Shots Fired, Mayor Arrested

A dramatic and dangerous scene played out when Pasco County Police came to arrest former Florida Mayor Dale Massad.

Massad was once the mayor of Port Richey, Florida. Before that he was a licensed doctor from 1977 to 1992, when care errors led to his license being revoked after a 3-year-old patient died. 

It was this previous medial history that brought Massad afoul of the law. Officers where dispatched to his home to serve a search warrant after learning that Massad was still practicing medicine illegally. 

That’s when things got out of hand. 

Claiming he would not return to prison, Massad opened fire on the deputies. 

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Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco admitted that there was concern about Massad who had a history of drug use and violence. 

“We knew this was going to be a very dangerous situation, which it did turn out to be,” Nocco said at a press conference. “Our deputies did an unbelievable job. Those deputies were professional, their training kicked in and they did a great job.”

Nocco would add that Massad was “lucky he’s not dead.”

Reports show that the two deputies where able to apprehend Massad, both without injury and without firing their weapons in retaliation. 

Currently Massad is in custody awaiting trial, it is unknown if he has an attorney.