Thief Tries To STEAL A Bike In Front Of A Cowboy – Immediately REGRETS IT!!

A cowboy from Southern Oregon is getting  a lot of attention and thanks after he went to pick up some dog food and he heard a lady screaming about some jerk who was stealing her bike!

Here’s what happened next:

The amazing pictures show how he roped the thief and then held him down until authorities arrived and took the crook away!!

Robert Borba apparently takes care of cattle, but his lassoing skills work just as well with thieves, thankfully.

That thief learned a handy lesson – don’t be stealing anyone property when there’s a capable cowboy nearby with a handy lasso!

The pictures are really a sight to see and prove that crime doesn’t pay – if there’s an honorable cowboy around!!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • The Redman

    Well, Wow!. huh

  • beasthunter1

    Alright! Yippy Yie Yaaaay! Should have “rode & towed” around the parking lot a few times while waiting on the cops. LOL!

  • jerry

    Cowboys rule.
    Too bad we don’t hang horse thieves any more.

    • beasthunter1

      I agree Jerry.In this case with a bicycle chain – q;>})

  • JOE

    if obama had a son he would look just like that MF’ER!

    • beasthunter1

      Joe, considering barry’s ‘preferences’ it might be more accurate to say if his wife Michael the First Trans of the WH had sired a son. q;>})

      • donald

        Joe I think beast-1 got that on right on the money & I like hanging the SOB with the bike chain, a waste of a good chain tho.

  • mallen11

    Stories like this make my day.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    So, another one of Obama’s sons bites the dust, ok, the pavement, even better. So will the left-wits go on a “ban the rope” campaign?

  • Cdreeder

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

  • Dissolute

    Helps to restore your faith in human decency and God, doesn’t it?

    He works in mysterious ways. 😁

  • jjmcl431

    the cowboy better get a lawyer because you know the thief will sue him for violating his civil rights and for for being a racist. La Raza and the ACLU will help the thief.

  • bushwacker

    Im sure the blowmama injustice department will have a thorough investigation, in case the cowboy violated the blackmans God given right to steal the bike. Might be a case of that ole boogieman racism.

  • Richard

    They should put Mr. Sanchez at the end of a rope AGAIN.

  • Al Campbell

    That is just so cool! I wonder if the perp was an illegal?

    • beasthunter1

      It’s funny you should mention that Al. My usually soft spoken, mild mannered wife suggested that once Trump’s in the WH he should hire a bunch of those rodeo guys to ride the TX, AZ, CA borders with their lariats and even better she didn’t even flinch when I added they could drag ’em all the way to the nearest U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint. Working for a public school system for the last 22 years has ‘toughened her hide’ and outlook on things that’s for sure and it doesn’t help that she was put in charge of the summer school program this year which is comprised mainly of ghetto-speak and “no habla ingles” hood rats. She carries two pepper sprays in her purse and her pink S&W .38+P in her car (but which is in her purse when she’s off school property) and she’s years past being a newbie at the range. My buddies say petite lady or not they don’t want to mess with her. lol-

  • Dan

    The DOJ will probably look into banning lassos now…..