Students Are Freaking Out Over This Bathroom Sign

Colleges are now specializing in churning out useless whiny “social justice warriors” who only know how to protest and riot for leftist causes instead of actually having marketable skills.

If you don’t believe me, the University of North Carolina has been tossed into turmoil because the students are whining that the gender neutral signs are oppressing them! No really. 

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If you’re wondering how it is that a sign about gender differences might oppress someone, then you must have been raised in an age when we weren’t encouraged to be whiny wussies. In any case, these kids were not, and they are demanding the school change the signs or they’re going to be traumatized and useless for the rest of their lives instead of just useless.

Watch below:

I’m old enough to remember when Americans wouldn’t complain over every little tiny “micro-aggression.” But it looks like those days are over.


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