The Truth Behind Schumer’s Wall Offer

Hogan Gidley, the deputy press secretary for the White House, just spoke out against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s statement where he suggested he finally made an offer to fund the much needed border wall.

Ridley says although he might have spoken those words, it definitely wasn’t a “sincere offer.”

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He added, “Chuck Schumer said he rescinded his offer to fund the wall. That’s like me saying I’m going to rescind my offer to give all your listeners a million dollars. I never made a real offer. It never existed. And that’s exactly what Senator Schumer did. What he offered the president was an authorization for wall funding. Not an appropriation. To be honest, that’s D.C. swamp speak for ‘nothing’s ever going to happen.’ The senator is being disingenuous about what he truly offered the president, just like he’s being disingenuous and blaming someone else for Schumer shutdown.”