder if the school or community might have suspected Cruz might go ballistic after the death of his mother

        • Medic RN

          I was already a veteran at 21. Couldn’t by a beer.. But could kill communist insurgents in South Vietnam.
          It’s not the gun. It’s the finger on the trigger.

        • ipsd48

          Thousands of sergeants with combat experience would argue that point with you.

          • Bill Hall

            It is not my point, it is a fact that those kind of ‘doctors’ have come up with their medical determination, not me. But I still stand by my statement about college kids today that have to have their “safe spaces” to cope with everyday life and seem offended by the most mundane things.

      • Tony

        An 18 year old can join the Marine Corp without consent from his parents, and learn how to kill with his bare hands, learn how to become an expert marksman, but can’t buy a rifle to put meat on the table? Rubio is a nut case.

        • Larry Cece

          Its not a smart move marco it will create a big problem

          • kenbarber

            marco is not very bright. he may be out of the senate and actually have to get a real job.

    • Dan Mattingly

      First, Rubio, like many politicians, is bought and paid for by the elite rich. Look how many go into office having a modest income and shortly become millionaires plus. Where did they get that kind of money on a congress salary? The elite want a Utopian total world dominance Say that’s hogwash, then why is congress so dead set on removing the law abiding citizens guns? To disarm a countries citizens. That’s a proven tactic around the world. What bothers me is, there are those who promote restricting or, remove the law abiding citizen right to bear arms but, nothing is being done about the criminals and mentally unstable. Not one word in the blog has said a thing about the criminals, it’s all about the law abiding citizen weapons. The back ground check system has proved to be pretty much full of holes and ineffective. The criminals get to keep there guns under the system we have in place. Why? Simple they don’t care what laws you write. This country had tons of laws on the books in every state and, to the best of my knowledge, very few are ever enforced. Slick lawyers plea bargain them off and, the criminal walks out of court laughing. When do we start talking about taking the weapons away from the criminals and not the law abiding citizen? This is where the real problem lies, not with the law abiding citizen. The direction our ignorant politicians are taking is to promote the elites agenda and you who agree with are sheep being led to the slaughter. When they go after the criminal and mentally unstable and enforce the laws then, and only then will gun deaths start to really drop. I’m waiting for another Utopian syndrome to happen where there is no violence and you no longer have a need for weapons.

  • e.push

    i beleive they should not be able to vote either, serve in the military or be on their mothers insurance. just when do they become adults?

    • Rick Vitti

      nowadays 35

      • roughman

        Nah. I’m 70, and still waiting…

        • Rick Vitti

          Me too…I was just referring to the no common sense and no independent thinking on the part of the do nothing generation. I too was there once, but never this naive and stupid.

  • Rick Vitti

    Just goes to show how immature our 18 year olds have become! Nice job snowflakes!


    So much for the 2nd Amendment YOU SWORE to UPHOLD and DEFEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eh, rubio?!?!?!?!?!

  • BBush0712

    Sensible elements…teenagers have become less mature (safe space stupid) and we must handle it for them. If school design must be adapted to make them fortresses, so be it—make single point of entry. FBI needs full examination/shake down. But no disarming the public—keep Commies on their toes and keep NRA strong!

    • Rick Vitti

      That is so sad. Guns have been around our nation since the beginning. It is only recently as children have been coddled into being a bunch of dumbed down, non God fearing, non caring, nose to the phone, get rewarded for losing snowflakes., that this has been happening. Most of the shooters have been shunned by their peers, mainly becasue of their mental instability, but the same complainers did nothing when they had the chance and now once again the easy out is to blame it on the guns. Mental institutions and getting these people help before it comes to this, have all but been shut down in the USA by again the Democraits and bleeding heart liberals who claimed they were too cruel. Now explain cruel to us you fools! Not to mention the failure of the local police, FBI, the surrogate parents and everyone else involved who just were too busy to REALLY do something about this last mass murderer. No laws that were in effect or will be in effect in the future will ever stop nutcases like this as it is a breakdown of society that s to blame, not a gun. And for you small minded brainwashed snowflakes an AR-15 is not a rapid fire assault weapon, it is a single pull of the trigger for each bullet fired, just like 90% of the handguns out there. Unlike a military assault rifle that one pull of the trigger will empty the magazine. So banning the AR-15 or guns like it will do NOTHING!

      • Gerry Costa

        Rick — GREAT post and 100% right on all counts.

        • Larry Cece

          very well put rick

      • AlMart

        It is just a step towards banning handguns. Rubio is being used as a tool.

        • Rick Vitti

          That won’t happen ever!

    • ipsd48

      Construction of schools are already too much like prisons. Perhaps it’s time to rethink the whole education program in this country…………….such as internet based

  • leonard

    anyone that can go to war or even be required to register for selective service (be drafted and go shoot a firearm or be involved in a violent act in any way, shape or form) should be allowed to buy a firearm! if you take away that right then you should remove them from the requirement to register for selective service, and also require the government to inform each person who volunteers for military service, that they are not allowed to buy a firearm but can volunteer to go die for the government before they sign anything or be sworn in!!!
    you can raise the age requirement to buy a firearm to 50 years old for all i care, but i think the citizens who are required to register for selective service has to be raised to that of the age to buy a firearm!!
    i am prohibited from legally possessing a firearm, so i think all government employees should be prohibited from possessing a firearm too!

    • Chris Robinette

      “Involved in a violent act in any way” should be allowed to buy a firearm? Are you including stalking, murder, rape, armed robbery, home invasion, carjacking, or any violent felony crimes should be allowed to buy a gun? How about those persons who are mentally incapable to know right from wrong based on the US Bill of Rights, US constitution and Federal/State law? What about the idiot who broadcast their attention to commit mass murder? You cannot stop nor permit everyone to buying a gun but you can stop those who at a threat to the lives of others.

  • Name

    What hypocrisy. They want to take away those under 21 right to buy a gun but turn around and say join the military and fight, kill for us.

    • ARJAY

      That’s what the mentally ill do!!

  • Macman106

    Good bye Senator…

    • Rap Scallion

      AND He wanted to be President at one time, I think when that schook kid screamed at hi he wet his pants….Trump was right about “Little Marco”….spineless BS POS!

  • Alan404

    The turning of another worm here seen?

  • Eddie G.

    Rubio is casting his bait for votes. The dumbass is going after what every other politician is doing, blah, blah, bump stocks, more blah, blah, the evil AR-15 rifle and the b.s. will continue ad nauseam until doomsday. The kids are media brainwashed thinking this is the solution and the politicians are racing like dogs to a meat market to garner any votes. What crock ! The real story is the FBI was given plenty of head’s up about Nik Cruz and did nothing. The Broward County Sheriff’s dept as first responders did nothing to stop the shooter and they could have, they stayed outside peeing in their pants instead while waiting for SWAT. Meanwhile thanks to the Democrats keeping the FBI tied up with their dreamed up saga of Trump and the Russians, a first responder law enforcement agency doing nothing, a fire department failure to respond to a fire alarm, 17 innocent humans lay dead, many more wounded. The best part is while chaos ensues and officials bumping into each other, politicians immediately scream for gun control…The punk shooter quietly goes to Mickey D’s and eats lunch .

    • Christiann

      We don’t have a gun problem in America! We have a sin problem!! School shootings are a direct result of God being removed from the schools & society!! That kid is under the influence of demonic demons from Hell that’s why he killed people!! We, DEMAND that GOD & HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, be brought back into the schools and society!! If anyone should oppose this, then you need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord because you are under demonic ihfluence!!

      • Chris Robinette

        Demonic influence, no, but loss of moral teaching, yes. The 10 commandments are the basis for right from wrong. Life was precious at one time and now seems worthless to many. BLM only to blacks. Islamic lives matter? Only to Islamic who believe in the Qur’an in its entirety.

  • roughman

    By-by, Marco.

  • Martin

    We must have weapons with firepower to defend ourselves from a tyrant government.

    • Rick Vitti

      And thus the 2nd Amendment

      • Larry Cece

        you had 8 yrs of tyranny with obama

  • sasquatch1313

    Time to hit the big reset button and flush the toilet twice. They have obviously lost their minds (if they had any to lose in the first place) It cannot be fixed. Have to start from scratch.

  • Gerry Costa

    rubio —- go find another country to screw up — you are not going to do it here !!!!!!

  • Roger

    I agree with Rubio….no one under 21 should have a gun , unless your in the military

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    Well it seems to me that if an 18 yr old cannot buy a gun they should not be allowed to serve in the military where they are handed guns

  • rad77red

    an AR-15 , commonly known as an assault weapon is not what the initials stand for !!!!! the real meaning is ARMALITE RIFLE named after the company that FIRST made them !!!!!!!!

  • Mike McShea

    If an 18-year old should not be allowed to buy a rifle, they should also NOT be allowed to vote. I believe the argument is that they are “too immature” at 18. I wonder how many 18 to 21 year-old Marines, soldiers and sailors have died defending this idiot’s RIGHT to spew such statements?

    • Rap Scallion

      Marco the US Senator who wanted to be President wet his pants when that kid screamed at him about what he wanted! Soon it will be adults screaming at you Marco! Get ready and wear Depends on your next Interview with Adults!

    • john

      If 18teen year olds are too immature to buy a rifle, then why is 17teen yeay olds mature enough to demand of our Politicians more gun controll?

  • bandhriot

    Senator: Would you please give me your opinion as to why there are so many Cubans in Florida? Does it have anything to do with one tyrannical government replacing another tyrannical government because they had more disgusted followers and more guns?

  • bandhriot

    P.S. You could also tell me what you think is an “assault rifle.”

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    i was a teenager, i was 18, i never had this problem going to school in the 1980’s. listen marco rubio it isnt the Fing guns dammit!! it is the way that kids are NOT RAISED with self respect, morality, respect for others. dont take the rights away. the more government gets involved the worse it gets. i joined the military at 17 years of age with my parents consent. if i can serve my country at 17 then i can damn well be trusted to have a firearm. it is the total lack of parenting and the lack of responsibility mindset in our society by the liberal dingbats that is the problem. a bumpstock never killed anyone, a bullet never killed anyone, human beings have been killing each other for centuries. there was a time when hangings were performed in the public square. crimes were way way down. because the consequences of bad behavior were actually taken against the guilty party. now we have crooked lawyers -politicians-who think that they know more than we the people..that is a major problem. think about that.

    • Charles Sroka


      • Rick Vitti

        And then they grow up to be totally fluked up

  • TheMADGun

    Well, Marco Rubio just ended his tenure as a Senator from FL. I am not a resident of Florida, but I would NOT VOTE for a waffle such as this !!!

    • Askjrsk

      Rubio is on Soros payroll.

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    we change the age of voting to 21 as well.

  • jseeburger

    I’m pro-gun. Have and use a few myself. The standard definition of a semi-automatic gun is: one pull of the trigger results in one shot fired. However, if you think about it, a revolver meets that definition. If the anti-gun groups get their way, all guns except single-shot guns (which were pretty much what existed when the 2nd Amendment was written) will be banned.

  • Paul Wilson

    If he want to take the right to purchase a weapon from an 18 year old, he needs to also take their right to vote.

    • Rick Vitti

      And their right to join the military

  • David Horner

    Stupid argument. Just because you make laws about it doesnt mean it will prevent it. The perp wasnt supposed to have the guns, FBI knew he was a threat, local authorities knew he was a threat but let him buy the guns then didnt step in when they heard the gun fire. laws wont stop bad guys from doing bad things. People need to be able to protect themselves and the helpless.

    • Al

      Stop gun free zones.

    • Rap Scallion

      I think a commission needs to take a look at why the FBI and the Sheriff turned a blind eye to Cruz and the entire HS population, and the crimes they were getting away with to get the crime numbers down!.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Notice how the Demonrat Libturds do not talk about how during the Columbine school shooting President Billy Bob Clinton had an assault rifle ban in place!! he implemented it somewhere between raping Annita Broderick and using Monica Lewinski as a Humidor!!

  • Eric Hunt

    You are telling me that an 18 yr. old should not be able to purchase a firearm, yet he can join the Military and be sent to a hostile area and support OUR COUNTRY.
    I, for the life of me, cannot figure such IDIOTIC THINKING.

  • gideonrockwell

    You guys in Little Mrco’s district need to find a conservative replacement for him. I believe he has been up in the Beltway too long and has caught a serious case of Libertardism.

  • Bill Hall

    What was the headline? Rubio wants weapons banned right? So in the whole story what weapon is it that he wants banned?? Another example of mis leading news reporting.

  • Charles Sroka


  • Rap Scallion

    Rubio said, “I absolutely believe that in this country, if you are 18 years of age, you should not be able to buy a rifle. And I will support a law that takes that right away.”

    So a kid is good to go to Iraq or Afghanistan but he can’t smoke a cigarette, buy a beer or buy a gun, because he just may be unstable at age 18, but he will be totally AJ Squared Away at the age of 21??????? Most of the people in the US COngress don’t have the comprehension skills to know their butt from their elbow, but that doesn’t stop them from taking what they want and leaving you the mess they make!

    Time for you to go Marco! You forgot your roots son!

  • Ron Bedell

    Enough is enough! I have been a Ronald Reagan Republican since 1980. I left the Democratic Party in the summer of 1980. Since 1980 the Republican Party (GOP) has betrayed me many times. If the federal government and/or the State of Florida passes ANY type of gun control, whether it is background checks, three day waiting periods, ANYTHING, I will be completely finished with the Republican Party. I will definitely be moving to a third party. I have enough of this non sense with the Republicrats!

  • Ron Bedell

    Marco Rubio is an American traitor!

  • Ron

    Hello. In the midst of these discussions, I see no emphasis on improving communications within law enforcement agencies (FBI) or State or Federal officers or School Administrations norTeachers, Shrinks or PARENTS AND FAMILIES to identify and apprehend or treat or incarserate. mentally ill individuals. People kill and that is a fact.

  • Larry Cece

    right on sarge left wing lunes don’t have a clue

  • john

    Times sure have changed,When I went to school we had our “hunting”rifle placed in the gun rack that we installed in our pick up truck,If we wanted we would go hunting before and after school, Think of what has hppened to our teenagers sence they spend most of thier time playing (video)games to see how many they can “kill” the most people or whatever they are on that (video)that they are suposed to kill.

  • tom

    Rubio is a baby rino.his motivation is to please the same people who will vote against him.its called dumb ass Syndrome

  • Chuck Cottom

    I support Rubio but for anyone with an HONORABLE Military Discharge under 21 should not be questioned AS for a legal age I think it is time for it many of the younger generation their cell phone is their universe My Dad gave me a 22 cal single shot Stevens rifle for my 8th birthday I was raised on a small dirt farm and hunted squirrels at that age I even carried guns in my car going to school a small country school and graduated in 1960. There is a world of difference nowdays Many of the youth of today don’t have a clue

  • kenbarber

    are we sure he is not kinfolk with Palosi?

  • cabin cowboy

    If 18 an year old cannot possess a rifle, they should not be allowed in the military either. Nearly every rifle made, going back past the flintlock muzzle loader with a lead ball and black powder was used as an weapon of war, and was at one time the most modern firearm available. The Thompson 45 APC will hold a 50 round magazine, has a pistol grip, (or two), but isn’t classified as an “assault rifle”. Let’s stop medicating everyone who claims they have anxiety, hyper activity, or feels depressed with mind altering psychotic drugs. Lets have medical doctors who prescribe drugs like Ritalin or the many similar drugs, sign a clearance form stating that the individual has no side effects from the prescribed drug. Side effects associated with ADHD medications are primarily related to the group of medications to which the medication is related. However, like any other psychiatric medication, they may uncommonly cause negative changes in mood or behavior, including suicidal thoughts or actions, yet they are passed out with little proof that these drugs are required. Nearly every school shooter in the recent past was using legal psychotic, mind altering drugs.

  • wilfred


  • Medic RN

    Ask the Syrians what they need to stop their government from murdering them.


    They keep referring to Sandy Hook when talking about Background Checks. First of all the Kid Stole his Mothers Weapons and used them at the School where she worked. She passed the Background Check, had her Weapons Locked and her son the Killer must have seen where she hid the key. Also All Law Enforcement Dropped the Ball not Only in Florida but Fort Hood, West Virginia State, San Bernardino and the list goes on. The 2nd Amendment is a God Giving Right Thou Shall Not be Infringed Upon..Notice Thou Shall Not, that is Biblical Not Political.

  • Jim Baum

    It is exactly this kind of political clap trap. That our founding fathers was afraid of would happen. When the Second Amendment was created. Specifically to protect, We The People, against this ever happening to us.

  • William E. McNamara Jr.

    Know this, Marco Rubio, I live in Florida and I will be doing everything I can to make sure you do not return to Washington DC. We need someone who will work FOR us, not against us.

    • Bill

      Rubio never mentioned that the FBI was warned twice about the parkland shooter.

  • billybob

    You cannot legislate away a right. Wanna see an uprising? Keep talking this Unconstitutional crap!

  • Nightwing K’Trevala

    How about we BAN Rubio and KEEP our Weapons?

  • Tom

    The idea of imposing 21 as a minimum age for a rifle purchase poses various conundrums.
    1) voting age is 18. If not responsible to purchase a rifle at 18, how can you be a responsible, well informed voter?
    2) by age 18 most teens have been driving for one or two years. Considering that auto accidents are the largest cause of teen death, how can a 16 year old be prepared to drive but not purchase a rifle until 21?
    3) at 18 a man or woman can join the military, be trained to kill without question and die for our country. All while using basically the same rifle they could not purchase as a civilian!
    4) at 18 a person can marry, have children and enter into legal contracts, but would not be qualified to purchase a rifle!

    Politicians and some large business entities are making decisions based on the current firearms debate wind direction. Logic would seem to indicate changing purchase of rifles to 21 should also dictate changes in many other age related criteria