THIS Is How Obama Is Going To Reorganize YOUR Neighborhood According to RACE

If you know anyone who still believes that Obama is our first “post-race” president or that he doesn’t want to take over every facet of their life, all you have to do is show them his next plan to re-organize every single neighborhood in America not according to character, but according to race.

From the Washington Post:

…on Wednesday, the Obama administration will announce long-awaited rules designed to repair the law’s unfulfilled promise and promote the kind of racially integrated neighborhoods that have long eluded deeply segregated cities like Chicago and Baltimore. The new rules, a top demand of civil-rights groups, will require cities and towns all over the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and to publicly report, every three to five years, the results. Communities will also have to set goals, which will be tracked over time, for how they will further reduce segregation.

“This is the most serious effort that HUD has ever undertaken to do that,” says Julian Castro, the secretary of the department of Housing and Urban Development, who will announce the new rules in Chicago on Wednesday. “I believe that it’s historic.”

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For once the GOP is standing up to Obama’s thinly veiled totalitarianism by at least calling it what it is:

Republicans in the House of Representatives, worried by what they see as government intrusion into local planning, have already tried to defund implementation of the rule. Conservative commentators say it represents an experiment in “social engineering” in which the federal government will force white suburbs to change their racial makeup.

“Let local communities do what’s best in their communities, and I would predict we’d end up with a freer and fairer society in 20 years than we have today,” says Rick Manning, the president of Americans for Limited Government. “Far freer and fairer than anything that would be dictated from Washington.”

Basically, Obama is going to use the power of the money the federal government doles out to force wealthy people into poor neighborhoods, and vice versa, and he’s going to do it all according to race. And as with all socialist schemes that depend on equality of outcome instead of equality of the law, it will simply make everyone’s life a lot worse. But at least they’ll be more equal in their misery….


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