This Is What Happens When You Bring a ‘F**k the Police’ Shirt to a Pepper Spray Fight

During the Baltimore riots a man wearing a rather offensive t-shirt decided to throw a bottle at police, and he decided to do it after curfew. Those were bad decisions.

This was the consequence:

Now, Deray McKesson is a racist anti-police extremist so his little video won’t show you the man throwing the bottle at police. But then he also can’t appreciate this image of the cop giving that foul protester a taste of his response to the insulting message on his shirt:

I don’t have as many retweets, but then I’m not feeding anti-police morons. I prefer my tweet.


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  • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    The shirt just goes to show how super stupid these arrogant freeloading pieces of crap are.

    • pateboo

      Just like the ones who commit a crime, videotape themselves, and plaster it all over the internet. Kind of makes you wonder how humans aren’t extinct yet, doesn’t it???

      • snowyriver

        Even Lincoln did not think the negro race and the caucasian race could live together in harmony.

      • BBLEE

        You Give him more Credit than I do. LOL

  • Dave T.

    To paraphrase deray mckeeson
    Watch the @BaltimorePolice assault this POS protestor last night. He left on a stretcher. #BaltimoreUprising
    I say WONDERFUL….keep up the great work!!!!

    • Sluggo D. Mann

      I hope all those thugs could be sucessfully carried out on stretchers.

  • jlcham

    Their is no cure for stupid.

    • usncb

      Not even for duct tape ????????????

    • BOONE

      Spaying and neutering of thugs, liberals and demoncrats needs to be implemented soon.

      • lndependent

        I love your idea.

      • BBLEE

        That’s Easy, put it in the Prison Food.

        • BOONE

          I do not understand your comment.

          • BBLEE

            Chemical Castration, in prison, would lower the Welfare Rates Big Time.

    • wsurfs .

      Oh yes there is..!

  • Finder1009

    this idiot with the offensive T-shirt is just proof how stupid some people are. If you are dumb enough to not only show up wearing a T-shirt like that, but to also throw something at the police, i have little pity for that much stupid.

    • Barbaracvm

      Kind of like taking a knife to a gun fight. (giggling) idiot got what he deserved LMAO

      • Finder1009

        That thought did cross my mind yes.. 🙂

    • pateboo

      And they breed too.

      • wsurfs .


      • Rick J

        And they walk among us Too !!

      • CommonSense4America

        The worst part is,,,they vote.

        • BBLEE

          No the worst part is they attend the Same school as your Kids, and the Teachers try to indoctrinate your child to believe They are The Thugs Equal. Now that is sad.

      • Spiritof America

        Mandatory spay neuter if you receive welfare. That would help.

        • snowyriver

          And drug test !!!

    • BBLEE

      I agree With You, and I support the Slugs for Thugs Mantra too. LOL

  • KayO

    I don’t mind paying for the police officers’ pepper spray, but did my tax dollars pay for that shirt?

    • lndependent

      No doubt about it.

    • pateboo

      You’ll also pay for his public defender, his prison jumpsuit, and his 3 squares a day. Until he gets off easy and commits another crime.

      • KayO

        Is all of that cheaper than supporting a drug habit?

      • Apolloone

        Multiply that by many millions in and out of prison and growing with no let up in site, couple that with a growing religion filled with people with a seventh century mentality that despises the Constitution and wants Sharia Law instead. The debt ridden future we as a nation have laid out for our children is shame on us, and quite possibly there wont even be a Republic in a couple of decades or even less. I would love for someone to prove me wrong, it hasn’t been that long that I was laughed at when I said someday we’ll have a Muslim in the White House. I had no idea the first one to come along would be elected with such ease.

        • Old goat

          You are right! People just do not know or want to know. This nation is definitely under judgement from the Lord.

        • holland180


    • wsurfs .

      Excellent question…!

    • Apolloone

      EBT card no doubt.


      No, George Sorros paid for the shirt. He is the head SCUMBAG, COMMUNIST, ANTI-AMERICAN PIG who pays these THUGS to do his dirty work.

      • KayO

        Tragically, they don’t even know that!

  • Dodie1990

    Should have shot the welfare rat dead. Otherwise it will hust cost the taxpayers more money.

  • Roger

    When he threw the bottle, that’s assault, I would have shot the stupid banana ——.

  • Corsica

    The coon just stands there as if to say he’s not bothered by the spray. Typical histrionics and posturing. But you know inside he was going “gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!”

  • Steve Reed

    Gee what happened to the part about throwing the object at police DEERAY. Maybe it was edited out of the video Ya think. The two of you are thugs wanting to incite the other thugs on the street. Had this happened in another country the assehole would be DEAD.


    COOL, he should get a shirt that says I got EFFFED Up by the Police, LMAO ! Love how the Cop Snatched his A $ $ down to the Ground !


    The Only thing better was if the Police had a Taser Zapper, with about 500,000 Volts then see the THUG do the Funky Chicken, that would have been Hilarious !

    • NCF8710 .

      Let him have it in the jewels and he would be doing more than just the funky chicken!

      • Bama Bill

        Or Cathode up the rectum, anode clamped to his “tool”, and turn on the “Juice”! Tell me “They can’t dance”! Oh I love what my electric fences to to “Wild Things”! Even “White Boys” can dance!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    that’s like wearing a t shirt with the picture of mahammad into a mousk expect an ass kicking or worse

  • Alkivista

    Obviously we all think this is not the kind of free speech protected by the Constitution. But the message needs to get through to the ACLU and their patsy judges who have declared that it is. I suggest a test might be the roll reversal standard. If the Police put up a sign that said “F**k Black Thugs” would the black community have any problems with it? Just imagine a lone cop walking into a crowd of black protesters with that sign!! He’d be hacked to pieces in the blink of an eye. Therefore it is illegal, unprotected hate speech. Police are immune from prosecution for any response short of life threatening, like Shoot to immobilize after three warnings. If they keep coming, all restrictions disappear and whatever measures it takes to stop them permanently is allowed, even encouraged.

    • pappadave

      There is no such thing as “unprotected hate speech.” People can “speak” however they like–however for SOME forms of speech, there are non-governmental consequences. You should be prepared to accept them.

  • Ron Kohn

    Another arrogant NIG that had to go down, these people should be stuffed in the sewer. These crap heads are what turns people against the Blacks, no doubt about it. Look at the videos of these protesters and you decide.

    • Neal

      Aw, Ron, you know these rioters and looters have such low IQ’s.

  • BK Leftwich

    If he throws a glass jar at the police, how in the hell can he be call a peaceful protestor? He should have gone out on a stretcher.

  • J. Ernst

    Riots are what they are.
    NO ONE should expect ANY logic, reason or intelligence from participants involved in a riot! Police end up being MAYBE one step above the caos that ensues in a riot or “demonstration”. That’s why it’s called hazardous duty or “whatever” the police department calls this said duty.
    Calmer and decisive minds DO NOT participate in such matters….UNLESS there’s a purpose or end goal!!!!!
    If I WERE MAYOR, I would intercept any and ALL professional or self-described “protectors of freedom” pastors, national clergy or ANY OTHER RACE-BAITERS that are NOT citizens of said city and sequester them in a nice HOTEL outside of town.
    These days ya can’t get away with that.

  • ReaperHD

    If we can look at this from the point of if we did come by the way of evolution, I’m going to bet that the Monkeys are ashamed of how stupid their evolving species have become.

  • Quintin G. Williams

    Not a Bad shot for a spray can ! Guess that Thug will not be wanting to wear that shirt again, but than again, he wasn’t too smart to start with. Forrest Gump said it Best when he said “STPID IS AS STOOPID DOES !” This thug if he could steal votes, would vote for the man from Kenya again in 2016 ! Should have used the TACER and made him do the Chicken Dance in Public ! That might make a good video too !

    • wsurfs .

      Dance Funky Chicken….DANCE..!!!

      • Quintin G. Williams

        Let me explicit this to jew ! The Chicken Dance is when the punks crap on their pants before passing out from the uncontrolled results of a no longer used “Choke Hold ” but same results can be accomplished from a well placed TACOR shot ! ( Takes All the Crap out of Riotors ). Normal people would throw away those pants but who says the Police deal with normal people ?

        • wsurfs .


  • wsurfs .


  • tucson bones

    The headline says he threw a bottle was that conveniently edited out so the video could be used to incite another riot?

  • Maggietish

    The police officer was absolutely within his rights to do what he did. How much do the politicians and hatemongers expect the police to endure? Cops have rights too even though Pres Obama, Holder, Sharpton, DeBlasio and that fool if a Mayor in Baltimore have declared war upon them and expect them to be targets. Look at all the police attacks and murders that have taken place over the past few months. Why is that OK with Obama and the rest of his hateful racists group? The blood of those murdured police officers is on their hands. Best idea is withdraw police from those cities and let them fight it out amongst themselves. Take away all Wekfare, food Stamps, housing assistance and educational and medical assistance paid by white peoples’ tax dollars and let them take care if themselves.

  • Neal

    Yea, Cops, Get Some!

  • Clay

    BWAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA How Much intelligence does it take to know you’re not going to do real well here! YEA F#$% The Police HAHAHA Pepper Spray Don’t Taste Good Does It?!! HAHAHA

  • Dutchman Barry

    The Police is all that stands between those who are civilized and those who are the savage!

    • Old goat

      I agree!

  • Ben

    Imagine what would happen if white folk stood out there with signs saying “F-U F-ing Ns).

  • Old goat

    Too bad it was not a slug.

  • simmss

    Since our leader and mr.holder began their war on police in order to get the Brown Shirt effect like in Germany, the police will become more and more impotent and they will be afraid to do their jobs because of fear of retaliation and jail time. What else can go wrong in this country?