The Sister Of An American Killed At Benghazi Is SHOCKED By What Bill Clinton Said About It!!

In a really despicable move by the Clinton campaign, they’re actually praising Hillary and trotting out Bill Clinton to do it.

And what he said shocked and insulted the sister of Glen Doherty, who died at the Benghazi attack because of Hillary’s negligence.

Watch below:

Kate Quigly says that Hillary has continuously lied about Benghazi but when Bill Clinton came out and praised her for her fortitude at the Congressional investigatory committee about Benghazi, she was shocked.

Kate continues on to explain what Hillary Clinton said to her about the attack that took her brother’s life, and how she believes she has been lying this whole time.

This shows the character that Hillary has, or rather the lack of it, and it really must make Americans ponder if that’s what we need in the Oval Office.


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