The Currency that May Replace the USD as Soon as this October

Global Reset “Imminent” Warns Acclaimed Author… It Could Happen as Soon as This October… The New Financial System Will Be Built on This…

The U.S. government is on the verge of bankruptcy. They have run up a debt that cannot be repaid, and now must create new dollars to meet their obligations. In other words, they’re trying to fix the debt problem by inflating the currency.

Of course, anybody with some common sense knows this won’t work. Renowned financial analyst and author of The Big Reset, Willem Middelkoop, says:

A system reset is imminent. There are only two options: a financial reset planned well in advance, or a hastily implemented one on the back of a dollar crisis. And it is likely gold will be reintroduced as one of the pillars of this next phase…”

Will the Global Reset Begin in October 2015?

The U.S. dollar is fast losing its position as the world’s reserve currency. And it appears that the Chinese Yuan will soon become the new world reserve currency.

WHY? This October, the IMF will review the currencies included in its SDR currency basket. Regarding including the Yuan, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde says, “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

China has been preparing for this moment for many years. This is why they’ve been buying up hundreds of tons of gold. In other words…

The U.S. Dollar Is on Its Way Out… and Gold Is on Its Way In

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Peter Reagan
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  • believe


  • jemoon

    believe, way to go you are spot on!

  • wcgraybill

    Back the American dollar with gold same as China is going to do. Why change, we supposedly have more gold than china if the so called pres. Did not give it all away. What is the matter with the damn politicians. They not only look and act stupid but are stupid. Thank you.

  • Jerry Dodds

    I agree. Been involved with politicians all my career. I would like for media, which won’t happen to audit finances of all Washington politicians and senior staff. We know Hillary and Bill had to form a charity because they were broke. But, while many are wealthy before going to Washinton, how many like Reid were worth little and now rich? I would like to suggest anyone worth 10 million forfeits government retirement and benefits. They call a $2500 social security check an entitlement but they are their staff rack it in. Then if you look at the country over past 15 years, we need new people who can put these idiots on trail for treason. We don’t support wounded and dead warrior families, and these people get rich screwing them. I have also come to conclusion Americans are blinded or stupid. How anyone could vote for this President a second time is crazy. He and his buds screw up the economy, healthcare, foreign policy so much in 4 years we wanted more! Now we might as well send Iran surplus nucs and money. Yet as sad as it was we are up in arms over a flag a21 year old crazy kid held, while China may be next reserve currency which will cut value of all those entitlements by 75 percent. Is it just me but I sense our leadership, a joke, wants to see carnage in the streets? They will get on their jets and go someplace safe. The hatred they must feel is evil.