How a Lesbian Woman Just Got a Christian Co-Worker Fired – You Won’t Believe This

Things in the U.S. are getting weird. You can now be fired from your job if you talk about your Christian beliefs with a co-worker during non-work hours.

Such is the case of Chris Rouston. He was just fired for recommending a Christian movie to a lesbian co-worker. Dan Calabrese writes:


Because it “made her feel uncomfortable”.

Gay marriage won’t affect you at all. Gay rights won’t take away your rights at all. Remember those? Seems like a long time ago that the secular left was making those claims, when in fact it was only a few months ago. Before Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Before Memories Pizza. Before Kim Davis. And let’s talk about Kim Davis for a second, because the secular left claims the issue with her is not her faith, but that she didn’t do her job – an argument that implies that as long as she did her job, she could have exercised her faith all she wanted.

Well that brings us to Chris Rouston. Rouston had spent the past 13 years as a material handler for Middletown, Ohio-based Precision Strip, and he was well known for sharing his Christian faith with everyone at the company. So it was not unusual that he did so in the form of a message to a new employee, who happened to be lesbian. Rouston and this particular colleague got into a discussion – outside work hours over Facebook – about whether Christians hate homosexuals, and in an attempt to demonstrate that Christians do not hate homosexuals, Rouston – who lives in nearby Monroe, Ohio – recommended that she see the film Audacity, which was actually produced for the purpose of addressing that very issue.

And that’s where Rouston’s trouble started, leading all the way up to his termination for making her “uncomfortable”.

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Charisma News reports:

Routson was told that he was terminated not because of his faith, but for making his co-workers “uncomfortable.” He was first told to stop doing this after he friended one of his lesbian co-workers on Facebook, and recommended the film Audacity to her on his own time from home.

She didn’t seem bothered by this, but the next day Routson was informed he had made a co-worker uncomfortable and he was to stop. He said that he couldn’t stop sharing his faith, and his supervisors said it wasn’t about his faith, just about making co-workers “uncomfortable.”

Two days later, Routson shared his personal testimony with a different co-worker, telling her “Every new person I meet I want to share the gospel with them and if they still want to be my friend then I have gained a friend.”

Later he recommended the film Audacity to her and she never seemed uncomfortable or like she didn’t want to discuss the topic with him, even sharing about her own family discussion on homosexuality.

It was not long after this that Routson was called into his manager’s office and told that he was making an employee uncomfortable and would need to go home. He was told to report the following morning at the usual time, but then was called early the next morning to come in several hours later. Upon his arrival, he was terminated, asked to take his belongings and leave immediately. Routson is seeking legal counsel.


Welcome to the new America — where gays are a protected class and Christians are not.

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