Teachers Agree: Immigration Is Harmful In Schools

It has now become known that most public school teachers believe that mass immigration has continued to have a “mixed” or “negative” affect on American children.

The Education Week Research Center just conducted a survey of teachers which proved that 52 percent of teachers share heavily mixed feelings about letting more than 1 million legal immigrants per year into the United States. This doesn’t even begin to take into count all of the illegal school children. Furthermore, 10 percent decided not to say and only 30 percent said it was good.

Concerning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegals:

“If I’m standing in line to get a cup of coffee, I don’t want people butting in line,” said Tim Erickson, a special education teacher at Detroit Lakes High School in northwestern Minnesota and a political independent. “We have rules for a reason, and people should follow them.”

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    OK, they thought it might be better without immigrants but they don’t say why. It is probably harder for them to teach people whose first language is not English but then we refuse to do what Israel has done for years very successfully. Teach all these people the language for one school year. Get them proficient and then put them back in school in regular classes.

    That last part comments about illegal immigrants but the article is actually supposed to be about legal immigrants. Why do I think that the writer is trying to be biased? I wonder just how the question was asked and what was the demographic of the teachers questioned. Very poor.

    • Gloria Ross

      A better idea would be to send them back to their countries and let their government educate them in their own language

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        So none of your family ever came from a different country? Sort of hypocritical on your part. “I got mine so screw everyone else” attitude. Very Trumpian of you.

        • Gloria Ross

          You don’t know me or anything about me so don’t get personal

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            Just commenting on your comment about sending them back because they aren’t us. Don’t need to know anything about you personally, your comments say it all.

          • Gloria Ross

            Assumptions are a dangerous thing

          • glo1934

            I never said that they were NOT like US: This is a matter of enforcing the laws that have been in force for a couple of centuries and which were allowed to deteriorate; The original “IMMIGRANTS” came in and were duly processed through Ellis Island and thereafter, it is the law to APPLY for entry into the country to RESIDE in the country and process the usual paperwork. What they are is totally immaterial and not personal; It is a matter of having allowed the laws of this country be trampled, not just in this venue but several other venues. If you don’t know anything about me personally, you should not make assumptions about “I got mine and to hell with anyone else.” As I said, this is NOT a personal matter, but a matter of law, and abuse of our Social Benefits systems.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            So are you Gloria Ross by another name? Way too confusing.

          • glo1934

            Yea, I’m confused too; I have two email addresses and somehow they have gotten meshed together on all of my social media sites and sometimes one shows up and sometimes the other. Yes, I am the same person, my name is Gloria Jimenez Ross and my ancestors have been in the United States since Texas broke away from Mexico – I was born and raised in Texas, as have former and future generations. I have no idea how my two email addresses got meshed together but the one below is one of them where I left off my maiden name and the one that I am responding on now is the other one; I tried to communicate with the social media sites but to no avail, they don’t even respond, so for now I’ll just leave it alone; sometimes things come through on one address and sometimes on the other

  • Clayton

    when all students don’t talk English that make it harder to teach all student together. Immigration needs to go back the way it was where they were given ONE year to learn English and find a job or they are sent back to the country they come from.

  • denoferth

    Teaching foreign students English in the first year is a given for anyone with a working mind but will not solve the problem. An example is when the Lowell, Ma school system experiences a delay opening the schools due to heavy winter snow falls. Because some immigrant PARENTS (43 different languages, dialects and counting) fail to comprehend English they continue to drop their children off at the not yet opened school in freezing temperatures. This resulted in decisions to not delay opening times during periods of extreme weather but instead declare snow days instead. These lost school days means prolonging the school year with attendant massive scheduling and overtime pay problems the taxpayers are forced to make up for.

  • JPinVA

    Illegal immigrants make it difficult because the schools did not budget for the influx of students, nor was it part of their space planning. To dump bus loads of people into cities without looking at the ability of those cities to provide for them is wrong. These families have not paid taxes to pay for school and other services, so the budgets in these cities are quickly blown. But the Dems don’t worry about that, they worry that the teachers picking up the slack buying materials out of their own pockets will no longer be able to itemize them on their tax returns.

  • Gary VonPratt

    this has been a COLOSSAL DRAIN ‘ON’ American school RESOURCES DIVERTING attention away from MANY American children, diminishing, lowering, plummeting “WATERING-DOWN” their EDUCAION {economic}ability STANDARDS AND OPPERTUNITIES *RIGHTS. The “Trojan Horse” infiltration OF FOCUSING ON “NON-AMERICAN CITIZEN” CHILDREN has diverted & taken ***American Citizens Children’s PERSONAL EDUCATION ”[One’On”ONE]” direct interaction with educators highest standards of achievement advancement & HIJACKED it with #non-American# children. This infiltrating WATERing-DOWN DIVERTEs their educational advancement NEEDS TO *NON-AMERICAN-CHILDREN. This take-over LOWERs American *Citizens Children’s ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES!!!! # IT IS ‘NOT’ THE USA’s *RESPOSIBILITY TO EDUCATE THE WORLD (or pay for their education), OUR CITIZENS HAVE TO BE FIRST & #1 PRIORITY!!! THESE DIVERTED FUNDS NEED TO GO TO THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS TO HELP WITH # AMERICAN CITIZEN CHILDREN # NOT ”’NON-CITIZENS”’!!!# ANYTHING ELSE IS TRAITORISM NON-AMERICAN!!!
    *created jobs: NEED HIGHLY-EDUCATED AMERICANS for those jobs!!!
    AMERICAN CITIZENS #1st in our own country, ”’CITZENS NEEDS 1ST”’…
    when America is out of the red-bankruptcy operating in the black then & only then.
    PRIORITY *OUR *CHILDREN *FIRST!!! Americans FIRST in our own country!!!!~!#

  • Jorge Rivas

    Yes, here in South Texas illegals and Mexican nationals get free passes at universities. They don’t have to know English to graduate–we see it firsthand. Yet the same universities won’t address the needs of (American citizen) students with learning disabilities, according to a top college administrator. “Social justice” can be a hypocrisy. Our children were penalized in college for being fluent in English. They are penalized in the workforce also. Many job interviews are conducted in Spanish only and don’t consider qualifications. Higher education is dumbed down considerably here in South Texas. Primary and secondary schools do a better job with immigrants than universities.

  • gene smiith

    DUH !!!

  • monongahela

    simple deport them their country would deport you and your family if you could not support yourself and family

  • Kim LaMela

    This is a True Article Because here in NY Teachers are Complaining the Children Don’t Speak English at All, So the DOE is Retiring English Speaking Teachers for Teachers who Speak Spanish, Chinese, People from Turkey, India and Other Languages, The Problem is American Children who only Speak English can’t understand the New Teachers, even when they Speak Broken English which is Mostly the Case. The issue is years ago the Classes were Filled with American Born Children and only a Few Non-Americans per class and they were able to Here English all the Time and Adapt very Quickly, today at least here in NY it has become just the Opposite Legal Immigrants and Illegal Children Out Number American Born Children. Unless a Teacher knows 3 or 4 or More Languages and at the Pay Scale they get That’s Out, these Children who Don’t Identify with the Teachers True Language have a Problem. American Teachers are Finding hard to find or Keep their Jobs Because of the rapid Immigration changes. Problems are Brewing in many Directions.

  • lou


  • lou