This Rachel Dolezal Parody Video Is The Only One You MUST Watch!

The Rachel Dolezal story about a woman who pretended to be black and was discovered after becoming the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane is just full of surprises and joy. Now to add to that is this hilarious parody from Criminal Minds actress Allison Lane, “Hush Hush Ebony Secrets!”

Watch below:

Just awesome.


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  • markypolo

    Black people want to be white, white people want to black. Women want to Men, Men want to be Women. How did Humans get so fcked up? Parents? Public Education? Hollywood? All of the Above?

    • Holy Joe

      Under Obama, the Age of Confusion and Discontent.

      • Rx7pj

        ONLY you are confused.

    • Marilynn Reeves

      They forgot G-D and didn’t read the Bible.

    • tnetcenter

      How??? We let liberals have their way. Worst mistake we could’ve possibly made!!

    • Dixie Alderman

      Pretty much all the above, but I mainly blame the educators and the Liberal media where anything weird or different is hailed a Brave, Courageous, forward thinking, as long as it has nothing to do with morals, truth, faith and just common sense it’s hailed as Fabulious and so understanding of ALL, That agree with you, everyone else is just racist, sexist, or some Phobia, there is one of those for everything that anyone who does not agree with you will fit into one of your non existent phobias. My Lord this country hasn’t been this screwed up for YEARS, and lookie now in just 8 yrs Obanation has divided a nation, created hate and discontent like I’ve never seen in my 75yrs, and pray hope ends soon and we can resume being Proud American citizens and love one another and our Country one again,

  • Eddie

    White wanna be black folks so they’ll have rhythm. Black folks wanna be white so they’ll have straight hair and won’t all look alike ! Ever watched a white person try to keep time with music…..pitiful !

    • omegaman

      I find your comment extremely PITIFUL, Eddie.

    • White & Proud

      ever watched a black person try to use their brain… pitiful!!

    • No-Mo-BO

      Yeah, I’ve noticed Neil Peart has trouble keeping a beat going…

  • crazyfreddie

    MASTERS DEGREES / AND HIS WORDS WERE All Black People SECRETELY want to be White / can be Researched unless the BLACK Woman IN QUESTION CONVENIENTLY LOST THE TAPE .

  • Joe

    I’ll claim any trans race that will get me the most free stuff ie. welfare ,food stamps,affirmative action jobs where not much is expected but big bucks are paid. How about a Mcmansion that I can’t afford but some how qualify for the loan. And all this while driving my Mercedes, jaguar, escalade or navigator. Also some one else can help pay for my health care. Shows me the money you stupid taxpayers!!!!!!!!!

  • Dudley DoRight

    I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

    • markypolo

      That really sucks! LOL>

  • pete0097

    Since there are a bunch of serious giveaway programs for Native Americans, I am an indian trapped in a white mans body. I want my free stuff.