The Truth Behind Schumer’s Wall Offer

Hogan Gidley, the deputy press secretary for the White House, just spoke out against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s statement where he suggested he finally made an offer to fund the much needed border wall.

Ridley says although he might have spoken those words, it definitely wasn’t a “sincere offer.”

He added, “Chuck Schumer said he rescinded his offer to fund the wall. That’s like me saying I’m going to rescind my offer to give all your listeners a million dollars. I never made a real offer. It never existed. And that’s exactly what Senator Schumer did. What he offered the president was an authorization for wall funding. Not an appropriation. To be honest, that’s D.C. swamp speak for ‘nothing’s ever going to happen.’ The senator is being disingenuous about what he truly offered the president, just like he’s being disingenuous and blaming someone else for Schumer shutdown.”

  • Al

    Schumer is dirt.


      HEY!….watch what you say about DIRT!

      • Al

        Yeh.. sorry… (snicker)

  • notalib

    Any words from Schumers mouth have 0 value. He is as slippery as a snail and totally dishonest.

  • DaveyJ

    Chuck Schumer has disgraced NYS. He needs to retire and get out of politics and his attacks on America. Comparing his comments on border security ten, fifteen years he ha sure done a flip flop. Obviously he thinks now illegals are more votes for Democrats. The Democratic theme song is VOTE early, VOTE often! Why not just do that voter fraud, why bring in illegals to do the voting when dead voters can do the same thing at less cost to your precious cities. It is frankly just NYC that gets Schumer elected. Rural New Yorkers often express total hatred of Schumer!


      Schoomie’s existence as a Senator from the “Great State of Noo Yark” is testimony to the self-important posture of the population that votes for him every year. He wouldn’t BE there unless the majority of N.Y. voters think unlimited abortion (murder) of unborn children is fine by them; as long as they have their “Consuelo” to mop up the drunken vomit from the party the night before, but no green card; and call themselves Christian, but couldn’t tell you the name of one of St. Paul’s epistles. Hubris abounds! Truth is “what I say it is”, quoting Ned Beatty. Yup, Schoomie is the product of unbridled self-adoration. And he’s going down. “Hold on to your butts!” God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

    • WilliamHarrington

      Error, he has disgraced the United States = US.

  • John

    It’s so good that people are finally seeing what low life; Marxists, the Democrats are. And Schumer? LOL! He’s been deceiving and lying to people so long under Democrat policy that he knows no other way to speak!
    New Yorkers need to get rid of the Democrat Mayors and Governors and join the rest of America!

  • A_patriot

    Face it. Those or many of them, on the Left want Socialism over Capitalism. Which is why they make snide remarks about the recent Tax bill and why they continue to fight about having a wall. The people south of the border, in many cases, will continue to vote (should they be given amnesty, which is just another fancy word for citizenship) to keep the Left in power. This whole thing is simply a Power-Struggle playing out before our eyes.

    Schumer is a liar, Schiff is an Idiot and Nancy has totally LOST it.

  • gene smiith

    The American People deserve far better from their Representatives…..but how do we get it. These career politicians
    have but one thing in mind….Themselves….and to that end they plod along stealing, lying and misrepresenting their own words. We should enforce term limits and SOON…..President Trump would support it.

    • Jack M. Goldsworthy

      DON’T VOTE FOR THE INCUMBENT. Support the local good guy knock on doors, hnd out fliers. At all levels as much as time and funds permit.

    • Born in ’42

      TERM LIMITS are long OVERDUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaGuFer

    For anyone to listen to Schumer with a straight face is laughable.

  • lizzardman

    We are not falling for that authorization crap again. Nothing short of an appropriation for the border wall should be considered as a genuine offer. Up-Chuck Schumer is a snake and a pathological liar as are most diapercrats. Any and all offers he and his minions have made to compromise with the GOP have been disingenuous. Schumer is a socialist/communist elitist progressive diapercrat snob who would rather see America destroyed than admit that his policy stand is wrong. Secure the borders, deport all persons here illegally, end chain migration and the visa lottery and put into place a reasonable immigration policy that rewards America with immigrants who want to work, assimilate and help MAGA!

    • DaveyJ

      Up Chuck Schumer! Delightful, you hit the nail on the head…..of a viscous snake!

  • 4Pip

    The D’s are really working for the Mexicans not us,they should have their pay taken away and get paid by the Mexican gov’t.

  • Jack M. Goldsworthy

    Remember a couple of truths about politicians: They serve themselves first. They are lying if their lips are moving. They have never seen a crisis they did not love. Trump scares the hell out of all of them because he is threatening their way of life, their very existence.

  • gideonrockwell

    You cannot negotiate in good faith with a Demotard. Their idea of negotiating is you shut up and let them have their way. Trump needs to take a cue from Obama and just straight up tell the Dems, we won you lost get over it and get out of our way. We’re going to do our agenda and you can’t stop us.

  • Johnny Ashburn

    Chucky baby need to crawl back in his hole.

  • Steven Earle

    It’s a darn shame the main stream media is so corrupt that the truth is withheld from so many people. But thank God we have Schumer and Polosi that keep exposing their stupid leftist double talk. Hey if any of you out there write letters to the newspapers keep hammering on how the Dem’s have thrown the american working class under their bus along with blacks and DACA. Expose the truth.