Sharia In America?! Watch What A Florida Muslim Cleric Was CAUGHT Saying On Video!!

Liberals just love mocking and jeering at officials who pass laws in America banning Sharia Law, the set of commands set about in the Koran, but they may be laughing a little less heartily after watching this video:

Wow!! A lot of bloggers are focusing on his defense of ISIS cutting off hands for thievery, but they ignore what he says very early on about how he and many other Muslims are practicing Sharia in America right now!!

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Liberals will call it “islamophobia” but they’ll ignore how so much of Islam is extremely set against liberal values of inclusion and tolerance.

If this is the kind of instruction we can expect when American students are sent to our colleges and universities? And what does this say about Sharia law in America?

Whatever you think about Islam, it’s clear that we need to sound an alarm if clerics feel comfy enough to announce in public that they love the idea of Islamic law and cutting off the hands of thieves!!


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