Surprise, Surprise: Roy Moore Accusers Lied

Looks like Beverly Nelson has just admitted a portion of the infamous high school yearbook was actually forged.

What does that mean?

The accusations made against Roy Moore are now completely false. No surprise here!

And now we know that the left-wing network, ABS News, is completely incredible for presenting this story in the first place. They are also not jumping to accept the error they made for not having checked out the facts to begin with.

Initially, Nelson claimed that Moore assaulted her at a young age and that he shouldn’t be elected because it would risk the safety of others.

With this new evidence, she can no longer make these claims and now it’s clear that Moore never broke any laws.

  • Jorg37

    What nonsense and wishful thinking! Adding a date for clarification doesn’t change the validity of the message, which was already identified by the yearbook! Absolutely no question that this Moore sleazebag was after underage girls. How naïve do you have to be to take Moore at his words? Of course, he would deny everything, which also shows that his “faith” in God is faked. If he did believe, instead of using religion to fool the gullible, he would know that the man upstairs would know the truth, and denying it would mean he violated the ninth commandment.

    • jer1041

      and you were there…..

      • kbmiller

        and you were, also?

      • Jorg37

        No, and neither were you! But both the 14-year old girl and the sexual assaulter Roy Moore were there.

    • Mo-Jo

      It’s easy enough to accuse someone of a wrong doing when O N L Y half truths are presented. Any statement that is presented as a fact, and then a part of that statement is found to be false, makes the entire statement false. However it is so very easy to believe the worst of then. As our president is want to say, S A D.

      • Jorg37

        As I have tried to explain, adding a date hasn’t invalidated anything. That date is in line with the year of the yearbook, and was probably added just for clarification, nothing else. In your book, that clears the sexual assaulter? Yes, very logical.

    • CaptGene

      Absolutely! It is the seriousness of the charge that is most important, or, in the exact words of Thomas S. Foley, the House Speaker, and George J. Mitchell, the Senate Democratic leader, said of the 1980 campaign when Ronald Reagan was accused of colluding with the Iranians to delay the release of the US Embassy staff, “These allegations are both persistent and disturbing,” the two leaders said in a joint statement. “WE HAVE NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING, BUT THE
      added.] My, my, it almost sounds like history repeating itself! TRANSLATION: NOTHING will make socialist – excuse me; PROGRESSIVE – useful idiots stop hating the one man who is turning the Ship of State away from the disaster of socialism* and return America back to the GODLY Judeo-Christian principles upon which she was founded.

      *If you really believe in socialism as the world’s panacea, consider this: In the 20th Century, socialist government murdered between 100,000,000 and 160,000,000 of their own people. If socialism is for you, you are always free to move to a socialist country. Cuba would be the nearest one and certainly Raul Castro would welcome you with open arms. But personally, I would suggest North Korea. Otherwise, build a bridge, and get over it.

      • Jorg37

        What on flat Earth does this have to do with socialism, – not to mention what you refer to are dictatorships and communism! And to accuse ME of such is beyond the ridiculous! Obviously, you don’t know a thing about me and my life-long business career, – and how could you?

  • DG

    This is a regular Liberal trick – Just like when they had Liberal (of course) women accuse Herman Cain of sexual misconduct , but Cain folded because he knew he was not going to win anyway– They also tried this on Candidate Trump, but He stood strong and the accusers went away — AND NOW they are trying the same sleazy stunt on Moore — The Yearbook and the accuser where BOTH found to be FAKE – She admitted she forged the note

    • kbmiller

      DG, Don’t forget Justice Thomas and John McCain. Like the Herman Cain and Judge Moore situations, the DumbA$$o CROOKS threw out unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct against these two shortly before their election processes. If there was any truth to the allegations, it would come out immediately after the facts were uncovered, not at the 11th hour before the elections. The DumbA$$o CROOKS should be ashamed of themselves, but it’s been proven, the DumbA$$o CROOKS HAVE NO SHAME.

  • codycollie

    This is the work of the Demonrats 👹🐀🐀 which is part of the Radicals Playbook

    We KNOW WHO THE ENEMEY IS! They continue to undermine U.S. just look at what Obama and his HATE AMERICA SCUM ARE DOING!


  • DonRS

    It is now essential we have more investigation into WHO sponsored these women to LIE!

    • MS_Steve

      Perhaps their FCC Broadcasting License should be temporarily pulled and they forced to shutdown for several days / week to have the Feds come in look around their shoddy biased grab-ass Kool-Aid® stand

  • Frank Roselli

    his whole fight for office was stolen, someone should apologize, was a rigged election,and
    repay his funds!!
    PS Trump was correct!

  • Spunky

    Sue her