This Is How Trump TRASHED The Interviewer Who Embarrassed Him On Foreign Policy!

The final chapter in this week’s Trump political reality show came when the Donald trashed Hugh Hewitt on Morning Joe the day after the news world blew up about his performance during their interview.

Fox News actually had a pretty good recap of the entire event:

Whether Hugh’s questions were “gotcha questions” or not, it was clear that el Trumpo was not prepared at all to answer questions about foreign policy unless he could give the most generalized answer, like, “I will be so good at the military, your head will spin!”

Still, even though Trump called Hugh a “third-rate radio announcer,” Hugh might get the last laugh because he will be moderating the second GOP debate hosted by CNN.

You can bet that we’ll see some Trumpian fireworks then too!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Jon Exner

    I would imagine there a lot of people include many politicians who do not know who the head of the kudz forces is.
    I’ve heard him referred to on the news and know who he is but can not remember his name. I am sure there is a lot of people that a new President will have to be brought up to speed on.

  • Ddenney1

    No such thing as a gotcha questions!!! It all how you react to questions!!! Trump more thin skinned than Oblammer!!!

    • Jerry

      Trump may appear to be thin skin. If you were a successful business man worth billions how would you react to the press people you know are trying to take you down. Do you think he should react more like: F u get the F out of my F face you AH MFing sob. I can’t think of any big successful business man who wouldn’t be a little thin skin when someone is trying to humiliate him/her publicly. Do you believe for one minute that these reporters are not after some self serving prestige as the one who took him down.

    • antsey

      Trump-2016 and beyond.

  • Girlie58

    Good! Glad he trashed him!

  • Kevin Burns

    I’m Sure “The Ronald” didn’t have every answer on the tip of his tongue but the people he surrounded himself with did.

  • Philip Allen

    It sounds like Hugh Hewitt is another one of those Liberal Democrats. They don’t want answers to real problems they just want to try and discredit someone. Good for the Donald…not taking any crap from this man. Go Donald Go! Trump 2016

  • dude

    it don’t matter trumps got our vote

    • Frankdidit

      You are so right, it does not matter. Every one is jumping on the trash Trump band wagon. I like the idea that Slick Willie is upset about Trump trashing (with good reason and facts that we all see and hear) Hildabeast.

      • thekidde

        Trump’s no better, perhaps worse than Blow Job Willie.

    • thekidde

      It “don’t”, eh? glad to see some of his supporters failed basic English grammar. BTW what’s a “train pollition”?

      • Clifford Hughes

        BTW what’s a “train pollition”?— For all of those that can’t grasp basic “English”, i think he ‘s saying Trained Politician as in “Continuing Lying S.O.B” like 90% or more in DC right now are!!

  • Jerry

    What I think some fail to see is Trump is a business man. He is not used to being grilled or talking about his plans. He doesn’t know what he will do in every situation in advance. He handles the situations as they come up. All situations are different. There is no standard. The other candidates have talking points. The have pat answers. None of them could come up with better answer than Trump without their talking points. I do not believe anyone could spell out what they wound do in all given circumstance. There are too many variables. Trump holds no allegiance to fat cat donors. The fat cats through the press are trying to get rid of someone they cannot buy.

    • Liz

      He may have a plan but to actually put it into effect you have to know exactly what needs to be done. The carrier politicians promise everything and do very little when elected, all we need to do is look at the last bunch elected to office. The GOP and Liberals are scared to death he will upset their apple cart and they want him gone, the media is the perfect tool to do it because they are all liberal plus if you look at the people that work for the media you find a lot are related to people in this present Administration.

    • thekidde

      Of course they could. It may take them a few seconds to evaluate the question, potential answers and ruminate about the best one, but the chief executive of the U.S. better damn well be able to think on his feet. Trump is a cowardly, lying, horse’s ass.

  • Jeffrey Raum

    Trump will be brought up to speed on all intelligence once elected. He doesn’t currently have access to real time intelligence, but I trust that he will align himself with best minds to make the best decisions for the country. And I believe he truly does want to make this country great again!
    I don’t hear any other candidate making that claim, and after Obama the bar is pretty low, so I will stick with Trump!

    • the beav

      TRUMP will surround himself with knowlegable patriots that love this country instead of people that want to trash it and hopefully bring it back to being able to help the world from this point in history this country cannot help its own people

    • ginger

      Why dont they ask our Leader that/he dont seem too know too much at all/when he first got in too the house/He had other Military Generals teach him /any body thats not been with Military knows nothing/i feel Trump knows alot more than you communist haters out there who want too keep all these Corruption people in /Tearing America down/i feel Trump is a very Smart buissnes Man he will get our Jobs back too America for the people.//He is for the American People/Veterans and all.So he knows his Military /seeing what there going Through /They need too fire all of you Corrupeted TV reporters and all/Hate is all you people are.Greed is another.

      • thekidde

        English much? WTF are you babbling about?

    • Badwsa04

      You are correct! Trump will select the best people for the job, unlike politicians. Politicians owe favors and will fill positions with those they are indebted. Caroline Kennedy, the Ambassador to France, is a good example. She wanted a job, approached the present administration and was thrilled when the Democrats handed her the position. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have a right to fear Trumps “selected” cabinet. Trump’s (the business man) bottom line: Get the job done or get fired!!! THAT IS WHAT AMERICA NEEDS….TRUMP 2016!!!

  • jerry

    This is over a week old…… this all ya got??????

  • depaz

    I want to know why the RNC is allowing CNN to host another Republican debate, especially after the deplorable way their inquisitors acted during the last one. The only thing they were interested in was provoking a fist fight. They didn’t give a rats @$$ about anything related to policy issues. Wonder if the DNC will allow Fox to moderate any of THEIR deates??

  • martianpoet

    Hugh Hewitt is an extremely intelligent, extremely knowledgeable loyal Constitutional loving American. If Trump doesn’t know something, especially something he should, he can look into it. As a multibilliondollar businessman, he’s used to having info brought to him and he makes a decision, so not knowing something right now is not a crime. He does need to stop bashing the wrong people. I believe he has been very good for the country in waking people up and not bowing to the wrong people. He can never be accused of being “politically correct” in his speeches. We have to stop expecting perfection — there is NO ONE in this country that is perfect. As a Nation we keep buying into the sales jobs of those that run, their handlers and the media. Trump is definitely not my choice, but at the moment I LOVE what he’s doing to the old guard professional politicians in both Republican and Democrat parties. Someone in Trump’s campaign should tell Trump to hire Hugh Hewitt as an advisor. Hugh is way to smart for anyone in Trump’s campaign to pick on and get away with it. Hugh would make mincemeat out of Megan Kelly!

    • Slggeo

      Maybe a good Idea! But, maybe not too!

  • Isirio Abelon

    This is an old news, who care about a foreign names .. Qud, Hurd. $&@4/:;&76ers ecirambjscani…hey it’s worth repeating about Obama as well, he said 57 States, in a United States…. about Corps or Corpse. Lol. Duh.

  • the beav

    i do not think the news media should be allowed to run the debates .period the news media should only report news the news media has no business publishing their opinions or making the news they constantly try to make the news and in doing this they warp the news so badly wht they say is so twisted it is not to believed they actually trash the news in telling the public their warped opinion only to hype the news in doing this the people that call themselves newspeople are only trashing themselves and their opinions are junky trash

  • John Gagne

    Everyone in the media and his opponents on the campaign trail may know all the names of foreign enemies and allies, but the funny thing is with everything they think they know, but, haven’t been able to do anything about. So, the bottom line is they don’t know Jack.

  • Present all the issues / problems and the conclusion is obvious after carefully analyzing the options. Being prudent is necessary as there is no “instant coffee” answer given off the cuff.

  • cutterguy

    when hughs moderates the debate, his true colors will come out, along with his prejudices.

  • duncan mckean

    listened to hewitt for years he is just another slick talking points man like his buddy mike medved.they have evolved right along with the transmutation path of the republican neocon party.the greatness of the old republican charter similar to Goldwater has been warped .they lack real individualist principles .trump is not a slick talking political points man in his reality.he’s going to miss a beat for sure.i can see the strategy here.they think he’s a buffoon only because hes not the pseudo intellectually based relativist sophist ranter like know the type??

  • 1josephg1

    D T has them all scared shitless. Imagine someone who owes nothing to no one to be president. What a novel thought. The current pos in the white house never even ran a lemonaid stand and yet the pos sits in the white house.

  • Eugene Bertone

    NOV 2016 Choice: “Vote for a Triumph Right or an over the Hill-ary Left”

  • thekidde

    Mr. “Did not serve” bloviates again. This jackass is an embarrassing fool full of sound and fury signifying nothing (sorry Will S.).

    • homegirl

      Just to add-The Donald will pull a George W. and have a concealed transmitter to provide the answers. Am I the only one who remembers the photo of George W. with a receiver box hidden under his jacket.

  • ginger

    Trump is like the rest of the American people he is going too protect him self.He has the right to defend himself with this man attacting him Verbaly .

  • J A

    More like a first grade reporter…

  • JoAnn OReilly

    I prefer to focus on “Make America great again”. These stump the Trump questions are BS.

    • Rick501

      But he can’t answer any of them because he is so uninformed.