Something Weird Happened At American Military Bases

Something really odd is happening at a few military bases in America, and it may be tied to terrorism.

Heer’s a report from WSB-TV:

More than half a dozen military trainees from Afghanistan have disappeared over the course of about two weeks.

They were training at U.S. bases, including Fort Gordon in Augusta and Fort Benning near Columbus.

“It’s concerning and legitimately so,” Georgia State University security and counter terrorism expert Robert Friedmann said.

Seven trainees went AWOL from bases so far this month. Friedmann says he doesn’t think the timing is a coincidence.

“It’s fairly likely that it was coordinated, because that’s too much of a coincidence,” he said.

They go on to make a creepy observation. The naturalized citizen that left bombs to explode in New York and New Jersey was from Afghanistan. And in that same week, two Afghani trainees walked away from Fort Benning, another from Fort Lee, and another from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Hopefully it’s all a big coincidence. But if it’s not then we might be looking at coordinated attacks from terrorists that we ourselves trained…

[h/t the right scoop]


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    This report got my goat, as I was a weapons instructor @ Camp Gordon in 1952 until a back blast blew holes in my ear drums which got me 3 court marshalls and a reduction to field cadre!
    All I got was a lot of ass chewings for shitting in my mess kit caused by a trainee who flinched and the 3.5 RPAT smacked me in the face and found my face a fraction of an inch as the flash and nylon waddings came flying out like a jet engine!
    The heat there cooked my brains it kept medics busy trying to keep almost all summer.

    Coal stoves were still in vogue to prevent over cooked chicken and the soot decorated the white frosting on those bakery trays.

    Almost for got, aside from the ass chewings, apc’s and codien were the cure alls for the wounded who didn’t bleed much!

  • RicknRedmond

    This report is from Oct 1, ’16. Why is it here now?