Senator Begs To Avoid Memo Release

Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia was recently interviewed on the segment, “CBS This Morning,” where he stated that it would be “absolutely wrong” to release the House Intelligence Committee memo. After Donald Trump announced that he 100% wants to release the memo, Minchin said, “I would definitely say, Mr. President, please don’t do that. That is wrong, it is absolutely wrong.”

He continued, “First of all, he won’t even release his sources, Devin Nunes. This is a man that was sanctioned by his own committee members that he couldn’t be on the Russia probe. This is a person that basically kind of shoots from the hip. Nunes has neutered the credibility of this Intelligence Committee of the House. The Senate Intelligence Committee is the only thing we have left that can put confidence into the system and also into the investigation. What he is doing is just wrong, just throwing caution to the wind and trying to trash the whole judicial system. It’s absolutely so wrong and irresponsible.”

  • DaveyJ

    The Senator from West Virginia usually gets it right!

    • James DeCoursin

      DaveyJ, He got this one DEAD WRONG!

    • Dexter L. Wilson

      not this time.

    • Anvil6

      The (word other than “good”) Senator from West Virginia is a Chuck Schumer lapdog, pure and simple. He continues to parrot the Dem line, no matter what the people who hired him to represent their views and needs tell him.

  • ronportsmouth

    This is another moron that doesn’t want corruption exposed. Maybe if these idiots are exposed then in the future they will comply with the law and not play politics.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Point, there was no intelligence material that needed protecting. 2, the Democrats feared it because it shows that they (DNC and Hillary ) paid for the Steele Dossier. 3. The FISA Warrant would never had been issued without the Dossier because all the other material never rose to the level to cause the FISA Judge to issue the FISA Warrant. There is nothing in the FISA Memo that Nunes released that can be construed as being Intelligence OR PARTISAN to be protected and point of fact it was true, JUST THE TRUTH AND THE DEMOCRATS DON’T WANT WE AMERICANS TO KNOW WHAT THEIR PARTY PULLED!!!!!!!!!

    • DonRS

      Clearly, the FISA Court is FLAWED is its role to protect Americans.

      When 99.99% of all requests for exceptions to the laws and Constitutional protections against illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens are APPROVED by the FISA Court, what more evidence do you need? Based upon the FBI’s and DOJ’s performance, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE that EITHER are that accurate!

      • DaveyJ

        As a former US Army Colonel I did not know how many percent get approved, it proves the process is WORTHLESS! FBI and DOJ have been corrupt at high levels for some time. ONLY the peons get their hand slapped, if they are conservative, other than that it is anything goes! And the threat of releasing this evidence is now Everbody Knows! Sounds like the exact lyrics of the Leonard Cohen song of that title!

        • DonRS

          The latest count I’ve seen is, between 1979 and 2012, there were 35,949 requests for Warrants of the FISA Court. 11, count them, 11 were denied! That’s a 99.9972% success rate! Impossible if a valid proceeding!

          But what would you expect when:
          No opposing views are presented
          No appeals are allowed
          Proceedings are SECRET


      • Dexter L. Wilson

        Or they are complicit. Let’s see what the FISA Judge actually does after this discovery, if nothing we know he might as well be complicit. The other point I wish to add to your statement, if Mueller was truly honorable and he can’t be missing any of this drama, should and if honorable would FIRE HIMSELF.

    • Wayne

      The dems want to release 10 pages of lies without going through the same process that Mr. Nunes did. They even went on the talk shows and told this lie. Shifty Schiff is the #1 leaker of intel committee’s hearings, He is a grandstanding liar and, in my opinion, traitor. Joe Manchin is a politician that says what he thinks will get him elected, He voted against the tax reform, voted in favor of planned (Abortionhood) parenthood. He deserted WV when he stood with Hillary and her war on coal. Traitor Joe gotta go.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        I pray the people of West Virginia will be made completely aware of what you just detailed.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    The Steele Dossier the way it was used was baseless, never revealed where the material came from, that is was circular because the quoted a news source without any sources and that is was political and not intelligence.

  • Johnny Michaels

    Joe Manchin is a politicians politician… two mouths, forked tongue; says whatever he needs to say to avoid being wrong. Epitome of “political correctness, which is to say he NEVER speaks unvarnished truth. Conservatives & Liberals operating this way need to be terminated… from office.

    • denoferth

      I wonder where Joe goes to shed his skin when things get too tight for him?

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Nunes is not crashing the entire judicial system, just exposing the guilty ones
    that are at the top. If there are Dims in the senate and congress, that get exposed,
    then let the chips fall where they may. People with nothing to hide, need not fear
    the release of the memo. As I read this morning, this is just the first of many memos
    that will come out, detailing the corruption in the Obama administration. Dims and
    Rinos better buckle their seat belts.


    Joe…Joe: You need to choose sides and shut up. You’re NOT going to be president. I wouldn’t trust you swimming across a Crocodile pit holding a ham! You are exposed, and your career is going away.

  • Rodney

    Of course, Follow the Wind Joe Manchin doesn’t want the American Public to know anything. Evil cannot exist in the light of day. Had we had an honest FBI, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

    • Vernon Nightwalker

      Rodney, thank you for your comments, I for one totally agree.

      • Rodney

        Question; how much of what is all going on do you think is by design to hamstring the Trump administration? Not so much for actual discovery of illegal action, just to stop any Trump goals.

  • gene smiith

    Sorry Joe…you lose the PEOPLE win and many thanks to our President.

  • The memo did not hurt anyone except the FBI and DOJ hold overs from the Obama’s administration who are out to destroy our country and government.

  • John Arribas


  • DonRS

    Sen. Joe Manchin pretends to be a moderate. HE IS NOT, HE IS A SLAVE TO Sen. Chuck “YOU” Schumer. He has NOT crossed over on ANY vote to support Republicans, NOT ONCE. Manchin is just another Democrat Plantation Owner!

  • Free America

    Joe Joe Joe Why do you NOT want the American people to hear what is going on in our Government????What are you afraid of???????What are you hiding?????

  • denoferth

    If there is one thing democrats and communists, but I repeat myself, can’t stand is the light of day (Truth for those who can recognize it).

  • Ironmike4610

    What’s wrong Manchie, afraid your name is in the memo???

  • Susie Q

    I’m afraid that Mr Manchin is very confused!! There have been serious crimes committed and the people who committed them should be held accountable and punished for their actions. This is very serious and wrong. They are all government, FBI, politicians, spies, traitors, crooked
    maniacs that think they can get away with doing as they please!! Insanity is what it’s called and they must all be brought to justice!!!

  • Spunky

    Bye bye Joe – WV looking elsewhere