Should Trump Do Mueller Interview

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg expressed that he is highly in favor of Trump accepting to interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nunberg said, “I don’t believe it leads to the president. The president is going to have to explain, and the president has to do an interview, I would say. I would highly suggest that he does.”

“He has to explain why when they fired James Comey. If it was up to me, the president would have fired James Comey the day after he was elected during the transition — but he has to explain why when he based the logic on the Rosenstein memo and then the next day gives an interview to Lester Holt saying it had to do with Russia. Okay, fine, maybe then we don’t have a special counsel. But then he has the Russians in the Oval Office, and by the way, who the hell in that White House let that happen? He was so ill-served by his staff. It was unbelievable. Therefore, I don’t think Rosenstein had any choice but to put that special counsel.”

  • Michael Walley

    no, there is nothing to prove, this has been a witchhunt and he should not add gas to air.

  • richardcancemi

    No! Nein! Non! Never give your enemy ANY chance to get at you. Mueller is only trying to entrap him with any kind of inconsistency. Trump should order his Attorney General to call the entire fishing expedition to a halt. I, for one, am tired of this Deep State Creature putting our tax dollars into his pocket while trying to undermine our first American President that we’ve had in a very long time. Send these elite Traitors packing.

  • denise valley

    don’t do it Mr President, it’s a FACT they are un-trustworthy, it’s a trap, let it go, they have done NOTHING to crooked Hillery, and they have proof. Also when you meet with North Korea, be very careful, Hillery is the type to pay someone to have you killed, so please watch your back, if Oprah has billionaires to put her in office, then they have billionaires to kill ya, remember what it says on the dollar bill “In God We Trust” it’s a fact. I hope all works out for you with Kim…Be safe and God bless.

  • Paul

    If he is not guilty, why cater to some one that is doing his darndest to prove him guilty. Frankly Trump is way too good of a man to allow him to sacrifice himself like that. Tell that skunk to forget it, and go elsewhere. Us genuine Americans love President Trump, keep him safe and protected.

  • Name

    I highly suggest that President Trump refuse an interview with Mueller — a corrupt operative of the Deep State, whose sole goal is to spin a sham investigation.


    Trump should never ever even consider giving an interview about something that doesn’t exist.
    Why would anyone consider lending credence to a lie by granting an interview with a treasonous, lying, criminal like Mueller. Remember the uranium one deal? Mueller was the FBI director at the time and said nothing about the corruption that he knew was going on. He should be hung for treason at the very least!!! God bless President Trump!!! “DRAIN THE SWAMP”
    and MAGA!!!!

    • I laugh at trumpies

      This trumpie is trying extra hard.

    • I laugh at trumpies


      “I’m not a trump supporter”


      You try so hard.

  • Do not do the “interview”. If Mueller was really interested in justice then perhaps this idea would be considered. But, Mueller’s SOLE mission is to destroy Trump by any means possible. Any answer Trump gives, no matter how honest and factual it is, will be given a leftist spin or his meaning will be lied about in order to get Trump impeached. Mueller is evil and should not be trusted to any degree. His minions, including Rosenstein, are working overtime to destroy President Trump.

    • Tony

      They are merely doing what ignorant and corrupt lawyers do. Patting each other on the back and tooting their own whistles. As well as scratching each others backs. Many of us are well aware of what they do, from being thrown into that shark pool.

  • kate777

    One Big Fat No, President Trump has done nothing illegal and the interview would just drag this whole investigation into another year and another year after that, just continuing down a crooked road as the Democrats did from 2009-2016….so No Mr. President, don’t waste your Time.

  • worldnci

    No…let Muller come up with a charge first..if not then tell him to take a hike!!

  • Gerry Costa

    Absolutely not. Not only would every word Trump says get twisted and turned to fit this dirtbag’s agenda but with Trump interviewing with him would add credibility to a farce investigation that is nothing more than a Barnum & Bailey clown act.

  • ecbound

    If he does it, I’ll be furious with him. He cannot be that stupid, and I don’t know if I’d still trust him.

  • bandhriot

    What dumbass questions can Mueller possibly ask that have not already been asked. Time to fish or cut bait.

  • steve

    c wit happened 2 the 1’z who axcepted Lurch Mule’rz invite.

  • Judy Whitaker

    NO, the apresident should not interview with Mueller. No way. The entire issue was a scam and Trump is not guilty of anything related to the investigation and doesn’t owe Mueller or anyone his time in this matter.

  • corvette lyn

    no ! said and done NO!

  • Janis

    Who gives a rat’s behind what Sam Nutberg thinks. He has demonstrated that he has obvious substance abuse problems, and has admitted such by stating after testifying that he was going into substance abuse rehab. He was fired, I believe twice, long before President Trump ran for office.