Suspect Pushes Officer To The Brink On Camera

A Denver police corporal has reached a plea deal after body cam footage was released of him loosing his composure on a handcuffed suspect.

Cpl. Michael Oestmann had detained a patron of the Lower Downtown bar while working off-duty as a security guard. 

While in custody the suspect relentlessly taunted Oestmann and repeatedly attempted to spit on him. Eventually the miscreant was successful in landing a glob of spit on Oestmann’s face, at which the officer admits he “just kind of lost it.”

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Oestmann kneed the seated suspect in the jaw, looking to knock the man unconscious before throwing an additional punch and shouting, “You will not spit on me again! Do you understand me?”

While that assault restricted Oestmann to desk duty and enrolled him in anger management classes, he faces no charge if he adheres to court orders.