Supporters of Trump and Sanders Protest Hillary

Apparently, Hillary really is a unifier, just not in the way she hoped, as Donald Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters joined together to protest against the losing Democrat on her book tour.

Video has emerged showing both sides of the political divide joining together in disgust over the woman the left insists is “the smartest woman in the world.”

The video is pretty funny…

As the video starts, one man wearing a “Bernie 2020” t-shirt says that the Trump fans are better behaved than the Hillary supporters and high fives the Trumpers. He is even seen posing for photos with the Trump fans.

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  • Jmanjo

    Hillary is a has been! Nobody wants her elected to anything. She lies now more than she ever did before and after this book tour she obviously as loony as she ever was. She still cannot connect the dots that she lost the election and names everyone but herself for it! She should be in jail.

  • rick meek

    Throw hitlery on the trash heap and be done with it…..

  • rick meek

    hitlery needs to go the way of the dinosaur……along with her minions…..