Teachers Agree: Immigration Is Harmful In Schools

It has now become known that most public school teachers believe that mass immigration has continued to have a “mixed” or “negative” affect on American children.

The Education Week Research Center just conducted a survey of teachers which proved that 52 percent of teachers share heavily mixed feelings about letting more than 1 million legal immigrants per year into the United States. This doesn’t even begin to take into count all of the illegal school children. Furthermore, 10 percent decided not to say and only 30 percent said it was good.

Concerning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegals:

“If I’m standing in line to get a cup of coffee, I don’t want people butting in line,” said Tim Erickson, a special education teacher at Detroit Lakes High School in northwestern Minnesota and a political independent. “We have rules for a reason, and people should follow them.”