Senate panel votes to fund UN climate agency

A Senate committee voted Thursday to contribute $10 million to the United Nations’ climate change agency.

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 16 to 14 to approve an amendment by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) to restore funding for the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change in the State Department appropriations bill.

The payments that the United States had made annually since joining the convention in 1992 had been slated to be eliminated.

Merkley said at the committee meeting Thursday to vote on the bill that the amendment “fits in with Secretary [Rex] Tillerson’s desire that we both continue to monitor the changes in the world’s climate and that we keep a seat at the table.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) also spoke in support of the amendment.

“This is important,” she said. “You know, the world’s at risk.”


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  • Nancy Anderson

    There they go again, throwing away our hard earned tax dollars on the U.N. Why doesn’t the U.N. go get their money from other countries, and why don’t WE the U.S. kick them out of here and stop giving them OUR money???? Just wondering.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Exactly! Any republicans that voted for this should be voted out in 2018!
      What a total waste of taxpayers money to the corrupt anti-American organization!

      • roninrus1

        Not just Repubs, anybody who voted for it has to go.

        • J. P. Lynch

          Exactly !!

      • rightsmite

        No money for the UN !! It’s nothing but a group of Muslims that vote against the US and Israel and always YES for every terrorist country. Plus Global warming is a HOAX to collect money for terrorist countries and world domination by Islam.

    • Eileen Smith

      Because we have a bunch of lily livered, selfish, and stupid Senators who don’t give a particular damn about what we the people want and have called for. They PROMISE us they will be responsive, but they are NOT. We cannot ever trust them to do what they say…and the one who tries to do that, the President, is blocked in everything he tries to do. I’m sick of this but don’t know how to counteract it. I vote. I find out as much as I can about the candidates before I vote. I write letters, send emails, make phone calls…all that does is keep a staff member in a job to discard it all.

      • DD788Snipe


  • hankmacaw

    $10 million more from the US taxpayers to the greatest scam the world has ever seen.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Exactly correct !!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • roninrus1

      I don’t know about “the greatest”. Gore selling make believe “carbon credits” is pretty big. Gotta admit, that is way above selling the Brooklyn bridge.

  • allen blaine

    I was under the impression that all revenue bills originate in the House? Did this bill go through the House yet?

    • Sandra Holstein

      Very good question.

  • Sandra Holstein

    I am sick to death of this outrageous “climate change” hoax perpetrated on the American people to fund globalism. NO money to the UN! The Senators who voted for this should resign like right now!!!

    • David T.

      I agree. President Trump himself said that the UN is not putting in their fair share for climate control and that is why he was pulling out of it, because the other [email protected] were too cheap to fork out cash on their own. This just goes to show that, once again, how the Senate is obstructing everything that Donald Trump tries to do.

      • gvette

        LMAO…David, Trump never said that. They aren’t giving their fair share, yes, but nothing to do with climate change!

        • clearmorning7

          NO WHAT HE STATED was that the one billion dollars given in the Paris climate accords was ludicrous and no one else gave for the Paris agreement.

    • J. P. Lynch

      If only they would !🙏🙏🙏MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Andy Johnson

    anyone think we may want to save that money or send it to Texas and/or Florida. The have had a “climate change” that is verifiable, not predicted.

    • james stein

      (o boy: strumpets sure R clueless sheeple- $10 M is .00004% of our military budget- & EVERYONE else in the world is looking for answers to a very real problem-
      if you want to go on believing it’s all a hoax, write a letter to yr grandchildren for ALL to see

      • mac12sam12

        If Trump didn’t pull out of the Paris Accords it would have ended up that the US would be paying trillions over time over a hoax. The climate has always changed and raising taxes and regulations won’t change that.

  • Robert Gadd

    You know what I love is China just stated there switching over to electric and cut out petroleum all together.

  • J. P. Lynch

    Glad to see most comments are in agreement! Climate change is a hoax. Maybe al gore can give his millions to the UN. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • David T.

      Everybody except John Wolf. This blogger is a liberal troll coming up here on the site and just bashing Trump. I told him he should get a job working for CNN because that’s the type of garbage he’s talking.

      • J. P. Lynch

        Thx ……I will look out for him and block him.

  • GR Arnold


  • John Wolf

    Trump lied to all of us and never had intentions to do what he told us what he was going to do. He will now blame the debacle on the Senate and nothing is his fault and nothing is getting done he said he would do, sound familiar to anybody? The wall will be next even though he lifted the ceiling on the debt limit witch he promised he would get under control. Put an end to DACA but only in 6 months and is leaving it up to Congress to straiten it out, that will never happen but he can complain it wasn’t his fault. Common Core hasn’t been repealed, taxes haven’t been lowered, wall isn’t started even in a 1.3 trillion dollar government spending increase, now an unlimited increase in spending that would make Lucifer smile. Trump has lied about every promise he has made to the American people that voted for him and he continually tells us he is the best. EPA and BLM still run our country without restrictions, wars he promised to take our troops out of are being fortified, he hires more and more billionaires to his cabinet and the only people happy are the Democrats. I could go on and on about the low life people he is giving positions but I’m getting sick of repeating myself on his blatant lies and deceit. Am I the only one that has a critical eye on what is happening or am I just not looking at the bigger destruction of the country like I know you are.

    • David T.

      Wolf, you are a speaking just like a liberal. President Trump tried to get that stopped because we are paying out all the money and nobody else was chipping in. This is typical of the Senate; obstruct everything that Trump tries to do, yet you, in your wisdom, are bashing Trump when you know damn well it was the Senate overriding everything he tries to do in office. God, why don’t you get a job at CNN? You’d fit right in.

      • John Wolf

        No, David T. I am nothing like a liberal I just am brutally honest with my feelings and really don’t care what you say. I put out the information and if you don’t research it that isn’t my fault and if you disagree that isn’t my concern either. I think our country is going in the wrong direction and I see it continually go in the wrong direction I get a little concerned. Would you rather I shut my mouth and sit back and cry or would you rather hear people speaking out when a promise is broken. If I saw somebody robbing you and it was your best friend and I never told you who did it would you respect me as a person. You sound like a really nice person just stay vigilante and I don’t think that is too much to ask, Trump isn’t God just a man so hold his feet to the fire and we just might get our country back. Thank you for your response Mr David T.

        • David T.

          You are blaming Trump for everything, when these Democrats are clearly obstructing everything he does and overturning anything he tries. You keep talking about things that he supposedly did, or promised and then broke, but you offered no proof, only theories? You refuse to admit that the Democrats have obstructed every single thing he’s ever tried to do and I do mean everything. The wall is going to be built. Contractors have been selected and money has been exchanged it is a done deal. Of course, the politicians are trying to obstruct that by going after the contractors and making them list who they are, so that they can blackball them from future business contracts because of their trying to help build the wall. Obstructionist, the lot of them. So I’m sorry, but I will not buy into your claim of Trump reneging on all of his promises.

          • John Wolf

            David, you are incapable to comprehend what I am saying so do yourself a favor and don’t cry to me. And I’m not trying to sell you anything just trying to give you facts, take them leave them but for the love of god shut the hell up.

          • David T.

            Bite me, you limp noodle douche.

          • John Wolf

            David T. your so gay.

          • John Wolf

            David T. I forget if I replied to you but if I didn’t, I want you to know you have the brain of a gerbil, Gerbil’s are Gods creatures and harmless just down right stupid this is why I chose a gerbil for you. They do not have the bad vocabulary you have because they never went to school what is your excuse?

    • marcus J

      You can whine and cry like a Liberal all You wan`t , Donald Trump is not that Muslim Communist Homosexual Criminal illegal alien that illegally occupied the White House for the last 8 years , Donald Trump is actually going by the law and upholding his oath to office ,Which means as a president there is only so much he can do , Not like the Liar and Usurper and Tyrant before him

      • John Wolf

        marcus J, did I say any of those things, just read what I said and you can do the research and one thing I don’t do is cry to anybody. Yes, Obama was the worst in today’s present history but the history lesson is way before your time for me to go into unless you would like me to go back to the Barbary Coast Wars starting in 1801, or maybe I could go back to the Rothschild’s to the 1500’s. Where would you like to go to start you education, I write all day and research all day and most of the night so tell me a subject and I will try to point you in the right direction to educate yourself. Please marcus J. don’t get me started on the law or you will be in class for months if you don’t drop out. Have a nice DAY.

        • james stein

          JW appreciate some of what u’r say cept that Obama wasn’t nearly the worst: try Bush light, Bush, Reagan et al (likely even Clinton if only for helping usher in GMOs)
          don’t know/care about yr politics but it’s fairly useless to try talking sense to folks whose minds have already been made up for them-

    • Freedom Rules

      You Are The Lying Liberal, You Don’t Think We See Through Your Communist, Marxist, Fascist Liberalism.. CNN aka The Communist News Network Is Waiting For You To Join Their Liars Club !!!!

      • John Wolf

        Freedom Rules, No I’m no Communist, No Marxist No, Fascist and no Liberal and no I don’t write with the intent to hurt people only to voice my opinion so people can see my concerns we are all facing. I am a product of the 60’s and owned businesses all my life and was in the Air Force for six years does that sound like a Communist to you?

        I want this country to be like it was back in the 60’s and 70’s before all the Government regulations and the bureaucracy replace our way of life. I watched government grow as farmers lost there property rights. I lived when my friends talk about know young people will never experience the freedoms we had. I lived a life that I truly believed in and I see that being taken away from people today and it makes me mad so excuse me if I am going to demand our President to do what we put him into office to do, and I will speak out whenever I think he is lying or deceiving us for any reason. I once told Ted Kennedy wearing dress blues to his face on the White house steps he was a liar a thief and a murderer and if one of his secret agent touched me I would take that man out, do I sound like I’m some kind of communist to you. Trump isn’t god and we do have to hold his feet to the fire and hold him accountable. Freedom rules, good luck

    • Ron

      first there is a proper way to pass laws and it is not the way Obama did it with his pen or for that fact Bush remember “I know its not constitutional but I will still sign it” A statement like that in my opinion is treason he swore to up hold the Constitution sorry I digress. We need to hold all to the legal Constitution it is still law of the land even if most try to say its outdated it is still law . If you fail to up hold the Constitution your booted from office and tried for treason simple. There is 3 branches they are the check and balance to this great country bring it back in to balance . Make them all accountable no more closed door pay offs all to be done in the light .Make there tax forms available for all to see after all if you see they get money from X and vote for X think you know why. No more legal inside trading for them. Make them follow same laws they pass on us. simple

      • John Wolf

        Ron, I do hope you are correct and I am without a doubt completely wrong on my assumptions, but they are not assumptions. And for the first three months I felt the same way as you but only knew I was lying to myself knowing the people he was replacing and the people he never gave offices too that where so much deserving of positions, I started to question his integrity. I could write an entire short story on the subject but it is not my job to convince you of anything, I just am making people aware of what is really happening. You can disagree and you can argue he has a different agenda than what my studies shows why his promises have failed but I will tell you what I think is going on. I already gave you a list of questionable problems that Trump has campaigned on and the reason not one of them haven’t been accomplished.Hate me but I am brutally honest and I truly hope I am wrong. Good luck Ron, I’m just tired of the deception.

        • Ron

          only going to say this meaning of being insane “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results” Well Democrats keep electing same type over and over , Republicans do the same thing and try to convince all it will change well I do not think so. With President Trump he was / is and outsider he is the last chance before we see a very bad change in this country. Both sides will fight him because he is not doing it “there way” Both party’s want power which is and should always belong to the people not the servants .

          • John Wolf

            Ron, I totally agree to you up until a point, as president he had a chance to clean house in Washington and change over three hundred people as staff members that supported him threw out his campaign and declined to do so. They are all wondering why they didn’t get the job promised and Obama crew stayed in position. I gave you so much information to start researching and his cabinet members and their positions and families and the money trail and blood line you will be a gassed. Ron, I’m not taking the time to articulate the all my thoughts and I doubt if you want to hear them so do the research or just wait to see if some of my assumptions are correct or not, either way we are all in the same country fighting for our sovereignty. Once again Good Luck, we are going to need it.

  • GI Joe

    NO, we have better uses for our tax dollars! Senators Reed and Whitehouse of RI; if you vote for this, don’t come asking for more of my tax dollars!!!

  • marcus J

    Do we need further proof that the Communist party formerly known as the Demonic Rats are the domestic enemy of our Nation , Any politician that votes to fund the United Nations of Global Communism is a Traitor to the Sovereignty of this Country

  • judy

    The UN is totally against America, We give them a building and pay their bills, give them an operating budget and then they still try to make us pay every other countries bills too. Other countries should pay their fair share.

    • Hard hat

      We need to end the UN climate fraud by NOT paying anything until the other countries catch up to all we have paid to date ….this may take 100 years but fair is fair….we need to end agenda 21 and 2020—this is a depopulation plan to reduce the world population to 500,000,000 and kill the rest who don’t bow down to slavery.

  • Dennis Smith

    That’s my hard earned tax money,your wasting.You can’t control mother nature.Why do we in the united states have to fund all these dead end projects.They only want us for our money.

  • Gene Pratt

    Damn the demonrats and RINO’S, quit giving our tax dollars to the UN, they only use it against us to try and take away our hard fought for frredoms, NO MORE MONEY FOR THE UN, and kick them out of AMERICA, get them out of our country, the support a NEW WORLD ORDER, where they become the rulers of the world, they need to go!!!

  • roninrus1

    These a**ho*es are way too free with OUR money.

  • Hard hat

    Any politician who voted yes need to be voted out—drain the swamp!!! Enough is enough if your like me I think it is time for term limits as well as Block chain applications for voting to end once and for all the voter fraud….ID required and proof of US citizenship with identity fraud detection built into each block along with smart contract technology like ethereum. Globalists who own most of our politicians fear this new decentralized technology because it renders them obsolete —as if they are not already..

  • Ron

    this is why we are in trouble with a 20+ trillion debt . We have groups spending money instead of the whole senate / house , How has this became normal ? These committee need to end after all each senator has at lest 16 full time employees so there is no reason that they can not do this in the full senate we need to bring this back to the people not some group of paid off yahoos .We also need to make all there action transparant as well as where they get all the money ,Bring power back to people make them all accountable only way to make this country strong. Last rant why do we found the UN at all they say we should give up are freedom of speech how to they be leave they even have any say on that , not to say how they want to take are guns as well.

    • james stein

      blame trickle down economics for a change- & have multi-millionaires/billionaires/corporations pay a LARGER % of tax
      anything else is a joke

      • Ron

        first corps employ many people who pay taxes so no we should be friendly to company’s but that being said we have not been in “trickle down economics for over 20 years so stop using an excuse , democrats who have controlled this country for more then 50 years with a few breaks have caused the debt by giving away “or should I say trying to buy votes” with welfare. As for taxes we should be only a simple flat tax rate then we could get rid of the IRS which has been used by Obama as well as other to threaten and stop some 501 corps that were not there “type” . We need to shrink the government it creates nothing yet it employee nearly 50% population if you include state governments. How do you support such a monster ? Even the worst run business is far better ran the government because they have to make a profit or go out of business “unless you have friends in government who will bail you out ” Enough I am ranting sorry God bless President Trump please stay an outsider it is the country’s best chance .

        • james stein

          spoken like a true corporate lobbyist….
          what do you think the whole tax beaks for the rich (people & corps) is?
          & the debt when RR took office was ‘all’ of $1T, which then virtually tripled… Bush light more than doubled it fr $5.8T….. & @ the end of his stay we had the whole banking collapse which some say the US spent, lent or guaranteed as much as $12.8T
          obviously there are/were external factors such as 9/11 & the resulting military ‘explosion’ & I’m not saying that 1 party has always been more greedy or crooked – obviously campaign finance & health care are completely out of control.., there are rarely easy answers & finger-pointing & overgeneralizing are pointless-

          • james stein

            (missing a word & a comma or 2 but the thought’s there)

          • Ron

            You bring up bank bail out government should never bail out a private business of any kind if it is run so bad as to need a bail out , let it fail it would of been far cheaper for government to pay the people what ever would of been lost in the accounts that would default . As for taxing corps more do so and see how many stay in the USA then who will employ you ? As far as taxes I stated a simple flat tax applied to all including corporations . If you worried about the poor then start the flat rate at say 14k .Then you get rid of IRS which would say billions and no longer be used as a tool to intimidate the citizens. So if that makes me a lobbyist what dose that make you ?

      • mac12sam12

        Bigger corporate taxes have driven businesses bankrupt or they’ve left the country. Want to drive more of them out? Lower corporate and business taxes help everybody especially the middle class and the poor.

  • Arcturus6

    This is pure unadulterated B.S. The $10 million would be better spent aiding victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. But, of course, this nitwitted Senator from Oregon and Frankensteina from California want to continually support the anti American UN. In any way possible.

  • C. LeSaint

    You idiots!! The $10 million must go to hurricane relief!!

  • Bruce F Buwalda

    Bad move, but then what’s new in Washington! They claim the need to continue to monitor changes in the world climate. Say what? Read the paper every day and check out the international weather forecasts!!

  • Bob Cohernour

    I truly believe the “Climate Change” money requested, goes into a “Slush” fund account to be spent by the UN to push the “New World Order” project, that the U.S. government establishment favors. THIS NWO, IS and would be a “NIGHTMARE” for the WORLD AND OUR COUNTRY”. THEY, the NWO, and those that sponsor it, makes NO secret of its’ plans for the world. You can easily check those plans out on the Internet, READ IT, IT’S SCARY AS HE!!.

  • Free America

    Globalists are lining the pockets of these Senators who vote for this travesty. Senators work for and profit from these lobbyists while taxpayers foot the bill.

  • Low Cover

    What the Hell is this, damn RINOs?

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    How do we get TRUMP to get us OUT of the UN?? They do NOTHING for us except take our money.

    • james stein

      do u really think Trump has a clue (rhetorical)
      do yrself a favor & read the Vanity Fair piece on the DOE (might be like war & peace for ya, but ya might gain some insight into the big pic)
      (scariest nuclear threat)

      • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

        Vanity Fair. WOW are they still in business?? I will say again TRUMP needs to get us the HELL OUT of the UN!! They have done NOTHING for us as a nation except tell us what we should do like do away with our Constitution for a start.
        And YES I DO think TRUMP has a clue better than most of the other shitheads in DC.They only care about themselves and their under the table money that TRUMP has been taking away from them.
        Oh BTW it would be nice if they paid rent on the building they are in!

        • james stein

          mm hmm- (s)trump(et) sure is a selfless, saintly gent who’d never think about himself 1st….
          the only $ he’s taking away is fr hard working citizens who are just try’n to get by or ahead, & lavishing it on the 1%ers- though he portends to eats organic, it surely appears that he doesn’t mind totally (further) ruining our land, water, air & (all) species by reducing restrictions on would be polluters (of all types) in the guise of creating jobs/ stimulating the economy……..(could go on but I’m quite aware that I’m mostly just preaching to the choir)

          • james stein

            (& yes VF is still around & Michael Lewis is a pretty decent writer: liar’s poker anyone?)

          • james stein


  • travis690

    Well, there’s another $10,000,000.00 wasted.

    If you morons in Washington can’t put an end to these stupid, useless, small payments, then you’ll never be able to stop anything big.

    Wasteful spending has to stop somewhere. And this would have been a good start. But you dorks can’t even do that!

    Why do you Senators think you have a collective 7% support rating among the population?

    You probably don’t care, since only 1/3 of you dweebs will be up for re-election next year. And you anticipate that your constituents will forget about these scams when you run again.

  • Victoria Gray

    They should actually be getting more money in now than ever but this UN money gets kicked back to Climate Hustlers, liars cheats and theives OBAMA, GORE,CLINTONS, SOROS they will always find a way to hustle the nieve! @UN gets billions from USA take it out of that, we are almost 21 trillion in the hole, NO MORE TO THE SECRET COMMITTEES -CONGRESS-UN Worl for America not Against or lose your JOBS …. @LouDobbs & @seanhannity will let us know how he feels about more Congressional Theft!

  • dutch

    Vote was 16-14 that means only 30 votes what happened to the 100 senators?

    • james stein

      (committee vote silly)

      • dutch

        But can a committee be the final say or does it still have to go to Senate for final approval?

        • james stein

          of course- a ‘committee’ cannot just ‘appropriate’ $
          (pretty basic stuff- both houses btw & …)
          despite what peops here r saying, most people r in favor of funding climate change research
          (a funny read & u don’t have to support it by buying [although…] -[u can probably borrow it, or read @ the library], is ‘Giant of the Senate’)

        • james stein

          of course- a committee cannot just ‘appropriate’ $
          (pretty basic stuff- both houses btw &…)
          despite what peops here r saying, most folks favor climate change funding
          (a funny/informative read is ‘Giant of the Senate’ – u might be able to find it @ the library although…)

        • james stein

          OK now I’m sure this’ deja vu ..
          but…yes, both houses have to vote &..,
          & despite what u (all/most) think u c: most folks do want to fund climate science
          big pic- if u can….
          (& said previously- if ya really want to play ostrich & deny reality: please write yr grandkids a letter for posterity, & let them know EXACTLY what you think [you ‘know’ for sure] about all of this)
          pretty please ….

  • dutch

    Senate committee, doesn’t any bill that effect taxpayer have to originate in house?

  • Bruce

    I’m sorry but were going to allow the milking of our tax dollars to the elite like the Paris accord, were we don’t know were it go’s except in their pocket’s! The UN doesn’t even do their job as they should! So why should we do this? We shouldn’t! You can’t predict the future. If were paying? We need to track every dollar. No luxury week end meetings at expensive hotels or a club med. No expensive meals or cocktails. I think The UN needs to dismantle! There not and haven’t been doing there jobs. They haven’t kept peace for quite some time since the majority of the powers block sanctions or anything we can do to keep the world at bay! The majority are biased to Israel. So NO to giving our tax money to them! Their a waist of money already!!!

  • ZTrapper

    Doesn’t Trump have to sign that?

  • game50

    Get the UN the hell out of our country…that don’t give two shits about America…all they want is our money to use against us….close the doors and send them to the Middle East … after all that’s who they’re backing…..

  • DD788Snipe

    Senator Feinstein the world is at risk because of you ignorant hope and change liberal socialist. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  • DD788Snipe

    Climate Change/Global warming is a plot perpetuated on the people of the free world by Communist to bring down the free world’s economy and anyone that goes along with or funds it is aiding and abetting the communist cause and helping to destroy our free society. Call me crazy if you want but I don’t think so.

  • Philomena

    America is falling apart and our useless politicians is giving our tax dollars of $10 million to the corrupt UN. The $10 Million must be take out of these politicians retirement.

  • Kurt Kruse

    High drama once more? The Federal government the State government and all local governments produce no monies at all. These agencies including those that work within them are funded by the American taxpayers,Many of us do not believe like Ms Feinstein (d). California that, “the worlds at risk”? However the Secretary of State Mr. Tillerson has a good point it is probably a good thing to have a seat at the table. Currently today’s and tomorrows American Taxpayers have an staggering total with our national debt load now in excess of 20 Trillion Dollars.So to all you legislators out there,exercise caution with our monies as we are watching and we are concerned. This is important, as our country is now at risk!

  • keepyourpower

    What a bucket of horse pucky! Climate change is a hoax, so that only the rich can prosper from it! What is wrong with the Republicans? Oh…Greed??? I want a list of those who voted for it!
    You give the UN an inch..they take a mile! No wonder what they will do with that $10 million! Maybe they will say that guns cause Climate Change next, and take them.

    • james stein

      go on believe in yr ‘2nd amendment rights’ & that the Texas homeowner was a ‘hero’
      kill yrselves off please!
      & the ‘revolution’ (of course started by Obama) is SuReLy just around the corner- been hearing that for yrs & yrs &….

  • Paul Thomas

    I believe the first requirement of a politician is they have a medical physical, to confirm that they do indeed have a fully functional brain, have any of them ever taken a sicence class, or physics class, hell no most can’t read or write

  • Charlie

    What’s really important is to listen to “We the People ” . “Stay in the game” are you freaking kidding , want to stay in the game lead by not making payment of $10,000,000 . For even a simpleton can figure out there has always been climate change not just seasonal but century by century. Example the Ohio valley at one time had a mile & one half of ice on top of the ground . The receding ice formed all sorts of lakes including the Great lakes . Man had nothing to do with the melting of said ice . Quit spend our money like some drunk on am long weekend !!

  • Wenda Kennedy

    No, I don’t know that the world is at risk, Diane! We need to stop paying for all of this stuff. I think that the UN building would make good condos for disabled vets.

  • myfordtruck

    Yes the world is in danger from idiots in the government that vote for crap like this .The UN needs to be thrown out of our country

  • Harold Cranford

    Global warming is bullshit – period! Climate runs in a cycle, as any non-politically correct idiot should know. That crap got its start when DemocRAT Al Gore thought he could ride the idea into the White House. When he failed to do that, he saw where he could make millions with it by scaring ‘ell out of the world. The UN is anti-America/Israel, and should be run out of this country. It’s ALWAYS been a drag on our economy! President TRUMP , I feel sure, will eventually get ’round to fixing stuff like this.

  • clearmorning7



    Continuing to “FUND THE HOAX”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Tom

    This is a truly stupid decision. Waste money on something we already know enough about. We cannot control sun flares which according to so many scientists is the cause of temperature swings and climate variance.

  • Jackson Brannon

    That was 10 Million that could have went to elderly, Homeless and Veterans!!! These people need to be removed from office!!!

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    How about they pay the 10 million from the pockets of the senators who voted for this BS

  • keepyourpower

    I was to believe that the HOUSE is in control of the purse. How can the Senate appropriate money?
    Let’s hope this does not fly, in the House of Representatives!

  • Robert Baker

    This so called council on global warming, has there ever been a report of the work they do, done? If so I missed it.

  • Trump is going to let them get away with this? That $10 million should have gone to build the wall.

  • Effie

    These Nazi satanst’s on far left keep making millions off of their fake climate change when they are the one’s creating destruction of the sun and all else in the universe alone with so called human beings through the use of any kind of chemical trails to suite whatever cause. Such as: Hurricanes that will help them wipe out the population and an excuse to create civil war to then entrap all in Fema camps as they will not be allowed back to homes for whatever reason they choose. Look what they are getting away with when it concerns Trump. I guess Obama is still the president ! It’s here people and we are too late as I especially do not see anyone on the right rising up and protesting the SWAMP RATS and will soon be a 3rd world country as they have already taken over citie’s and you hear nothing from the dirt bag traitors of the far left tv media.??????????

    • james stein

      wow! think/dream that 1 up all on yr own? & some proof please…. sure sounds like survivalist propaganda, & u’r putting an insane spin on it….
      show work……
      (& swamp rats? enabled/restored by?)
      it’s all about campaign finance reform (know I’m repeatin’ myself but….)
      & chem trails eh?
      back it up baby!
      Obama’s still prez? b/c last I saw, GOP is ‘technically’ in power behind a leader no one believe’s in except diehard numbskulls who can’t accept the truth/science

      • Effie

        If all that is not true then what would you think of all the alt far left crimes that are coming to the surface as well as existing one’s on the books Like aborted babies’s used for body parts, satanic rituals ,child molesters. murders, election fraud,funding the enemy through anti- American groups within America to create war in the streets and making themselves rich in the process. Promoting a communist tactic as political correctness,allowing enemy training camps all through America and many next to our army training camps ( brainwashing) 917 brain dead hate groups in all area’s of our society. I could go on and on. I suggest you up date your research !!!!!

      • Effie

        Have you done any research? How far have we come to now; With no help from Obamas and Soro’s Deep Satanist States ! If you haven’t found anything yet then you are barking up the wrong tree !

  • ch

    Get rid of the UN. They are just money sucking, American haters. why they hell are we giving them 10 million for climate change?