Team Trump Says The Polls Don’t Matter – Here’s Why

Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway explained why the polls don’t matter, and she would know – she is a respected pollster herself.

According to Kellyanne, the media has done such a good job of vilifying the Donald that people are ashamed to say that they would vote for him to pollsters who call them. If that’s the case then the online polls would be more accurate, as they count voter attitude without any human interaction.

She goes on to say that they will be revealing a new project that more accurately measures this support for Trump.

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But is she just trying to spin the terrible polling by inventing an excuse out of wishful thinking? Those of us who fought to defeat Obama in 2012 remember all too well about how we fooled ourselves into discounting “skewed” polls that turned out to be exactly right.

Here’s where she explains it during an interview:

What do you think? Is Kellyanne pulling a fast one on us or is this real?

Let us know in the comments section below!!


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