The Far Left Liberal Comedienne Who Was CAUGHT LYING About Her ‘Gender Wage Gap’ Story

Nothing could have demonstrated better the lie of the wage gap than that far left liberal comedian Sarah Silverman had to lie about her own wage gap story. She put out this video telling a story about how her male friend got paid more for the exact same comedy gig she performed.

Watch below:

Here’s the problem – it never happened the way she told it:

As Martin explained to PJ Media on Tuesday, Barry’s set was a booked job, while Silverman’s was just a last-minute guest spot (read: expected to be unpaid regardless of gender) that he let her have as a favor — and the $10 was cab fare he gave her just to be extra nice.

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In other words: He definitely didn’t pay her less for the same job, because the set she did that night wasn’t even a job at all.

In a statement to Salon, Silverman admitted that she had made the whole thing up and apologized to Martin:

“My regret is that I mentioned Al by name — it should have been a nameless, faceless anecdote and he has always been lovely to me,” she said.

“This is also HARDLY an example of the wage gap and can only do that very true reality a terrible disservice if I were trying to make it one,” she said. “When I was interviewed by Levo, they asked me ‘Do you remember a time you were paid less for the same job’ and this story, being just that, popped into my head.”

When you have to make up a story about the supposed wage gap that amounts up to $50, you KNOW liberals are reaching! LOL! Notice though, that she’s not apologizing for LYING – she’s apologizing for being caught!

Feel free to make up false wage gap stories in the comments for everyone to read! It’s called “Sarah Silvermanning Up.”


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