Tape Reveals Jeff Flake Bad Mouthing Trump

Recent video was played on MSNBC of Sen. Jeff Flake criticizing President Donald Trump.

Flake stated, “Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly bottomless appetite for destruction and division, and only a passing familiarity with how the Constitution works.”

Adding, “Our Article I branch of government, the Congress, that’s me, is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily.”

  • marcus J

    I live in Arizona and I miss Jon Kyl , He was a decent Senator and did a fair job of representing the best interest of his Constituents in his State , The Flake is almost as Hated and Despised in Arizona as John ( The Traitor ( McShame

  • average Joe

    This RINO needs to go… today!

  • Bud William

    You know Flake, the name fits you perfectly just like a shoe. Is your “widdle pride” hurt loser? Why don’t you go out and play in traffic,

  • Rodney

    Jeff is forever proving to live up to his namesake, Flake. Even more convenient is that Jeff Flake hails from Snowflake, AZ.. Mormons are such strange characters.

  • Steve

    Congress has power over the FBI and DOJ but they continue slap congress in their face. Why is not Jeffie boy up set about that?

  • Mac Daddy

    Losers will be losers. The people of AZ. should vote him out of office because even if you get the most liberal, socialist Nancy Pelosi type at least you know what you have got. Because it seems that between McCain & Flake I am sure you can find better more realistic conservative not sun baked crazies.

  • Jimwolf

    Flake is a FLAKE and knows he could not get elected again in 2018, so he quit like the little McCain he truly is..

  • Jmanjo

    This is one turncoat SOB Republican in name only! He is worse than McCain and might as well be a Democrat. He should save his reputation and STFU!

  • sargentrage

    I am from Arizona I can’t wait for this Rino leaves office. Tired of him not representing me

  • Ruth Hammons

    Who is this man to talk about anyone? He is no golden boy and a real miss in DC Like most of them- one way or another!…..Miserable excuses for those who think they should be running the country? They all need to be fired and we start over with a patriotic crew who will stand up for the Constitution and be patriots~~BUT THE FOOLS ARE TOO BUSY BEING CHILDISH KIDS IN A BIG SANDBOX CALLING EACH OTHER NAMES AND MAKING A BIGGER MESS OF ALL OF IT…WITH HELP LIKE THEM, OUR country IS TOAST!

  • donl

    Can his Azz.

  • richard black

    so we got 2 libtards from Arizona…so….

  • lmorgan138

    Jeff, you are an embarrassment and the state of Arizona knows it. That is why you are not seeking re-election. Now, if you try to run for President in 2020, you will see exactly what the American people think of you.