Senator Begs To Avoid Memo Release

Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia was recently interviewed on the segment, “CBS This Morning,” where he stated that it would be “absolutely wrong” to release the House Intelligence Committee memo. After Donald Trump announced that he 100% wants to release the memo, Minchin said, “I would definitely say, Mr. President, please don’t do that. That is wrong, it is absolutely wrong.”

He continued, “First of all, he won’t even release his sources, Devin Nunes. This is a man that was sanctioned by his own committee members that he couldn’t be on the Russia probe. This is a person that basically kind of shoots from the hip. Nunes has neutered the credibility of this Intelligence Committee of the House. The Senate Intelligence Committee is the only thing we have left that can put confidence into the system and also into the investigation. What he is doing is just wrong, just throwing caution to the wind and trying to trash the whole judicial system. It’s absolutely so wrong and irresponsible.”

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